‘Happy New Year’ to get record release in China

Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year is all set to get the widest release for a Bollywood film in China. Sources say, the Farah Khan directed film was cleared by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAARFT) China on January 1.

Happy New Year will release on 5000 screens across the country on February 12, which also happens to be the Chinese New Year Weekend (their new year falls on February 19).

Due to the extended holiday season in China, the film is expected to set records for a Bollywood film in the country.

Yash Raj Films, who distributed the film in India, will be co-distributing Happy New Year with China Film Group.

Happy New Year China Poster

Happy New Year China Poster



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  • @true actor


    If crappy new year fails to set china on fire then we can always send them Crappy Express n that should do the job very nicely,,,,

  • Hahahaha Lol ‘happy crappy new year’ in china! hahaha……. what the hell were srk & farah thinking, Ki chinese people & government bahut kush honge,sabasi denge????? First of all chinese people always look down at indians and imagine what more would they think after watching this farah’s epic master piece ????? lol i have a genuine fear that after watching this torturous crap of a movie & srk’s unbearable over-acting thousands & thousands of Chinese people would become MCBET patients (mentally challenged by excessive torture patients), it may eventually force China to have a nuclear war with India ( we heard about nuclear weapons, biological weapons but this srk’s ‘happy crappy new year’ will start something like the ‘mental torturing’ weapons), please we don’t want war with china…….. if they want to showcase indian movies , they should release movies like queen, ankhon dekhi, mardaani etc and not cheap craps like the RA.1s or CEs or HNYs…….

  • @xzone : That rickshawalla group includes Suhaana (Srk daughter), one of the big fan of Salman !!!!!! It was Dhoom 3 which opened Bollywood market in China. Some srk fans are commenting as if Srk personally met China PM or king and requested HNY release !!!! Lol

  • Srk thinks if he releases HNY with more screen the more people will watch in most populated country in World !!!!!!!!!! But ultimately domestic veridict ‘Super Hit’ cant be changed to “Blockbuster’ under his filmography !!!! no matter how HNY does in China….

  • woww good
    but they should release some other notable owrks of srk like chak de swades kkhh khnh k3g or even don series.
    hny was a so so film

  • PK will release on 1500 lesser screens still it will cross $30 million in overseas……..
    while HNY with 1500 more screens impossible to cross even $20 million lol

  • @indicine

    Recently PK was in the news for a release in china in around 3500 screens….but you didn’t even bother posting an article.

    But come sarook and his crappy hny and you scramble to post the news….which may be even fake as 5000 screens seem to be too high and this figure seems to be planted by sarook’s pr just to compete with Aamir….Your boasts of being fair and impartial are becoming a joke now a days

    Anyways PK will collect much much more than crappy new year as sarook is a smaller star than Aamir in overseas today

  • @aman

    Valid points

    Read the PK release news on other sites but not here. Even news of Robot 2 or Dangal shoot have been ignored by Indicine… Guess they too busy responding to tweets by chaneleons on twitter n humouring them than posting bollywood news outside of red chillies HQ…!

  • Who cares when Pk is there.
    In America- Its Aamir all the way in top 3 film,pk collected double than srk’s highest there.
    In Uk- Pk is second highest,Again topped by Aamir’s Dhoom 3.
    Gulf- Pk at no. 4 perhaps as Aamir at top with d3 followed by hny,CE.
    Aus-Nee Zealand- Aamir,Aamir,Aamir just like America.
    Japan- Aamir toppels with 3i and d3 and once pk release I hope it also top there.
    China- Again Aamir d3 and 3i.Pk gonna big there for sure.
    Last but the biggest in Overseas Aamir had top 3 films there that’s why srk cine hasn’t posted a single article about overseas collections of PK.And they are not posting top actors in overseas list.
    Poor show for srk cine.

  • Todenge taale Indiawaale.now HNY will enter into the 400cr WW club beating sallu’s kick.now rikshwala community will be very upset who predicted earlier as HNY’S WW figure less than kick,lol.

  • so sad biggest overseas star from 1995 is KING KHAN.some tingu can’t beat him using brand dhoom/hirani.otherwise both perfationist,bhai chased kank’s record until 2009,2014 respectively,lol.

    amir couldn’t get such huge release because his movies liked rather than him by anyone while people goes to watch KING KHAN in overs as irrespective of content/brand/some gilani.now from 2014 onwards again perfaketionist will chase in both domestic/overseas just like he did with disaster talash,lol.KING KHAN’S worst film got 5000 screens and amir’s lifetime best acted movie got only 3500 screens.that’s the OVERSEAS STARDOM of KING KHAN.

    @complan boy,Australia,us bla bla.KING KHAN has 25 overseas hits while perfaketionist has only 8.if we add all the collections then it will not even come 1/4th of KING KHAN’S combined collection,lol.so who cares about your star let’s see how much dangal pandey will collect with out dhoom/hirani,lol.

    @Xzone,I think Chinese also doesn’t like criminals if they found any stars as criminals then they will directly hang such stars unlike our country also if some star will do 2nd marriage after giving divorce that he also will be punished by the rule unlike our country.

  • Lol salman Amir fans are burning after this news. Classic Pk (rajkumar hirani) stayed well behind so called cash-players remake in UAE where there is no Xmas holiday. Pk only worked huge only on USA and Australia due to Xmas holiday and rajkumar hirani whose LRMB was blockbuster in USA on non holiday.

  • Highest grossers in overseas of all time:
    1. Dhoom 3 $31 million
    2. 3 Idiots $28 million
    3. PK $25 million (China yet to come)

    King of overseas: Aamir Khan. Noone is close to Aamir Khan in overseas.
    Aamir is the only actor in India to cross $25 million in overseas, not once but THRICE.

  • Now @sss is writing chinese constitution. He should also know what is the punishment for insane people like him in China !!!!!! Too much fun.

  • @sss : Now you abandone ‘Charlie coming
    with 300 cr in India’ & started ‘Charlie with 400 crs
    in WW’ what a jump !!!!!!!

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