Happy New Year Poster: Featuring SRK, Deepika, Abhishek

On the very first day of the year, the first look poster of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year has been unveiled. It features the entire star cast of the film – SRK, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

Directed by Farah Khan, who has previously directed SRK in blockbusters like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year will release in theatres on October 23rd 2014.

The first look of Shahrukh’s last film Chennai Express was also revealed exactly a year ago on Jan 1st 2013.

Have a look and tell us what you think of the first look poster of Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Poster - SRK, Deepika

Happy New Year Poster – SRK, Deepika



  • @Aks,Rohon,Navin

    well said guys but arguing with Srk fans is not a cakewallk like crossing 200 crs…ha ha ha
    so better ignore them.

    But i want to just reply one guy & its final time.


    Srk rejected 3 idiots due his busy schedule..?

    In which film he was busy..?

    If my knowledge is right he was busy in Billu…! Ahhh he did one more that time & it was u u u ya Dulha Mil Gaya…!

    But according to Srk’s highly talented fans like SSS…in those films Srk did only comeo roles(more extended than Salman’s role in Mai aur Mrs.Khanna which was released clearly by tag of Sohail Khan film but due its BO performance its a Salman Khan film for Srk fans).

    So thank god both Billu & DMG bombed at BO unless they might be called as Srk’s masterpiece films today.

    So my view get clear about Srk & its hatsoff for a superstar who rejected 3 idiots just for comeo roles in two films…superb.

  • SO srk HNY=cash of ajay devgun similar poster..

    Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn’s cold war is known to one and all, but it seems that while making the first poster of Shah Rukh’s ‘Happy New Year’ directed by Farah Khan, the makers got inspired from Ajay Devgn’s ‘Cash’.

    Happy New Year is SRK’s upcoming film in 2014, while Ajay Devgn starrer Cash was a Bollywood action thriller directed by Anubhav Sinha. However, one striking similarity between the two films is the poster. The poster of Happy New Year was launched recently and has become a huge hit on social media. The poster was first sent to all fans and fan clubs on the social media sites as a gratification for their support.
    A closer look at the poster and it takes you back to the poster of the 2007 film Cash, which too showcases the leading actors posing in front of a vault in a similar manner. Just like Happy New Year, Cash too was a multi-starrer heist film.

    The leading men in the poster of Cash are seen wearing shades and Happy New Year too showcases the same style. Interestingly, the poster of Cash had one leading lady Esha Deol in the poster and Happy New Year too has Deepika Padukone, the only actress in the poster.

    Happy New Year stars Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah in lead roles. The film is under-production and the genre of the film is a musical heist. This is the first time that a film is being made with a unique genre like musical heist. Happy New Year will release this Diwali.

    nothing we can expect from farah khan direction and story telling

  • Poster looks very poor. Another Tees Maar Khan.
    SRK is struggling to stabilize his career in fear as Salman, Aamir and Hrithik are giving record breaking blockbusters.

  • 2008 Biggest Hit Gajni
    2009 Biggest Hit 3 Idiots
    2010 Biggest Hit Dabang
    2011 Biggest Hit Body Guard
    2012 Biggest Hit Ek tha Tiger
    2013 Biggest Hit Dhoom 3………….

    Where is SRK………..Ha Ha ………..

  • @sss no dear you are underestimating your sense of humor like you underestimate Aamir and also overestimate mine like you overestimate from Srk.you said what is Aamir before ghajini,Srk has two universal Atbb Ddlj(yrf) and Kkhh(multistarrer Dharma) while Aamir had Raja Hindustani which banner even you don’t know,ghajini remake but interestingly collected well than Srk’s remake don,devdas,billu,when Aamir adopt story from Novel we have 3i, but when Srk adopt story we got Paheli,there is no doubt Srk hit ratio is better than Aamir,but do you know since Aamir comeback Aamir always has upper hand than Srk,in 2005-Aamir Mangal Pandey was below avg but third highest grosser while Paheli was flop,In 2006 Aamir Rdb and Fanaa both grossed more in India Than srk don and Kank,in 2007 srk had high with cdi and Oso but Still Aamir tzp was most critically Acclaimed and 5th highest grosser clashing with Welcome and everyone knows 2007 was Akshay’s year he had 4 clean hit that time. So stop joking man.

