Hawayein Song Video – Jab Harry Met Sejal

The latest song from ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ titled ‘Hawayein’ is out. It’s a Pritam composition with Arijit Singh lending his vocals. The lyrics have been written by Irshad Kamil.

‘Hawayein’ is a love song and we have Shah Rukh Khan doing what he does best – romance on-screen. Anushka Sharma is his leading lady and the two look good together.

As the countdown begins to one of the year’s biggest releases, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ will be out in theatres next Friday.

Check out the song:

Hawayein Song Still - Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma

Hawayein Song Still – Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma

Hawayein Song Still - SRK

Hawayein Song Still – SRK



  • so they are trying to create every kind of song to pull audience to theatres lol

  • This movie is already a flop for me! It will fall short of 125CRore, even 100 looks tough.

  • Heard the full song at Saavn. It’s a good one. This song definitely gives a boost to the movie few days before its release.

    Now waiting for “Phurrr” song with Diplo.

  • Radha song is fun to listen and video also ok….thanks to glam anushka

    beach beach and safar video are pure disasters…horrible to watch,unbearable
    thanks to kong khan

  • From the moment Safar released, every marketing mistake was corrected with good trailer and good songs. But this onr clearly is my favorite so far. Wonderful romantic track !

  • Radha song is fun to listen and video also ok….thanks to glam anushka

    beach beach and safar video are pure disasters…horrible to watch,unbearable
    thanks to kong khan

    video ratings
    safar- 0/5

  • Just like BKD became biggest hit of 1st half 2017, JHMS become 2nd half of 2017 mark my words

    • Too early to say that. That DDLJ song is an evergreen song. Remarkable even after 20 years. Hawayein has to prove that.

  • Spider man latest edition,war of planet apes all r performing less than xpectations
    eventhough they r not bad movies,even wom is not working properly…unusual happenings at B0
    majority of the audience r in no mood to watch movies at theatres and here comes our outdatd hero with jab bakra met sejal..#LOL

    • People are fed up with movie like tubelight and they are not believing on bollywood cenema. Now a days indian people like to watch south movies like B, B2, 2.0 etc. Now jhms will return their believe in bollywood. I m sure that this movie will turn to be blockboster and will win hearts of million people. Anyway sk is a overrated actor and his time is over. Its kings time to rule on bollywood. He is ready to take care of his empire.

  • Why didn’t they released it before….it’s a chartbuster which the album was missing …loved it… All good things are coming late first trailer n now this song ..hope the Best thing would be the movie

  • Thank u Srk you don’t know what u have given us this is what we want … It happens when king of acting and king of singing comes with their best ..! Now I don’t have any dout about jhms it will be a blockbuster that’s for sure way to srkians take a bow

  • loved this song..

    now with Diplo song.album is full.

    pritam done good job .what expected ..

    when advance booking start ..waiting

    love u don..

  • well i dont want to comment on this song. . .All i want to say that all Srk fans r more than satisfied with the trailor and this song so now i hope they wont blame trailor and music in case it does not open at xpectd level. . .Both trailor and music of this movie is much much betr than Tubelight n it has no ramdhan effect in its first weekend so in worst case scenario it should score betr than tubelight on opening day n weekend

  • Indicine is angry with SRK’s statement regarding his trailer-trade site interview with Faridoon. They blamed him of corporate opening, reduced Raees day 1. Am I right, Indicine?

  • Now you have fame, enough money, knowledge and experience. Then are you still doing same odd type movie. Seriously fed up.
    Please do Sci-fi, Adventures, High budget movies.
    Requesting to all Senior actors of bollywood.

  • This is the song. This is the goddamn song that i was waiting for..i wish they could have released this earlier, but anyways better late than never..i believe this film has high chances of a 20 crore opening day.lets see

  • It’s july end and no film has crossed the box office collection of raees and i think jab harry met sejal could be one of the biggest hits of 2017

  • best song of the year srk and Anushka rocks looking damcool in this songs what a lyrics mind-blowing Arjit Singh sing well I think this song will receive awards for best songs…

  • This song is too good but SRK is looking jadded and old romancing Anushka…
    Sad to see SRK still doing same old stuff ,ideally this song should have been filmed on Ranbeer Kapoor.

    • Rahul…………..haa nam to suna hai
      Where were u when srk was doing CDI, Swadesh, Paheli, MNIK, Baazigar, Darr??

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