Happy New Year Poster: Featuring SRK, Deepika, Abhishek

On the very first day of the year, the first look poster of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year has been unveiled. It features the entire star cast of the film – SRK, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

Directed by Farah Khan, who has previously directed SRK in blockbusters like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year will release in theatres on October 23rd 2014.

The first look of Shahrukh’s last film Chennai Express was also revealed exactly a year ago on Jan 1st 2013.

Have a look and tell us what you think of the first look poster of Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Poster - SRK, Deepika

Happy New Year Poster – SRK, Deepika



  • Before Ghajini nobody talked about box office collection. It is Aamir who started this trend of box office mania. Now the worst phase of bollywood. Boxoffice wise good . but content and quality wise bad. Ideally big star should go for content oriented movies so that they can pull larger audience. But due to his boxoffice mania all big stars are going for crappy movies.. 3Idiots is just excepetion. this year we really cant say we had qulity movies except a few [Launchbox,Shahid,BMB etc]. What if they were starrred by big stars? I hope big stars will do somethign diffrent this year. All hopes for bollywood now for PK,Raeees, etc. Rest will be only money earners. Nobody will see those movies once agin after 10 20 years.

  • HA HA @amol,SRK would have been broke the record of 3idiots by JTHJ,if that bastard lallu khan would have not been convince ajay devgan to release sos on same date.because you also know this fact they take away half screens,also see JTHJ earned much more than you crap movies in overseas.
    by the way a film should have made in industry of hollywood and english language to take over avatar.

    ra one and DON2 are the best actionfilms.that’s why ra one got national award where is ghajini and bodyguard.

    we didn’t criticize 3idiots,it’s you who forced us to criticize it by blaming CE time to time although your got ATBB by doing a third class south remake ghajini. .otherwise we like 3idiots as it is a chetan bhagat’s story,characters like chatur and virus forced to see it not due to overactor chamir.tell me how many BBs did chamir got in his life.among which lagaan and 3idiots rejected

  • HA HA @amol,SRK would have been broke the record of 3idiots by JTHJ,if that bastard lallu khan would have not been convince ajay devgan to release sos on same date.because you also know this fact they take away half screens,also see JTHJ earned much more than you crap movies in overseas.
    by the way a film should have made in industry of hollywood and english language to take over avatar.

    ra one and DON2 are the best actionfilms.that’s why ra one got national award where is ghajini and bodyguard.

    we didn’t criticize 3idiots,it’s you who forced us to criticize it by blaming CE time to time although your got ATBB by doing a third class south remake ghajini. .otherwise we like 3idiots as it is a chetan bhagat’s story,characters like chatur and virus forced to see it not due to overactor chamir.tell me how many BBs did chamir got in his life.among which lagaan and 3idiots rejected by SRK.

    films like SWADES,CHAK DE INDIA,PAHELI,MY NAME IS KHAN is far better than lagaan,rdb,tzp in terms of value.by the way tzp is a film acted more by darshil safari not due to amir they sent to oscar nomination but rejected the same occured for lagaan.
    also SRK’s SWADES,PAHELI,CHAK DE INDIA got India’s official entry oscar like tzp and lagaan.but MY NAME IS KHAN is the 1st Indian film which got direct nominated by oscar with out the India’s official entry into oscar.but it’s hollywood films which always got oscars not bollywood films you moron.

    I think SRK’s billu is much better than chamir’s mela.asoka is much better than mangal pandey.maya memsaab is better than films like awwala number,rakh,baazi.kal ho naa ho is far better than dil chahta hain.in other words SRK’s flops are far better than overactor chamir’s hit.
    so how can filmfare jury can award such an overrated perfaketionist.which is the most prestigious award of Indian cinema.if you can’t get awards then don’t say buying thing because amir is also not a beggar.angur nahi mila to khatte hain,yeh mat kaho.that’s why the world is laughing at you.because you talked about so much valuable films and things,still you like the south dubbing films.
    KING KHAN SRK is a SELFMADE GLOBAL SUPERSTAR not like papa’s made desi superstar like chamir,lallu,hrithik only limited in India,no one is interested to know about them.but due to some literate stupids like you they survived.

    now wait for RAEES,DON3 and YRF’s FAN and DHOOM4.no overacting,no south remake,no body showing,no different hair style doing.just straight simple hai boss NO.1 superstar of bollywood,the great global Indian living legend the KING KHAN/BADSHAH OF BOLLY WOOD/KING OF BILLIONS OF HEARTS MR.SRK.lol.