  • @amol,stupid fan of sal-mir.SRK rejected 3idiots and robot due to his busy schedule in film Ra One.which was a hit film.arguing with you little sized slum area’s rikshawala fans is very difficult and we also lost our reputation by arguing 3rd class south dubbing artist fans.CE is a crap,then what about biggest craps of bollywood ever ghajini,bg,ready,wanted.this is what classic for you,you 3rd class fans.

  • @sss and history from 2008 you know very well,who told Yrf only making romantic movies i think Deewar,trishul,kala pathar were Romantic movies for you,you said Srk left lagaan and 3i to boost Aamir career,thanx Srk,but i think you say big thank to Salman and Aamir who rejected Baazigar and Darr if that was not Than srk will have tough time to establish himself in industry and never got Ddlj who made him superstar i think you don’t know Srk history too, he start with bang with Deewana than follows chamatkar(flop),dil aashna hai(flop),king uncle(flop),Raju ban gaya gentleman(below avg),kabhi haan kabhi naa(avg),anjaam(flop)all movies are till 1994,so you himself see if Srk don’t have Darr and Baazigar than don’t have Ddlj too as except from Deewana(second lead) he don’t have even above avg movie.so now judge other facts too. And don’t show me aamir’s because i better know Aamir had 3clean hits which accepted by all sites,3semihits,3-4averageand almost 10-11flops but still he is trolling you.

  • Comment followed @sss those hit and flop graph i given you was till 2000 of Aamir, after than you know himself better that After Lagaan (hit),dch(avg) what is his status,i better know where Aamir stand right now and also know where Srk stand but you knows only where Srk is but not aware about where Aamir is, leave aside fanwar just look you comments itself shows how you get disturbed when other achieve success than srk, you aggression neither bring down Aamir or Salman stardom nor increase Srk stardom and his achievements,the way you calling Aamir(tingu) and Salman(lallu)shows your class,fans may have arguments but doesn’t mean you insult others, learn something from A your friend @yash who is also Srk fan but definitely a good example and nodoubt he raised as diamond among frustrated Srkians.

  • What a crap poster this is. At least get a handsome actor in the centre of the poster…not this ugly old man who is in the centre.

  • Actor’s With Most Number of Blockbusters Worldwide in Bollywood :-
    1) Shah Rukh Khan :-
    India – 8 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 17 Blockbusters
    TOTAL :- 25
    2) Salman Khan :-
    India – 9 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 11 Blockbusters
    3) Hrithik Roshan :-
    India – 5
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 6
    4) Aamir Khan :-
    India – 3
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 5
    5) Akshay Kumar & Ranbir Kapoor :-
    India – 2
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 3 for each.
    If we take only India its Salman who leads but overseas and worldwide SRK leads by Distance. Dhoom 3 gonna be another Blockbuster for Aamir ??? Lets wait and see

  • very well said @Romance New_year,you’re a genius bro,thanks very much.now haters clear your doubt.also add total hits and flops.because we know very well SRK has highest hits and least flops.

    @haters wait for another ATBB from SRK after tha YRF’s FAN,DHOOM4 and DON 3,RAEES.you all’ll suicide soon.

    CE to trailor tha PICTURE(HNY) abhi baaki hain mere dushmanon.REMEMBER OCTOBER 24TH,THE HNY DAY.


  • Hits of Amir salman and srk (only clean hits)
    Kayamat se kayamat tak
    Raja Hindustani
    Rang de basanti
    Tare zameen par
    3 idiots
    Tatal- 10
    Debatable hits rangeela, hum hai rahi pyar ke and ishq
    Total – 13 (in 25 years)

    Sanam bewafa
    Karan Arjun
    Pyar kiya to darna kya
    Biwi no 1
    No entry
    Total- 19
    Debatable hit- hdcs, MPKK
    Total – 21 (in 24 years)

    Karan Arjun
    Veer Zara
    Total- 24
    Debatable hit yes boss, chalte chalte
    Total 26 (in 22 years)

    Overseas out of question.

