Happy New Year makes it to the Oscar library

After the success of Happy New Year, the script of the film written by Farah Khan, Althea Kaushal, Mayur Puri (dialogues) has reached the Oscar’s library.

Sources close to the film say, the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has officially selected the screenplay of ‘Happy New Year’ for its permanent Core Collection. (Article continued after the image)

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide

Filmmakers, writers, actors, students and others from the field of cinema, from across the world, can now access the script of the Shahrukh Khan film.

The co-writer and director of the film, Farah Khan tweeted “One more reason to celebrate!! Happy New Year script goes to the Oscar library!! Big kiss to my co-writers Mayur Puri and Althea Kaushal”

Earlier, Shahrukh Khan films like Devdas, Chak De India and Paheli were selected to be a part of the Oscar Library.

Released in theatres across the world on October 24, Happy New Year went on to amass more than Rs 360 crore worldwide. The film is one of the biggest successes of 2014.



  • No doubt,HNY doesn’t deserve to go to Oscar library.but half actor’s fans are saying about 3i ,LOL which has a bunch of flaws.now take another plagiarised movie pk–remake of barfi/charlie chaplin.when poster released,some Indians said wow it’s looking like Hollywood poster,but look at that irritated over actor alien’s same expression through out the song/promos.so is this movie will deserve oscar–where there will have wannabe real life story,where an alien is staying among peoples and making irritating expressions each time repeatedly,LOL.

    So basically what I want to said this movies like kmg/pk is almost similar to thousands of such Hollywood movies making for people’s entertainment.if any movie that till from 2009 deserves Oscar library—-those are MNIK,HAIDER,LUNCHBOX,and some of such numerous small budget movies.in which songs are soulful and represents the real life situations of the character.half actor’s only one film deserves Oscar and that is TZP(darshil STARRER),all films like lagaan/rdb/3i/pk are made to entertain rather to represent a real life like stories,comparing those movies with films like MNIK/SWADES/CDI/PAHELI will make the former films just a biggest craps.so hats off to our complan boys like @sid,@sky’s choice of best films like aliens/or a student becomes topper overnight with out studying a single day,LOL.

    That doesn’t mean I want to support HNY blindly.obviously pk will be better than HNY but must be worse than barfi as real life stories doesn’t contain any huge entertainment nor contains any aliens.HNY is just a story-less huge entertainer but far better than all illogical salman movies along with amir’s talash.

    But movie of the year is HAIDER.It deserves FILMFARE and Shahid already own it through His performance,it is better than ranbir’s best performance barfi,according to my opinion may some others have different.

  • Omg. r u guys stupid or simulating? Do u understand difference between movie and script? I agree movie is not good, direction, songs, editing and length of film is bad. But script is not movie. Its like a book. Not all movies became blockbusters which stories based on bestseller books. The same here. Not all movies become blockbusters based on good script.

  • Some Critics may not have given expected ratings but Happy New Year being chosen for the Oscar library is an achievement in itself! After ?#?Devdas?, ?#?KalHoNaHo?, ?#?Paheli?, ?#?ChakDeIndia?, ?#?RabNeBanaDiJodi? now ?#?HappyNewYear? is SRK’s 6th film which is approached by Oscar Library.. Wow..
    [#Paheli, #Devdas and ?#?HeyRam? are the 3 SRK’s Movie which was nominated for Oscar entry officially]

  • Some Critics may not have given expected ratings but Happy New Year being chosen for the Oscar library is an achievement in itself! After ?#?Devdas?, ?#?KalHoNaHo?, ?#?Paheli?, ?#?ChakDeIndia?, ?#?RabNeBanaDiJodi? now ?#?HappyNewYear? is SRK’s 6th film which is approached by Oscar Library… Wow..
    [#Paheli, #Devdas and ?#?HeyRam? are the 3 SRK’s Movie which was nominated for Oscar entry officially]

  • @SSS : PK will be worst than Barfi ??? Dont you know Barfi is losely based n inspired by all Charlie Chaplin movies !!!!! Lol at your knowledge & sense !!!!!!!!! btw When are you leaving @Indicine ??? Lol

  • saw some blah blah coments…i cant stop laughig…..wat the fucking people….U should learn what is oscar award and oscar library…idiots…Our great country…full of idiots…

  • @hrithik,HNY did 380CR WW which is ahead of kick.so I need not to leave this site ,even if pk may cross HNY ,still then also I need not to leave this site as I usually don’t keep any words that usually associated with traitors like you,so better you leave this site as kick is beaten by HNY WW or keep hallucinating on every article like this,I’m enjoying by watching you.

    BTW yes WE don’t like HNY that much compared to HIS last releases except RA ONE but HNY gave ME true pleasure that non of the former films could give that is patriotism at it’s best.I thrilled at the climax and enjoyed each and every moment of this film as a comedy movie but this movie had very less EMOTIONS OF KING KHAN so little dissapointed unlike MHN/OSO has.but compared to kick with all sallu movies,believe me it’s at least 1000 times better as well logical also.I always liked Raju Hirani mmovie,wanted him to work with KING KHAN but at the same time I admits HE couldn’t direct a TRUE CLASSIC like JTHJ/MNIK/SWADES/CDI/HAIDER.because he usually does MASALA classic with some illogical facts but s I liked as those movies contains good emotions.

  • Poor Direction
    Poor Script
    Poor Screenplay
    Poor Acting
    Poor Editing
    Poor Soundtrack

    Excellent production values thanks to SRK. Just goes to show SRK’s name is enough to get into Oscar Library.

  • they’ll kick it out!!!!! are they crazy or what?!!!!! it’s not the Oscar material film!!! they must be joking?!! let them wait till the release of PK. the only film which deserves to be in the academy award nomination is (Queen) and nothing else.. Queen got a big chance to win the academy award.. tell them: don’t be so stupid happy for the box office collection.. if Lagaan didn’t win the Oscar, then this silly pathetic comedy will win?!!!

  • Hi You all out there just got a message from box office india advises that HNY closed fourth weekend at 178.50 crores and not what indicine has reported. Indicine seems to have no conscience in reporting false figures and since Box office India is the reliable source lets now differentiate between the liar and the truth. Poor Poor SRK will do anything to try to stay on top has he had seven blockbusters in a row? So who is the false King and who is the real King just take a guess and then follow reliable sources at all times who tell truth and not lies.

  • Hey you guys a bribe passed to admit HNY to save face and for your information the music from Yuvvrajj was inducted into the music hall of fame. Don’t get all excited it was not nominated for an Oscar the Oscar committee is not so stupid to like such a shit ass film

  • HNY was not nominated for an Oscar it was just placed in the Oscar library please don’t get too excited and above yourselves. The place for it in the library was purchased by you know who.

  • 1st.of All..S.R.K’S MY JAAN”
    He’s in My Blood”!!!
    But…; if Srk sign.this type of film
    Script or Project 4m his Starting Strugling period than this time he’s Nothing for me…
    Nothing for World..And Also…
    Nothing for his Sons,DaughteR.
    HOW CAN U DO THIS ShahRukh ji”
    Why u forget…
    Be serious abt.script

  • Where is ur Emotion feeling of Yash Raj n Jaran JohaR’films..IF SRK SIR..

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