Happy New Year Poster: Featuring SRK, Deepika, Abhishek

On the very first day of the year, the first look poster of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year has been unveiled. It features the entire star cast of the film – SRK, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

Directed by Farah Khan, who has previously directed SRK in blockbusters like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year will release in theatres on October 23rd 2014.

The first look of Shahrukh’s last film Chennai Express was also revealed exactly a year ago on Jan 1st 2013.

Have a look and tell us what you think of the first look poster of Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Poster - SRK, Deepika

Happy New Year Poster – SRK, Deepika



  • Ram Leela (Hit)
    Chennai Express (All time blockbuster)
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (Blockbuster)
    Race 2(hit)
    Cocktail (Hit)
    Desi Boyz (Below Average)
    Aarakshan (Flop)
    Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey (Flop)
    Break Ke Baad (Flop)
    Lafangey Parindey (Average)
    Housefull (Hit)
    Karthik Calling Karthik (Below Average)
    Love Aaj Kal (Superhit)
    Chandni Chowk to China (Flop)
    Bachna Ae Haseeno (Above Average)
    Om Shanti Om (Blockbuster)
    her career up to now
    100 crores:4
    total:16 movies
    her career before 2013
    100 crores:0
    total:12 movies
    this is deepika,s carear understand she was flop acctress before 2013 because she was working with small actor,s she is big star now because she is working with big star,s so don,t give srk,s movie,s credit to deepika or any rohit or any banner because movie,s only work on male star,s power every actress,banner or director depends on actor understand
    and movies never depends on director
    do you know that 4 of the leading director’s of Bollywood work in a movie called bombay talkies(karan johar,zoya akhtar,debakar benarje and anurag kashyap) movie finished in a life time collection of 6.50 crores and we all know that karan johar is more successful director then rohit
    note:my english is very weak

  • Thanks to Srk for doing something to bring his fans back on networking sites.

    After Dhoom 3 they went into holes.

    @Srk fans

    how are you guys…?
    Missed you lot ,specialy your funny comments on other actor movies.

    So finaly your star made in top 3 movies of year after long break(Thanks to Salman for not releasing his film this year).

    So as usually our prediction ‘CE will be highest grosser of 2013 & it will collect 300 crs etc etc’ went wrong.
    But dont worry its not new for us,this was happening since last 7 years.

    So now we should start predicting 2014(Dont take so seriously that Jai Ho,PK & Kick releasing in 2014).

    And please guys now we have to increase the scale 400 crs domestic & 800 crs world wide looks more realastic.


    Amar:Dekh Prem tu nahi aaya par maine akele ne hi iski laga dali.

    Prem:Oee ma abe Amar tune to iska pura KLPD kar dala.

    Amar:To phir isbar tu aa raha hai na?

    Prem:Q nahi Q nahi mai to do do bar aaunga.

    Amar:Ayala to to phir iski puri vaat laga dalenge…

  • every actor have blind fans but srk have blind haters
    before ce release every srk hater:ce will become biggest flop ever
    after release:ce work because of deepika and rohit
    shame shame shame on you losers if ce have worked because of deepika then d3 have worked on katrina,s star power because katrina is queen of bollywood since maine pyare kyon kiya where 2013 was golden year for deepika,losers movies never work on actress,s star power or any director 100% star power of any actress is even not=20% star power of actor you should know that loser,s do you know that deepika have only 1 bb before ce which was her first movie oso(king khan) and she was struggling to give a hit leave any bb(3 flops in a row not a single 100 crore club movie) so let me show you that movie,s never work on heroine,s star power.
    1.gtpm(kareena) why this movie is flop iam just asking that why this movie is flop life time collection of this movie is less then 15 crores because this movie didn,t have any big actor
    2.zanjeer(priyanka) life time collection 15 crores
    and many more like life time of collection of ghanchakkar or other
    director: do you know that 4 of the leading directors of bollywood work in bombay talkies (life time 6.50 crores) and we all knoiw that karan johar>rohit shetty i want to say theat rohit shetty is not critcall acclaim director like raju hirani(my favorite director) who is king of cult classic movies
    note:my english is very weak

  • @hrithik your talking about some thing new hahaha your fan of some one(salman) who cant do some thing new in fear of flop and your talking about some thing new do you really think that jai ho,k3,d3 posters were something new if you want to see some thing new then please don’t watch salman miya movies

  • what a big deal if it has similarity with players.players is a very good film compared to craps like tingu3,ready,jai ho,kick,dabang,bg etc.if SRK would have been in players than d3 might have been in 3rd position.just wait haters,yeh KING hai koi underactor bhai lallu and overactor tingu perfaketionist nahi hai.it will break d3’s record with in 1week.and it’s a challenge.

