Happy New Year makes it to the Oscar library

After the success of Happy New Year, the script of the film written by Farah Khan, Althea Kaushal, Mayur Puri (dialogues) has reached the Oscar’s library.

Sources close to the film say, the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has officially selected the screenplay of ‘Happy New Year’ for its permanent Core Collection. (Article continued after the image)

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide

Filmmakers, writers, actors, students and others from the field of cinema, from across the world, can now access the script of the Shahrukh Khan film.

The co-writer and director of the film, Farah Khan tweeted “One more reason to celebrate!! Happy New Year script goes to the Oscar library!! Big kiss to my co-writers Mayur Puri and Althea Kaushal”

Earlier, Shahrukh Khan films like Devdas, Chak De India and Paheli were selected to be a part of the Oscar Library.

Released in theatres across the world on October 24, Happy New Year went on to amass more than Rs 360 crore worldwide. The film is one of the biggest successes of 2014.



  • lol at those who selectef this movie for oscar library but yeah de dana dan and r rajkumar was better than this so i am not surprise if they are selecting these script to teach people that how could a movie can become worst.

  • hahahaha

    now you guys know what is all this Oscar library about.

    It is just a PR machinery by Oscars to generate money, while makers of these movies use it for publicity with the Oscar tag. Win win situation for both.

  • Hny’s script really don’t deserve it.
    Even with a worst script , the film managed to touch 200 crore at domestic ‘and 380 at world wide.that’s the stardom of King

    I wonder Even Wikipedia mentioned 380 crore’ then why indicine still at 360.

  • @ Babaji. De dana was really a entertaining movie don’t compair it with HNY… Though I enjoyed HNY I must say it does not deserve this honor

  • this is a planted story…nothing like this has happened or will happen.. this film is such a crash that nobody can watch it for more than 5 mts a… and i donno what kind of sense of humour you guys ahve cos there isnt any one laffable moment in this film

  • i think @indicine has nothing to post,thats why they are posting such nonsense news.even farha khan will think twice to believe this.

  • @legend yeda. y you call urself legend? atleast king khan have reasons to call him king…atleast he is better dan lalu fans which are so dumb…doing nothig

  • Okay.. i got.. hny is in oscar library so that film makers are taught what not to do while making a movie.. period !!!

    this is certainly ridiculous

  • Does any movie of the other stars also taken by the Oscar’s I didn’t read anything like this see guys they thought only Happy new year was deserves that that’s why they choosen Hny and they found Dhoom3 Bang Bang, Kick, Krissh 3 non deservable that’s why he is King Khan best actor of the World cheers All Srkins we won.

  • There is absolutely nothing to be surprised. Even a crap like R Rajkumar is also part of Oscar library. Oscar Library has nothing to do with the Oscar award nomination. Even Himmatwala can get a place in Oscar Library.
    Now srkfans will call me srkhater. But they should know that many of my fav films belong to Srk.

  • International students uses d scripts for project research! Of course their lecturer will tell them….” STUDENTS THIS IS WHAT WE CALL A CLASSIC AND MASTERPIECE SCREENPLAY! …..AND….STUDENTS THIS IS WHAT WE CALL A COMPLETLY WASTED SCREENPLAY!!!….”. If u want ur screenplay for Oscars just call them they will reply u by saying is your movie released …u then say sure…they then ask u to send a letter for invitation!!… That’s all! Normally once your movie is released in los Angeles they immediately ask for the screenplay to actually see what d public is watching(oversea box office we call it here @indicine)…..anys best of luck HNYI i know its not winning anything! I honestly wished India could have at least represented d nation with HAIDER MARDAANI LUNCHBOX

  • @JC – PR machinery for OSCAR committee to raise money ??? Hahahahaha….looks like the PR thing getting too much into you :v

  • @Legend khan – But 3IDIOTS record is already dusted…and you are trying to troll the owner of 3600 crs Rs when you can’t even reveal your real identity…lol…Same goes to all haters….their pichwara is burning….:-D

    Aukay 1 cr ki nehi and judge karne chale 3600 crs ki malik ko :v

  • Irony is that movies like 3 Idiots and all other Hollywood classics will be in this library along with the crap HNY!!! Sigh!!!

  • LAGAAN MOTHER INDIA AND SALAAM BOMBAY movies that really REPRESENTED INDIA @Oscars… Hvnt watched lagaan but after hearing LAGAAN was whiskers away from bagging BEST FOREIGN MOVIE(not screenplay)….gonna download it and watch it…too bad dats d only aamir movie I having watched!!!

  • No offence to any SRK fan, but I think pk will be the best movie of this year. The latest song “Bhagwan kaha hai re tu” really really touched me. Hirani has taken pk to an all new level. Something quite different from 3 idiots.

    Anyways congratulations to SRK and HNY team.

  • 4 long weeks without any big competition, highest number of screens, big heroine, multistarrer, big opening and now still hasn’t broken 5 years old 3 idiots’ record. poor king kong. shame on him. just last year was fluke for him, thanks to deepika and rohit shetty and no release of salman he got a periodical ATBB called Lungi Express and that record too broken by real king of Bollywood aamir khan and now he is back in his original aukaat from 2008 onwards. aamir and salman are real megastars with stardom, and this FAKING is nothing in front of them. he is no more in competition. poor FAKING Khan.

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