  • @Indicine, I just wonder why you post my comments while you can post various vulgar comments posted by SRK fans. If you do, you take long time for that. Does this site work for SRK or something else?
    Coming back to the poster, the poster is ripped off from Players, Race 2 and Cash. (Those people with brains and rationale thinking, please compare and contrast with the posters of the mentioned movies.) SRK, when will you stop ripping off scenes from other movies or unofficially copying ideas from other movies? When will you learn to give credits to others? Sahi Mein Chor Hai Tu!!

  • @Indicine, I just wonder why you don’t post my comments while you can post various vulgar comments posted by SRK fans. If you do, you take long time for that. Does this site work for SRK or something else?
    Coming back to the poster, the poster is ripped off from Players, Race 2 and Cash. (Those people with brains and rationale thinking, please compare and contrast with the posters of the mentioned movies.) SRK, when will you stop ripping off scenes from other movies or unofficially copying ideas from other movies? When will you learn to give credits to others? Sahi Mein Chor Hai Tu!!

  • LOL! What happens to our so-called one-man Haakhla Army? He is, nowadays, seen with a lot of henchmen. On the first sight, I thought I stumbled into an article relating to Players movie.
    Again, he will kneel down in front of his Thalaiva Rajni to shower his blessing in the movie and b-e-g other b0llyw00d act0rs to give their guest-appearances in the movie. And this movie could easily cross the business of OSO.

  • Hii Anand. U looks frustrated. Chill man. Srk is only star who always gives credit directly or indirectly to others. People didn’t even watch cash then who will bother to see cash poster. But due to srk cash poster come into recognition. Same goes to don and devdas

  • sorry,@Aks,to hurt you.because see now a days you aamir fans doing what?whether you know about this,17 UTTER flops of amir:


    good comments @Romance New_yr and @sht.please refer the following.


    blockbusters-qsqt,dil,lagaan,rdb,dhoom3-(highly starrer with budget 135 crore)

    super hits-dhkmn,hhrpk,ishq,fanaa,tzp
    above average-baazi
    below average-dhobi ghat,talash

    atbb-raja hinduatani,ghajini,3idiots

    so total movies in lead roles (with dhoom3)-38(lead roles)
    blockbusters-5 films
    international bb-8 films
    super hits-5 films
    hits-5 films
    above average-1 films
    below average-2 films


    super hits-baazigar,DTPH,pardes,KANK,MNIK,DON,DON2
    hits-Deewana,KHNH,josh,chalte chalte,Ra One
    above averages-RBGG,ram jaane,koyla,yes boss,duplicate,baadshah,hum tumhare hain sanam
    below average-anjaam,swades

    atbb- DDLJ,KKHH(salman in cameo role 20minute in 3:05 length movie),CE – 3

    total-52 films
    blockbusters-12 films
    international bb-21 films
    super hits-7 films
    hits-4 films
    above average-7 films
    below average-2 films

    blockbusters-mpk,saajan,karan arjun,hssh,tere naam,no entry,partner,ready,bg,ett,dabang2 – 11

    superhits-pktdk,hssh,biwi no.1,hddcs – 4
    hits-love,jeet,hdjpk,msk,wanted – 5
    above average-sanam bewafa,judwaa,hum tumhre hain sanam,cccc,garv,mpkk-6
    below average-andaaz apna apna,elel,bandhan,jpkhh-5

    atbb-hahk,dabang (in lead roles) – 2

    total-63 films
    blockbusters-11 films
    international bb-6 films
    super hits-4 films
    hits-5 films
    above average-6 films
    below average-5 films

    aamir has 17 flops out of 38 films (lead roles).-in 25 years

    SRK has 16 flops out of 52 films (lead roles).-in 21 years

    salman has 32 flops out of 63 films(lead roles).in 24 years

    salman has 50.79% flop,aamir has 44.73% flop,SRK has 30.76% flop.



  • @sht – so acc to u jjws, dil hai ki manta nai, hum hai rahi pyaar ke, ghulam, sarfarosh were not hits. Do some research buddy be4 comin up with sich lists.

    Aamir always delivered beautiful movies which we love. We dont care abt box office collections. It is SRK fans who are always degrading his achievements that we get into this silly debates.

