Drona 2 – Goldie Behl’s next!

Going by the positive response of Shahrukh Khan and his son Aryan, Goldie Behl has decided to make Drona 2 and what’s more the director of the super-dud fantasy film has completed major portions of the script too!

Sources close to the director revealed that the casting process will begin soon. Unfortunately, or must we say fortunately, Abhishek wont be a part of the sequel “At the end of the movie Drona’s son, played by producer Shristhi Arya’s son Veer, is being shown tailed by the same supernatural powers as his father. The sequel, it is understood, will launch a new young actor as Abhishek’s son and will carry the adventures of Drona into a new realm.” says Abhishek, clearly steering himself away from the project.

Interestingly the director before the release had said “There will be a sequel to Drona. And Abhishek will be starring in this one as well.”

Moving on, Goldie has decided to dedicate the sequel to SRK’s son and his very own son Ranvir “When I’ve attempted something original, why shouldn’t I carry the story forward? Shah Rukh loved the film. He told me his son loved the film. My three-year-old son Ranvir saw the first film of his life at the premiere of Drona. And he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.”

Must say, we are pretty confident the movie would be shevled sooner rather than later, afterall who in their right state of mind would fund the sequel to the decade’s biggest disaster?

Would you go watch Drona 2? (no pun intended).. Tell us, by posting a comment below!

Partial Source : CNN IBN.



  • “My three-year-old son Ranvir saw the first film of his life at the premiere of Drona. And he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.”

    LOL.. Maybe he was shell shocked watching Drona like everyone else :D

  • it is confirmed that SRK too has no logical taste!!… i knew that after watching om shanti om!
    he’s just gud as an actor…

  • If the producers of this movie lost around 30crores and it was a disaster movie, and the king of flop, as u said earlier, then do u think that they’d do the sequal of this movie.. again just because 2 or 3 kids loved it?! Maybe thousands of kids loved the movie and we don’t know ( they’ve to interview them on any t.v. show to find out, if they did or didn’t) and I was sure that Shahrukh would love the movie because shahrukh himself is like a big kid.. he loves computer games, he got a childish soul which is also very nice, make him enjoy everything in this world and never feel that he grew up)

    As I heard from some ppl that the producers while selling the movie abroad, internationally, they get back all the money they spent, whether the movie worked at the box office in India or it didn’t, they loss nothing, and maybe that’s the main reason for making Drona2.

    And.. didn’t I tell u all that the movie is good for kids and they’d just love it.. so from nowon, dear colleagues.. u have to know how to select your movies, which one is suitable for your age, and how to judge any movie correctly, this one is meant for kids, u can’t say that the movie is bad.. now coming to another movie, annimation which is Romeo.. I saw the trailer which is really worth watching, even by adults, and it will be a big hit for kids, I never watch cartoons but that doesn’t mean that (the cartoons) arent’ good for kids!

  • one way its a very shocking news that duplicate Gold-ie is preparing to make a sequel to his big box-office disaster Drona.
    But there r 2 chances to happen with the upcoming sequel –
    1. He will suffer worst time with this sequel than the prequel or
    2. He will improve better in the sequel after learning his mistakes & faults in Drona, n wish to not to repeat it again. That depends only if he is a talented director.

  • I would go watch the movie, because of Eid for all the Muslims out there we really can’t because this is the time to visit family,prayer and stuff like that. So it kind of directs us away from everything that is going on during this time.

    You have to understand sometimes the movie isn’t a flop it’s because of all the religous Holidays during this time of year. That’s why people can’t get out.

    Just because a certain movie didn’t make a lot of money during it’s opening doesn’t mean it’s a flop. The media is so weird…..Like for instance the movie Love Story 2050…that’s actually a really good movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

    I’m sure when I and everybody else gets a chance to watch the movie we all will like it. You just have to understand that religous holidays come first in everybody’s life.

    Another thing I live in Pleasant Hill, CA so for me to drive all the way to Fremont (NAZ 8)is kind of hectic, it’s so freaken far. If there was an Indian theater around my area I’m sure that I would’ve watched the movie already.

    That’s another problem for everybody living in the East Bay, not all of us want to drive to Fremont every weekend. It’s all about convenience and driving to Fremont is not convenient.

  • I think i will like to see the Drona2. Second movie will be better than the the first. And NO ONE says anything bad about about Shah Rukh. If he likes it and wants to see the second one made i want to see it too.

  • goldie has gone crazy….who is going to finance his movie?……no one……he will have to put his own money…..god save us from this torture.

  • Of course, we shall watch Drona 2. I strongly agree with this dialogue of the film, “Kahaniyan bhee kaisay haqeeqat bun jati hein”.

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