‘Happy New Year’ to get record release in China

Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year is all set to get the widest release for a Bollywood film in China. Sources say, the Farah Khan directed film was cleared by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAARFT) China on January 1.

Happy New Year will release on 5000 screens across the country on February 12, which also happens to be the Chinese New Year Weekend (their new year falls on February 19).

Due to the extended holiday season in China, the film is expected to set records for a Bollywood film in the country.

Yash Raj Films, who distributed the film in India, will be co-distributing Happy New Year with China Film Group.

Happy New Year China Poster

Happy New Year China Poster



  • that’s AWESOME, all the best for the Hny’s team… great they are releasing a Blockbuster, grand movie like HNY in china.. we did enough mistakes by not releasing a movie like MNIK, DON, CE which could do better business there, hope after Hny every SRK movie will get release there.. China is a big market for overseas after a big release like Hny will help many Bollywood’s movies, and more B’wood movies will be released after that which is positive point for Bollywood…. SRK has opened so many big overseas market for bollywood which must be appreciated.. SRK is truly THE FACE of Bollywood.

  • 5000 Screens is huge . PK got 3500 Screens in China . Aamir has always been popular in China with 3 Idiots and Dhoom 3 and now PK can also do mindboggling business . Such a big release for HNY will rapidly increase the Worldwide Collections of the movie . @ Indicine Did not posted an article but i will like to tell that Mardaani was released in Poland on 25th January and it got a standing ovation from the audiences . Though i did not liked HNY at all but let us see how much business can the movie with such a huge release in China .

  • wow, this shows the power, stardom of SRK… Dhoom 3 was a big disaster in China, D:3 had to be as it was crap movie ever. good to know they are releasing such a grand movie like Hny in China. hopely China will love it as other countries love it, Good luck

  • after reading the news that Hny will get 5000 screen in China now Haters ( Chotu, Mottu, Kallu, Akku >>>> ah, So SRK bought China too? :( :( :(

  • hny was a laugh riot with a well made climax.I enjoyed the film and the film performed well at the bo though it underperformed to some extent

    hope the Chinese will love the film

  • Really good to see India dominating China in film industry atleast..No doubt bollywood industry is only second to the hollywood.We should be proud as no chinese film releases here while an indian film is releasing in china despite many restrictions..
    I hope some well made films like PK,BABY,Queen,Kahaani also releases there,that will develop a sense of trust among chinese audiences for indian films.

    BTW.these films are released dubbed in mandarin or only with mandarin subtitles there?? Any chinese here!

  • until this time…i had trust in chinese people’s intelligence!!
    but now……..they are way behind a moronic IQ….poor guys, they haven’t seen the best of indian cinema yet. i’m ashamed of what they’ll think about us???

  • Aamir khan will get another opportunity to make fun of srk ….i don’t think after this film Chinese authority will allow any other indian movie in their territory

  • SRK gets 5000 screens, Aamir’s PK gets 3500 screens.. Salman might not get even 10 screens because there are no rickshawalas in China :D

  • Why we need weapons to deal wid our neighboring country’s when we have dangerous missiles like happy new year himmatwala humshakals ra one action jackson….only need one certification n den BOOM….!!!

  • wow nice 5000 screens enough to get hit status in china for masala movie.hope bollywood can also got other chance to show well made movies to chinese

  • They can release it in 10,000 screens but it wont get anywhere close to 3 idiots let alone Dhoom 3… Chinese people arent sadomasochists like xrate or some buddha mukherjee to torture themselves by watching such craps…!

    PK will be the top draw in China upon release…

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