    Pls understand all three of them has given us some gr8 movies. Cherish this tym when we have all three of them in top form.

  • Seriously, this poster looks like a poster of animation film. They tried hard to make a painting poster like the poster of Jai Ho but failed miserably. Besides, the poster resembles Players, Race2 and Cash. It will have 80 Crores Life Time Collections because of Deepika, Abhishek and Sonu as they gained some fans with their recent movies. Honestly, SRK looks the worst in the picture.
    And I am a fan of no Khan.

  • i use to like srk very much old days his age suits films lik pardes,kkhh and mohobatein but i disliked his rab ne and oso and after 2001 aamir khan films lik dch or 3 idiots gav different dimension altogether..but now i refer ranbir and ranveer in romantic films srk achieved alot evn his films does bussiness lik ra.1 wont mind try to bring hollywood films to india but doin craps lik c.e or jthj r really annoying

  • srk too old still doing rahul chracter in c.e which lucky rohit shetty masala elements saved along with deepika….now doing film with farah he is doing huge mistake remember multiplex audience makin good films hit lik tzp,cdi,znmd and bhaag mika bhaag…srk need to do better films…

  • @true hater,what a joke?they tried to make it like jai ho but failed?they tried to make south remake but failed blah blah! right bro.if you don’t know players2,cash like films are 1000 times better than films like jai ho,kick,ghajini,ready,bg,dabang1&2,wanted,ett like craps.by the way you also know who has most fans not only in India but also in world,only one name come KING SRK.forunately abhishek,sonu,deepika are going to have their life’s biggest earning film and achievements through this.even Amitabhji said HNY has awesome story.so it’s upto audience whether they go for BIGB or unfortunately crap peoples like you.you can go for dark night copied poster in which amir looks like a gay and poster of jai ho where salman looks so hurted that some one hits at his lower main paint.thanks to Indians for bear these crap superstar like lallu,chamir.at least akshay kumar is better than these ugly swollen faced fat pigs.by the way SRK proved with his last films what can he do?let lallu to overtake CE which is too difficult for him.when this movie smashed all records with in 1week at that time realize who has highest fans.by the way HNY’s 1st day collection=jai ho’s life time collection=70cr.by the way I am not a fan of khans.

    @gunday you shouldn’t like SRK’s older films too,because you didn’t deserve that.so JTHJ and CE are craps.but you know what according to us chamir(amir) looks too old like swollen faced midget fat pigs.fanna,dhobi ghat,ghajini,talash,crap3(d3).pity on you for like this crapiest films.if I’m not wrong you also likes 3rd grade cheapest sadakchap gunday films like dabang,ready,wanted,bg than how can you bear good movies like oso,rnbdj.if I’m not wrong you also not like movies cdi,swades,MNIK etc etc.if you can like crap3(d3),than surely you didn’t like this because quiet similar and going to thrash crap3 with in 1week.pity on this mentally challenged actor’s fan.

    @fazer250,amir doesn’t deserve to character in d3 but unfortunately movie collects well due to double free screen and at least 3week run.why amir always made craps like fanaa,ghajini,dhobi ghat,talash and crap3.1st he saved due to 1st south remake ghajini,2nd time saved due to great steling story of chetan bhagat with awesome character like chatur and virus luckily it rejected by KING SRK.3rd time saved due to his well identity due to 3idiots, and big franchise dhoom and big banner YRF.but who will save him this time,his talash period again begins,even his own film didn’t watch that talash.but you know very well this movie will smash crap3(d3)’s record with in 1 week.which he couldn’t do with his previous movies due to less screen and large clashes of films.his career and fims is 1000 times bigger than amir,KING SRK’s craps are far better than aamir’s high class movies.hat means KING SRK didn’t have at least 1crap film till yet.GOD always bless my king srk and hope haters like you cry like this always.

  • @sss ppl like you make him hate srk more without any reason…ur stupid blind fanatic i think ur just a teen grow u dude..hating aamir or salman wont make srk great

  • Looks like he is all set to deliver the all-time biggest blockbuster of the millenium.SRK goes unstoppable.Salute to the finest actor this planet has ever produced.U R A REAL KING SIR.

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