Happy New Year First Week Collections

Happy New Year has just completed a successful first week at the box office. The film has recorded the 4th highest opening week collections of all time behind Dhoom 3, Krrish 3 and Kick (more on this in the next article).

After taking the biggest ever start with net box office collections of 44.97 crore on its opening day, Happy New Year held steady over the remaining two days in its first weekend. However, Monday onwards the film slowed down quite considerably.

The problem for Happy New Year were the sharp drops on each day since its release. Business on Saturday fell by almost 30%, which was expected, but the growth on Sunday was missing. Monday witnessed a huge fall of 53.5% from Sunday, and over the course of the remaining 3 days, the average drop was 14%.

Going into its second week, Happy New Year has lost a few shows and screens at multiplexes. But that shouldn’t make any much difference to the second weekend business, as it’s the occupancy that matters.

Overall, a good first week. The next three days will decide if the film can eventually challenge the lifetime business of Kick or does well enough to cross 200 crore at the domestic box office.

Happy New Year First Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr (29.7% drop)
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr (2% growth)
  • Monday – 15.01 cr (53.5% drop)
  • Tuesday – 13.17 cr (12.2% drop)
  • Wednesday – 11.02 cr (16.3% drop)
  • Thursday – 9.51 cr (13.7% drop)
  • First Week Total  Total – 157.57 crore

Verdict – Super Hit (could go on to be a blockbuster)



  • So Farah said,one & only Shahrukh khan will be in my nxt movie again. Hmm so iss lady ne tay kar liya hai k srk k career ko duba k rahegi :P

  • @ ARJUN KAPOOR – weekend business is made by fans and many srk fans included u r most foolish creature on the earth. why you fools wanna this worst film will beat kick just cuz we salman fan will bash u for that. first learn to invest ur money on good things and tell to ur srk concentrate his mind on good movies not only on promotion. kabhi naye packet mein beche tumko cheez purani phir bhi dil hai hindustani. if somebody use india in his movie its not mean that movie is patriotic but this movie is parrotic.

  • All the SRK supporters who are seeking sympathy should know how much negativity they spread when other actor’s film releases. Its your turn now.

    I admit HNY is not a failure but the expectation of SRK’s supporters were sky high. SRK is also mortal and not god.

  • @ARJUN chameleon KAPOOR
    Kick didnt released on holiday,while HNY released on a holiday.
    Both got 1 holidays each,kick had it during weekday while hny had on the opening day. So baat baraabar!!
    Still hny’s first week is less than d3,kick??
    Answer is simple–HNY has’nt trended that well,now plz accept u gave a pathetic review just to gain srk fans’ support for youngistaan!

  • You guys dun even know that muharram functions are going on. All muslims will not goto watch a film during this period which us da only why da trend for HNY is not exceptional. Its only hindu fans of srk whi are contributing to HNY collections. But after muharram, you are going to get some real heat back off.

  • @vk

    HNY failed the moment it had poor content. No way a flop director like Farah khan can save the sinking ship as HNY is not a south BB REMAKE and not a 2 hr film. Both are working against HNY. HNY will get to 200+ crores on SRKs superstardom. Or else it was just another TMK from flop garbage director.

  • @VK HNY has’nt failed,coz verdict is superhit! But it has underperformed due to huge expectations…

  • i am very disappointed to see the collection of hny
    movie drops big time on week days
    i hope it collect at least 225cr
    we srk fans want hny croseed d3 but u srk hater sprend much negativty about movie and if movie got averege review as like ce then it crossed 240cr
    now 210cr looks very though

  • So after a 134 cr week 1, the Hindi actuals for lifetime will be in the range of 165-175, which will be less than Krrish3, YJHD, ETT also.

  • SRK is wasting his time working with garbage director like Farah Khan.

    SRK can easily get to 250 crores with a 2 hr long movie if he works with Quality directors like:

    Sriram Raghavan (johnny g)
    Shimit Amin (CDI)
    Anurag Kashgup.

  • I think it needs to collect more than Kick to become a blockbuster as it’s budget is huge and it must have been sold for record prices, too, considering its a SRK starrer and a Diwali release.

    Good collections, but should have collected more, expectations were sky high and after getting highest opening and highest weekend of all time, it got 4th highest 1st week.

    Coming to prediction, I think it will finish under his last 2013 Eid release Chennai Express, as the trend for HNY is worse than Chennai Express, which would be an under-performance for this mega budget SRK-multi-starrer. Still, a Superhit tag will be satisfactory.

    All eyes on PK now!

  • Poor film. Didn’t deserved such collections. Had it not been Diwali break, even half of current collections would not have been achievable. Should really not become a blockbuster, it will be shame for the audience of India.

  • As aamir khan fan I gone yo watch it for Pk trailer on big screen only .
    Actually the film is watchable but its only for laughing u do such even Saturday Sunday on comedy nights with Kapil too.
    As a film it was only I liked in last 15 mins was good .
    I was unhappy with collection because this is family entertaining film only so these kind of film for selected audience film will collect 255cr lifetime .