  • Superb poster its awesome wow king khan is looking superb with beard look and deepika and whole team Hny another blockbuster

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha SRKians k comments….big lolwa…hahahahaha….they were thrashing Aamir fr Dhoom3 now they got what they deseves #BabajiKaThullu

  • Superb poster its awesome King khan is looking superb in beard look and Deepika is also looking awesome and whole team of Hny rocks

  • @yy maithaiwala,very good bro.are you mad,why you give this clarification to illeterate rikshawala fans.they also know it.CE was the best poster of 2013.and it is the best of 2014.remember CE had more power than crap3 even though not having big manners and franchise.even haters know it.@rohit,@navin,@hrithik,ha ha big franchises of India like k3,d3 chased a simple comedy movie CE.it had written in history.but unfortunately CE did’t get more days and screens otherwise it would have been crush and destroy crap3’s bmw bike and fake hero of India of film papa’s 3.lol.cry as much as you can until 24th october.do you really think YRF and dhoom franchise’s record can be broken by gay films peegay or 3rd class south remake.lol.my laugh knew no bounds.lol.

  • Will be the Himmatwala of 2014. Worst poster I have ever seen. Even Bhojpuri movies have better posters than this.

  • Todenge tale…?

    That means robbery..?
    Yehhh that means it has something new because it never happened in bollywood before.

    Film is comedy…so that means it has fresh comedy & not like same boring comedy like TMK.

    They will robb banks wow that means its new & not like old Dhoom series films.

    They will robb trains for sure which is new & not like old fashioned robbery in TMK.

    And guys look at the first look…wow what a blockbuster poster…!
    How unique it is…!
    Its really a great & fresh poster which not has any similarity with poster of Players.

    Now i am sure this film has all new contents & not combined remake of two many bollywood films like OSO.

    And why not …at the end its a Farah Khan film…& Farah is known for new contents(OSO) & great script(TMK) with her husband who has great sense of story(Joker).

    So this film will collect 500 crs in India & 1000 crs world wide for sure.
    This film will be biggest grosser of 2014 like all Srk films which are biggest grossers in years 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013.

    No chance to Salman & Aamir in this year too.

  • @sss

    so you mean by trying 5 genres & best director of all time,sympathy of his death,so called 150 crs movie with 3 week open run in diwali & using Rajni sir name with allmost thrice number of screens & 4 times ticket rates finaly your so called king broked record of 3 idiots after 4 years by just 6 crs is a great achievment by him.

    You are talking about franchisis then why not your big Don series film with 20 days solo release failed to break Ready’s record.was it stopped by Abhishek Bachan’s Players(HNY part first)..?

    Which kind of competition CE faced..?

    It got 8 days solo run untill OATIMA release & its total lifetime crossed by Dhoom 3 in just 9 days.So if Dhoom 3 also had any competition in 2nd week like CE then also there was not any problem in breaking CE.

    Our star is at number one spot since last 4 years & regained it in just 4 month so there is no need of barking for us.
    we are saying what is truth at this stage.

    Tell your star to cross Dhoom 3’s record as quick as he can(probably after 4 years when ticket rates go higher with sufficient rate just like 3I vs CE) & then talk…untill it your talk is like barking…

  • most funniest thing in srk,s hater,s comment,s are that when devdas become big hit then credit goes to slb when ce become big hit then credit goes to rohit but when raam leela become big hit then the credit goes to deepika hahahaha just one word to all of them loosers

  • @amol,ha ha I can understand your frustration.1st let me tell who is barking here like hopeless it’s you chamir and lallu fans.so come into films,you 3rd class fans only supports well earned movies.please check out the hit% and flop% of 3 khans’s total career.you will find the the order


    so what if they got 4-5 blockbusters,even though by making south dubbings and non sense films.but SRK never got flop because he always does genuine movies,unlike to get rid of flop doing south remakes.it’s your so called fake perfaketionist is the founder of classless,nonsense south dubbing ghajini.chamir’s success
    ghajini-1st south remake
    3idiots-stealing story from CHETAN BHAGAT,sharman,madhavan character of chatur virus(attracted more) which was 1st rejected by KING KHAN SRK
    dhoom3-due to it’s franchise name and YRF,abhishek,uday