  • @amol please don,t care about srk leave srk, do you know how many bb yrf have outside srk ?
    ans:only 3: dhoom2(franchise),dhoom3(franchise) and ett(they have 3 bb with srk)
    do you know how many bb yrf have outside srk in overseas?
    ans:only 5:fanaa,dhoom3,dhoom2,ett and salam namaste(they have 6bb with srk)
    do you know how many bb dharma production have outside srk?
    ans:zero full moon(0)
    do you know how many bb dharma production have outsid srk in overseas?
    ans:zero full moon(0)
    srk is baadshah he have made these production houses so big understand

  • @amol do you know that Yrf film success percentage with srk is:100?/. Without srk:38.56?/. Only.
    Dharma production: with srk is :100?/. Without srk:40?/. understand

  • @amol u and ur tingu khan should thanx SRK 4 rejecting 3idiots bcoz of his busy schedule. otherwise ur 1/2 feet and 250 gram tingu’s career would have been finished……

  • Poster looks impressive…was the look copied from Krish 3 poster (Hrithik with mutants). Here SRK with other thiefs. If my predcitions are not wrong both Kick & HNY might end up with almost same story with different characters. I know the story of Kick (remake of telugu movie), where hero is thief but ends up spending money for poor. Looking at the HNY poster it looks like SRK is playing a negative role (thief) and almost a same story as Kick, Players & Dhoom 1.

    Common man….farah failed with Tees Maar Khan..so she made a new movie with thief plot. A blockbuster for sure, but records it may break 1 or 2 of Dhoom 3 but not all…

  • @sss you are having great sense of humour in comments, dear why are you making fool yourself, first you said 3i is theft from Chetan Bhagat, but you not noticed the in credit roles there are Name of Chetan Bhagat and before 3I releases it all in media and news that 3i story adapted from five point someone Novel, so its not theft ok dude, than you said 200cr is cakewalk, yaa dear it a cakewalk when your idol is not able to collect 100cr anytime inspiteof he is ruling from 2002-2008 in domestic market, even after 3I he waited to his 2nd release after 3I to enter in 100cr club, before ce this man don’t have collection more than 120r JTHJ(official), your said jthj would have been break the record of 3I, again foolishness it means you think JTHJ was a masterpiece like CE as per yourself, there is no doubt once you said that Sholay collected 15cr is not a big thing as movies right now collecting 30cr+ in single day, than you said swades,Paheli,CDI&Mnik was better movie than TZP,Lagaan etc. its only in your opinion no doubt about CDI & Swades but you think MNIK & Paheli was better, hahaha, do you know swades & pahely was big flop, why hadn’t your idol and big star who is having just cakewalk to at least make good movies like swades & paheli hit, do you know these are the movie who is outside from Dharma & yrf production and both were flop both domestically and overseas, swades was avg in overseas.There is no doubt that yrf & dharma gain popularity due to srk but srk also got huge success from these banners.

    @yy mithaiwala, do you know YRF had ATBB in overseas in form of ‘Lamhe” was flop in India but atbb in overseas even before srk first movie in bollywood,Aamir did 2 movie with YRF Fanaa(superhit) & D3(ATBB), Salman had one movie with RF ETT blockbuster, Akshay had just 3 movies with YRF Yeh Hai Dillagi (semi hit),Dil to paga; hai (superhit) & Tashan (flop), Ajay don’t have any release with YRF,Ranbir got Bachna Ae Hasino which was 2d movie of Ranbir and was above avg,Hr has only one movie that was Dhoom2. You see which big actor apart of SRK got much opportunity,srk with his first movie having Sunny deol as Lead that’s y become superhit though whole credit srk got but sunny himself having popularity that time to make his movie hit,superhits.

    and one more think @sss just looked the comment section many of srkians said that this will break D3 collection, you blame Aamir who started so called collection hoopla, see yourselves in Mirror, you are calling HNY &Ce classics, its shows how dumb you are, why you guys make us to hate srk,looked the poster completely similar to players & Ajay’s Cash, you were jumping enough that Dhoom 3 first look similar toDrt Knight, than what you say right now, Don’t become Double faced.the reason of these big collection hoopla was that Ghajini thrashed RBNDJ in 2008 and become highest grosser since than you srk fans started to said in each and every site that SRK net will break that record and you said same when 3i released, i agree every movie can’t become Highest grosser but why you first start to say same.