    And that will be huge failure for Srk .
    But I am happy for Aamir khan because now Pk will be first 300 cr movie for sure .
    Now aamir will have
    Like this
    First 30cr – Aakhein (govinda)
    First 50cr – Hum aapke hain kaun /DDLj not sure which done first
    First 75 cr – sunny deol gadat
    First 80cr -Hritik Roshan ( dhoom2)
    First 85 cr Rab ne bans di jodi (SRK)
    First 100cr – ghajini (aamir)
    First 150cr – 3 idiots ( aamir)
    First 200cr – 3idiots (SRK)
    First 225cr -Chennai express ( aamir)
    First 250 – dhoom3 aamir
    First 300cr – Pk ( aamir)
    First 400cr -PRDP (Salman)
    First 500cr – Shudhhi (Salman)

  • Salmir fans who thinks hny official figures manipulated they have to just look at kick first week collection 165+ and boi 150 and for hny 157 (151+6) and boi 136

    What to say salmir fans RELAX SHANTARAMS

  • @All those who say INDICINE is a Srk fan site. Actually it isn’t.
    Indicine’s admin is a Hrithik fan. Having interacted with the admin on twitter since the last 5 years, I can confidently say that he’s a Hrithik fan. They give so many articles on Srk just because he has most online fans on social networking sites and sometimes just to satisfy them.
    Still I think Indicine is one of the better sites. They don’t try to be politically correct always, which is the quality I like in them.
    So thank you Indicine for all your articles and Bollywood related news. You are doing a good job but don’t be complacent. U can definitely get better.

  • 5000 Screens…
    Big Star Cast…
    Price Hike…
    Post-Diwali Period…
    Absolutely No Competition….
    Never seen Before Promotion…
    158 Crs….

    Shame on 3.7 Billion SRKians……
    Had Bang-Bang got this much Benefit 170Cr week 1 was On the Cards for sure…..

    Lifetime will be at max 230Cr no chance of Beating Kick, forget K3 or D3….

    RIP SRKians

  • Thursday was jus 6 cr but Red chillis is showing 9.5 cr. Red chillis shud knw pakistan and UAE don’t come under Indian territory :p

  • According to indicine box office prediction
    IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)
    Day 1 – 42 cr
    Day 2 – 36 cr
    Day 3 – 40 cr (Sunday)
    Weekend – 118 cr
    First Week – 190 cr
    Final – 275 cr+ (All Time Blockbuster)
    IF AVERAGE (mixed response)
    Day 1 – 42 cr
    Day 2 – 34 cr
    Day 3 – 37 cr (Sunday)
    Weekend – 113 cr
    First Week – 175 cr
    Final – 230 cr (Super Hit / Blockbuster)
    IF BAD (worst case scenario)
    Day 1 – 40 cr
    Day 2 – 30 cr
    Day 3 – 27 cr (Sunday)
    Weekend – 97 cr
    First Week – 150 cr
    Final – 180 cr (Hit)

    HNY budget 160cr. frist week week earn 158cr and movie super hit. how can do it?????

    • @Masoom, you quoted the prediction figures from our article, but gave your own figure for budget? Such comments will be deleted from now on. Read the comments that we posted on this page again, clearly said that the ‘super-hit’ verdict is based on ‘expected lifetime collections’.

      Also read this:

      Trade sources say, Happy New Year has been produced and marketed at a cost of Rs 130 crore, making it the third costliest film in Bollywood after Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang. Yash Raj Films is distributing the film in India and overseas. 5000 screens including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and 1000 screens overseas – are the figures released to the media.

  • @ ahyan – to all foolish srkians
    overseas dollar >>>> indian currency.
    multiplex 100- 600 >>>>> single screen 30-60. mind this some doctor are working for money and do practice in big cities and overseas but some doctor works in small vilages. so tell who is bigger and better. fool srkians.

  • Release date was a big mistake.Friday collection huge 45 cr.From saturday month of muharram started and no muslim go to cinema in the month of muharram just like ramzan.Had it been a christmas release or eid for that matter then definately 250 cr was on the cards irrespective of the content of movie because content hardly matters these days.Only content oriented movie which is huge hit in last 5 yrs is 3 idiots.Rest all were festivals hits.From dabang to dhoom 3.And a peice of advice for sharukh bhai -ur fans love you not because of oso(biggest hit of 2007 festival release) but cos of chakde india(non festival release and still a blocbuster with minimum promotions).We love u not because of chennai express(225 cr grosser festival release) but because of rab ne bana di jodi(blockbuster non festival release post 26/11 zero publicity).So sharukh bhai do dont movies to make or break records,just do movies with low bugdet,tight script,good acting and good music and release it with less promotions on normal working days i bet it will be easily cross 200 cr.I hope yash raj fan is on of them.

  • Kismat kutti cheez hai, kab palat jaaye nahin pata.
    this is ture bcoz..

    Before three day srk fans rock and salman and aamir fans sock.

    After three day salman and aamir fans rock srk fans sock.

  • 80% srkians who were jumping high n were dreaming BIG after first day collection of HNY are now missing on twitter since last 5-6 days :P

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