Court asks ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ makers to reply in copyright case

A local court on Wednesday asked the makers of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ to file a reply to the charge of violation of the Copyright Act by July 31.

A copyright infringement case was brought up by Jaipur-based filmmaker Pratik Sharma against Plan C Studios, an alliance between Reliance Entertainment and Friday Filmworks helmed by Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia, and Viacom18 on July 7 in a Jaipur Metropolitan Court.

Sharma alleged that the makers have lifed the punchline and the subject from his film ‘Gutrun Gutar Gun’.

“Today, Jaipur Metropolitan Court has asked to file a reply or enter into arguments in the case of copyright violation by 11 a.m. July 31,” G.D. Bansal, advocate of Sharma, said.

The court had earlier issued a notice returnable on July 22. But as a strike by the clerical staff was going on, the court gave the respondents July 26 as a new date for filing their reply.

‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’, directed by Shree Narayan Singh, deals with the need of sanitisation in India and is based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat campaign. It features Bhumi Pednekar with Akshay Kumar.



  • this film should not be allowed to release akki and tepk makers should be punished for copyright act violation

  • Yeh prateek sharma hai kon saala chor . Laalchi kahi ka Toilet EPK k piche pad gaya hai . Pehli jail to isko karo . TEPK ki story fresh hai . It was regestered in 2013 . So how can anyone say that its copied.

  • tepk has got so much publicity first due to this copyright issue 2nd due to fake leak issue but still opening of tepk will be even lower than a varun dhawan starrer film thats ministardom of canadian kumar

  • I hope Priyanka Chopra makes a guest appearance in the movie with her met gala Ralph Lauren trench coat. … ha ha ha

  • Dear indicine, there are a couple of circulating juicy news that u ought to make articles on. i.e Rishi Kapoor’s attack on Anurag Basu for failure of JJ, and so on. Please, stop playing safe and give ur readers some treat, atleast we get to express ourselves and our opinions here also. My humble request, thank u.

  • Now where are those Idiots who were barking at the time of Tubelight…..Atleast Salman give credit to its original film maker, but here some actors shamelessly copy movie and won’t even give credit to its original makers…..

  • Ha ha, those who were saying that TEPK trailer got great response ,are hiding their face Now. Makers are also trying to be in news by doing such cheap tactics. It shows makers are not confident. …

  • every one knows TEPK is original bollywood movies and it is have been in writing for 3 years back and announcing early last year so I think those film makers just want to hype their film I have even search for their film in google and I haven’t seen any result, I sure TEPK will release on it is time on 11the AUG so no need to worry



  • Buzz is so low that makers have to ask the Court to make some cheap publicity. Sad that Toilet took a holiday period when it could have flopped on a normal week and leave the holiday for a much bigger superstar.

  • Don’t worry Akki because PM Modi & audience with u, no one have power to stop u, not even srk, congress or even shit Indian Court has power to stop ur film.

  • The makers have replied on many instances..Even if it is copied, I believe that this film will actually make the audiences aware of the social issue as more that 10 people will actually watch this..

  • @SRK’s Zebra fan and some other SRK fans who’s barking now, It’s a challenge to you all…If JHMS crosses 140 cr. without manipulation I’ll leave indicine forever and if it doesn’t & TEPK crosses 150 cr. without manipulation you’ll leave indicine forever…It’s SRK who has preponed his release not Akki…So There’s no clash and you all are still spreading negativity everywhere and @indicine whenever I make a comment related to SRK you don’t post and here they’re spreading negativity against a big movie which will hit theaters in next 2 weeks you’re posting all of those what kind of justice is this???
    Final prediction JHMS with good WOM 1st day: 16-18 cr. LBO: 120-130 cr.
    TEPK with good WOM 1st day: 15-16 cr. LBO: 170 cr. and above.
    Mark my words…

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      I will accept your challenge after you tell me your real id.

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