  • @yymithaiwala tell me which big actor worked with Dharam who is A listed actor when they had release, HR did one Agneepath that was superhit,Salman & Aamir don’t have any releases with Dharma,Akshay kumar never had any movie with Dharma. even see srk 2 movies KHNH & MNIKwith Dharma are hits, one blockbuster K3g & one atbb KKHH and you know both were multistarrer.

    @sss Paheli was based on a novel and same story is adopted in Duvidha movie (1973), so it was also a bit remake and one correction was hit in overseas, and i would like you that you will say Sholay 15 cr & hahk-70cr just was a cackwalk nothing big, please say dear it will be funny and because you have so great knowledege and sense of humor.

    @rohit superb comment HNY post shows srk fans still visiting this site and finally come out from their bills
    @amol great comment a very much NOVEL film, everything unique never seen before and out of the world movie HNY come in theatre in Diwali2014

    @yash give some knowledge to your fellows that they don’t expect every SRK films to score big because it somehow create pressure on srk and if movies unable to get that moolah than you will trolled by again like they trolled at the time of MNIK,Ra1,Jthj & Don2

    and Finally You haters Trolled Aamir since 3i record broke by CE to before D3 release and HE trolled you big time, as some fans of him like@sss,@sem,@sakhi lost their mind
    D3 on the wa to become first movie to collect 500cr. Hurray
    surprisingly srk fans unable to figure out Dhoom Brand Power as they are saying No one can broke CE record till srk ‘s next HNY, now they are saying its only Dhoom brand not Aamir. Hahahal

  • Sss@Srk sala vikari hai isliye cinema realese ke 9 month pehele poster realse karte hai or hamare salman vai 1month pehele jai ho ka poster realease kiye fuck of srk…salman jab movie karne aye bollywood mein tab srk ullu chaddi pehen k sercus mein ghum ta tha samjha srk ullu fan@sss

  • Sss@
    Unofficial Remakes Of Shahrukh khan :
    1. Baadshah = Nick Of Time, The Mask, Rush Hour, Mr. Nice Guy
    2. Bazigar(Sharukh Khan)=A kiss before dying(1991; starring Sean Young).
    3. chak de india = mighty ducks, miracle on ice(1981)
    4. mohabbatein – absolution, Dead Poets Society 1989
    5. MAIN HOON NA = NEVER BEEN KISSED* , Toy Soldiers (1991 film), Hiding Out (1987), fight back to school(1991) Main ho na fighting sequence from scorpion versus johnny(cage)
    6. CHALTE CHALTE = FORGET PARIS*, fools rush in(1997)
    8. KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI = SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, grease(1st half clg stuf) & sleepless in SEATTLE (2nd half)
    9. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna = Closer, Divorce American Style (1967), Brief Encounter (1945),
    10. Chamatkar 1992 = Blackbeard’s Ghost 1968
    11. dil to pagal hai = annie hall(1997), 42nd Street (film)
    12. josh = west side story(1961)
    13. kal ho na ho = my life without me(2003)
    14. swades = chigurida kanasu(2003, kannada)
    15. yes boss = for love or money(1993)
    16. Heyy Babyy 2007 = Three Men and a Baby 1987
    17. I See You 2006 = Just Like Heaven 2005
    18. MNIK = ADAM Released 2009, Remake of Rain Man (1988), Forest Gump (1994).
    19. OSO = Remake of Madhumati and Karz
    20. DDLJ = The Sure Thing (1985), The scene where Himani Shivpuri is purchasing a saree and Shahrukh helps her decide from the window is copied from Witness for the Prosecution (1957).
    21. Dulha Mil Gaya = Remake of My Fair Lady (1964), Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye (1977), Naseeb Apna Apna (1986)
    22. Duplicate = Remake of The Whole Town’s Talking (1935) and Desperado (1995 — Gunfight in bar, is exactly the same).
    23. Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam = Remake of K.S. Adiyaman’s Tamil hit Thotta Chinungi (1995).
    24. Koyla (1997) = Remake of Revenge (1990)
    25. Krazzy 4 = Remake of The Dream Team (1989).
    26. One 2 Ka 4 = Remake of One Good Cop (1991).
    27. Raam-Jaane = Remake of Angels With Dirty Faces (1938).
    28. Paheli = Nagamandala (Kannada) 1997.
    29. BHOOTHNATH = The Canterville Ghost 1944
    30. Sathiya = Alaipayuthey (2000)
    31. SHAKTI = Telugu film “Antahpuram” 1999.
    32. PHIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI = the front page 1974, broadcast news 1987.
    33. DARR = cape fear 1991.
    34. Ra.One = Iron Man, Robots, X-Men, The Dark Knight
    Official Remakes :
    1. Devdas
    2. Don
    3. Billu barber fuck of bustard srk