    also we don’t understand the flop power of perfaketionist chamir by the film TALASH.what a content,really mindblowing.even his tingu fans didn’t watch it.lol.
    it’s you who dislike CE by saying crap,on the other hand it’s you who likes craps dabang,wanted,ready,bg,dabang2,ghajini,talash.lol.so whre is your class.
    even your so called valuable movies 3idiots has much more less value than MY NAME IS KHAN.in which SRK proved why he is called KING KHAN/BADSHAH.
    but let me tell one eternal truth,today’s Indians like more masala craps that’s why lallu and chamir exists.so SRK proved once again that when he does masala films with out south remakes that will smash every record and will remain in no.1.
    the cheap trick of chamir is to long await his fans and release his craps by choosing scripts after scripts,to get hits.who is almost the flop star of 90’s.
    came to lallu, he is the star gave 5 back to back blockbusters and he is the one who gave 7 back to back disasters before done south remake,whose almost ended career saved due to prabhu dheva’s south remake wanted exactly amir’s career saved due to south dubbing ghajini.
    so all these 90’s hero chamir,lallu,akki,ajay requires south dubbing to get blockbusters,I mean money.unlike our KING KHAN who never belives upon south remakes still gave blockbustersnot only in India and all his films are blockbusters in overseas.also he is the highest earning celebrity of every year.
    now you’ll say he did work with big productions like YRF,DP blah blah.the let me tell you these two productions exists due to SRK.also they reqired SRK most because he is best among all.so why they need to waste money on flop stars lallu,chamir.so now a days chamir’s d3 and lallu’s ETT are their highest earning films of their life due to YRF.how they are bagging to YRF now a days that is the most interesting thing.
    even d3 earns more,still chamir will remain in no.22 in top earning celebrity list.also chamir didn’t get any awards for his disgusting acting and overacting.don’t want to pass comment on perfect underactor lallu.

    now you got morons why he has highest fan following in worls and called GLOBAL SUPERSTAR and KING khan/BADSHAH of bollywood.lol.

  • @amol,I don’t know whether your brains works or not.
    no doubt 3idiots is 4 year old film,who earned only 202cr in 70days due to it’s stealing story from CHETAN BHAGAT,chatur and virus character and due to KING KHAN reajected it.like every film of lallu and chamir’s film it also ran for over 3weeks with at least 3100 screens.

    where CE only got 3500 screen for 1 week,then next week reduced to 1000 and again reduced to 500 on third week.still it earned 227cr in just 24 days with out big director and production(producer),unlike 3idiots who got 70 days to enter 200 club.that’s no wonder every star can do it.so no question to compare 3idiots and CE.

    again chamir’s d3 got success due to YRF and succesful franchise which doesn’t nedd promotion still got promotion by lallu on big boss.d3 got 4600 screens and 20 free run days excluding ticket price.so this is called chamir’s success.so it is cleared if CE hwould have got this much screen and days it would have been collect at least mre than double of tingu(amir)’s crap3.

    but you know haters what is the power lies behind this film which increased a lot more frustration only by it’s poster before 9 months of release.so cool down wait until 23rd october.which will smash each and every record of crap3 with in 1week.so save your energy which will required for barking after release of HNY that you did in past when CE smashes 3stupid’s record.remember it’s 23rd october.THE HNY DAY.lol.

  • @yy mithaiwala : copying by buying official remake rights is better than manipulation, arrogance n back stabbing !!!!

  • Thirdclass gutterchaap poster!!!

    LMAO @ srk trying hard to look cool…dadaji ke roles ki umar mein ab bhi hero ban raha hai

    Jo abhishek ke thode bahut fans bane honge Dhoom 3 ke baad wohi aayenge is pathetic film ko dekhne!!!


    indicine post this comment!

  • @sss

    ha ha ha…i cant control my self.
    Really you are a true Srk fan.

    You are talking about remakes..?

    Yes we need some orginal films which Srk did.Like Devdas,Don,Billu & some without inspired from hollywoods like Ra.One,Don2..!

    Salman & Aamir got highest grossers due to Yrf..?

    And what is the collection of Srk+Yash Chopra+Yrf+Rehman+Gulzar+Katrina+Anushka…?

    Its might be 3-4 times more than Avatar… is it..?

    Did you know how many BB Srk had outside Yrf & Dharma banners..?
    How many BB he had in last 7 years..?

    And i am going to write a email to Indian govt. for requesting them to give you Best Critics award for criticise 3 Idiots over CE.First man on earth who did it.
    I know you will get it like your stars every film won National Awards & not like Aamir’s chief films which only get fake filmfares.

    I think you should try for Oscar jury.
    It might increase the standards of Oscar & then some superb films like CE,Ra.1,Asoka,1 2 ka 4,Maya Memsab gets entry in Oscar instead of craps like Lagaan & Tare Zameen Par.

  • diaster no its way…looks crap..srk escaped from huge diaster in 2013 with crappy express but now its time for farah and srk combo to deserve big failure for sure…farah escaped with tmk becoz of akshay and sheila ki jawani ended with semi hit…this time audience shd giv them beshram and himmtawala kind of masterstroke…

  • @indicine, someone writes a line – great poster, you approve the comment.

    i just write, deepika is hot, and you don’t put in after almost 5-6 hours.


    i guess either of the reason must be true, either deepika is not hot, or the admin is too cold. lol.

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