  • @indicine You posted the same barbaric comment from “ssssss” twice at 5:30 and 6pm- I know it must be hard for even die hard lungiwalas to digest his nonsense and make sense of whether he is spitting venom or regurgitating cow dung but you could atleast properly proof read his barkwaas…? Yes

    I know I call Thakur many names but to question his parents/ upbringing is a step too far as I respect them deeply so I would never ever suspect Thakur of being a ‘b*******’ but this ‘sssss’ hasnt shown the same courtesy to Salman Khan. Please either delete his waste of space comment or let me converse with him on a personal level where I can request the inbred to provide proof of a marriage certificate from his parents to prove once and for all that firstly they are not brother/ sister and secondly that he was not born out of wedlock…! Thank you Indicine

  • @JC ditto and I too have to wait for comments to be properly checked but you see the same comments from lungiwalas like ‘sssss’ getting posted TWICE….

  • @AMOL you Sir are a genius and a social worker at that too…

    Rather you than me trying to converse with that loser ‘sssss’ but you won that 1 sided arguement hands down and notice how he couldnt respond with any logic then he starts getting aggressive and uses profanity- truly great upbringing the lungiwalas have had in India- I still hope for a great future for India where respect/ honour and dignity means something despite the presence of a large obnoxious lungiwala fanbase… Jai Ho

  • BRING IT ON!!! Any SRKians who don’t make special effort to go to see this film at a nearby theater (barring serious hardship/sickness …) have No acceptable excuses! Save your pennies; bumb a ride; tighten your belt; lay off of the goodies for a bit. Easy on the booze. Work extra hours.Bring blankets. This is going to be too good to wait to see it on DVD. Just let your eyes gaze on that poster. Aren’t these guys and Deepika the best looking bunch of bad—es ever! Deepika, you are as gorgeous as ever, and surrounded with all that luscious man-power! I’m so envious. To top it all: Just when I thought Shah Rukhji’s DON was the absolute killer bad/good guy he sends a zinging charge through my spine with this new BAD-A– look!!! Woff! Woff! GRRRR! Just try and stop me from seeing him up close and personal FRONT ROW cinema. Yum!!!

  • @sss one more thought i don’t know what Amar-prem are thinking right now but i can predict what srk is thinking “yaar 3i ka record todne me 3saal 8 mahine lag gaye,d3 ke todne me kitne lagenge”OMG i forget there are big hurdle P.k. Even before HNY and Salman have his two Jai ho and Kick. I think srk become angry as he was desperate to be a thief in movie but First Farah took Akshay into Crap TMK which srk want to do and when Farha didn’t agree to do he spoil relations with Her, than Adi take Aamir in d3 for a role of thief,so there are two blown to srk now this man come finally in which he is a conman. Atleast poster suggest the same. Hats off to him as Aamir Refused Darr we can understand as that character was good for srk and he excelled but the man eagerly want to do tees maar khan that time but refused Lagaan,munnabhai Mbbs and 3i. Lol.

  • It’s look srk haters got work for next 11 month. They r ready to spread negativity. That’s y srk is the best even haters also get busy when his get announced.

  • @aks,I am so sorry for really not having great humour like you.lol.secondly I used to give straight comments.3idiots was copied from chetan bhagat’s novel “what not to do in IIT”.just read it once,hope all of your’s doubt will be cleared.being a amir fan you must know raj hirani was bought copyright from chetan bhagat.I didn’t disrespect 3idiots.but don’t think it got success due to amir alone.because aamir’s alone star power equals to talash.give thanks to SRK for rejecting his two succesful films lagaan,3idiots.by the way you point out MNIK-the film of humanity which is much quality based film than 3idiots.1st check your mind don’t go for collections.if films like ETT can come closure to 3idiots with out facing any release than why not JTHJ.he would prove it if half of screen would not have been taken by sos.also MNIK faces so much controversies but after seen it everyone remain quiet.that’s why it only got hit even not permitted to release in most place in India.also compare overseas collection of 3idiots(multistarrer) vs MNIK(one star).I didn’t say CE is masterpiece rather than a sweetest movie that can buy billions of hearts and makes them a great laugh.JTHJ is sure masterpiece but not for yours.evenaccording to you swades is best but it got average in India how.people of India don’t deserve this rather than masala craps.

    came to YRF/DP,both productions used to make love stories.and you better know no one is perfect in it other than KING OF ROMANCE.that’s why they choose SRK over others.SK’s 1st movie was deewana with rishi kapoor which is a hit,but both in DARR and DEEWANA,he overshadowed rishi and sunny.

    so now d3,talash will be classic for you.right.lol.thank to YRF and DP they didn’t choose amir or other who gave a long list of flop love stories in early 90’s.so now you are trolling.
    haters just remember

    wanted-start for lallu to save his almost ended career

    ghajini-start for amir to get rid of flops(1ST SOUTH REMAKES)

    CE-start for SRK to enhance hit to ATBB.

    GOD saved amir 2 times in terms of stolen story and big production and franchise.3rd time he will be trashed by KING KHAN.the truth is two khans always got single and long free run and another is KING KHAN who always faces challenge.and he proved what can he do if he got more free run with hi last film.haters are crying for it.both lallu and amir fans depended on d3’s record which will trashed by this above film.

  • @aks,1st check career list of 3khans.why so sad in this age see lallu and amir happy to having their biggest success with YRF.on the same time SRK showed to them he can also gave ATBB with out YRF.hats off to MY KING.if small films like CE made you so much cry.then HNY will make you suicide.I can feel those of your feelings.it’s far better to have at least hollywood remake or bollywood remake rather than doing cheapest third class masala south dubbing craps like ready,ghajini,bg,kick,jai ho,which is classic for lallu and chamir fans.this shows how their dumness knew no bounds.

    whatever do amir,he will never got star power like SRK and salman.for that amir depends upon lallu and lallu fans depends upon amir for some of his few quality based movie and records.even SRK’s masal movies CE is also not a south remake but it earns highest both in domestic and overseas than all masala movies.

    amir saved 1st time with stolen story and 2nd time saved due to big banner and franchise.3rd time he will trashed badly by KING SRK.I couldn’t think what will happen when films like FAN,RAEES,DHOOM4 and DON3 will release.I don’t think so at that time names like salman,aamir will exist.just think about seriously this is the good time for you because the near future is fully dark for you lallu and tingu fans.

    everyone come here and says always their star is best.which makes proves and makes KING KHAN the ALL TIME BEST whether it is 90’s aur 21st century.whether it’s pre south dubbing period or post south dubbing period.because peoples knows aamir known for 3idiots and d3.where as SRK name is enough.he has done every roles evenat last comedian.

    all star’s fans compare their with SRK,whether it is old generation stars like sallu,aamir,akki,ajay or new generation stars like hrithik,ranbir.all are so much afraid of KING SRK.also sallu and aamir fans made a strong bond to defeat SRK.they attempted a lot,but got failure.so the the most failure bond bollywood is SAL-MIR.

    as all stars are against the GLOBAL SUPERSTAR,so most of their fans not watched SRK’s movies in theatre.while all of them watches sallu and aamir’s film which always doesn’t have film clashes..while little stars like akki,ajay always did clash with KING KHAN SRK and helps others small stars like sallu,ajay to rise.this shows how great is my KING KHAN SRK.whether it is class based,romantic character,villain character,masala films,action films,suspense based,simple character,comedy character all are done by SRK single handedly.


  • CALM DOWN HATERS!!!!!! it’s just only a poster……10 months is still there to release the film…you have 10 more months to spread negativity…just 1 poster gave all the haters sleepless nights it seems………..SRK rules the bollywood..that’s why he is known as KING KHAN..i can understand the jealousy and frustration…..but we can’t help it!!!!!!!

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