Happy New Year First Week Collections

Happy New Year has just completed a successful first week at the box office. The film has recorded the 4th highest opening week collections of all time behind Dhoom 3, Krrish 3 and Kick (more on this in the next article).

After taking the biggest ever start with net box office collections of 44.97 crore on its opening day, Happy New Year held steady over the remaining two days in its first weekend. However, Monday onwards the film slowed down quite considerably.

The problem for Happy New Year were the sharp drops on each day since its release. Business on Saturday fell by almost 30%, which was expected, but the growth on Sunday was missing. Monday witnessed a huge fall of 53.5% from Sunday, and over the course of the remaining 3 days, the average drop was 14%.

Going into its second week, Happy New Year has lost a few shows and screens at multiplexes. But that shouldn’t make any much difference to the second weekend business, as it’s the occupancy that matters.

Overall, a good first week. The next three days will decide if the film can eventually challenge the lifetime business of Kick or does well enough to cross 200 crore at the domestic box office.

Happy New Year First Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr (29.7% drop)
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr (2% growth)
  • Monday – 15.01 cr (53.5% drop)
  • Tuesday – 13.17 cr (12.2% drop)
  • Wednesday – 11.02 cr (16.3% drop)
  • Thursday – 9.51 cr (13.7% drop)
  • First Week Total  Total – 157.57 crore

Verdict – Super Hit (could go on to be a blockbuster)



  • Farah Khan should have signed Salman for HNY. With equal promotions, it would have crossed 200 crores by now.
    Salman also has real boxer body and real abs, so money spent on VFX would have been saved.

  • Super-Hit already ? And then you say we call you SRK-Fan Site! With such huge cost for the film…How can you tag it Super-Hit ? Double standards for Bang-Bang ?

    Never expected something like this from You Indicine

  • Yes, I have come the most early and waited all the day for HNY article. I have commented in favor of SRK to my best. Because he is the best.
    Happy New Year is a grand entertainment ATBB after Super Hit Fanny for DP.
    P.S. I have posted this comments to get supports from srk fans for my flop youngistan as I know they are the most active fans online.

  • @indicine- total budget of hny is 150 crores n u have given it a superhit tag.. yeah right theatrical rights were sold for blah blah blah music rights were sold for blah blah blah, distributors were sold the movie for free, worldwide it has grossed so n so crores, second week it had tough competition from supernani n roar, hence superhit.. wow! take a bow indicine..

  • Srk has 1 big achievement after 1st week collections of HNY and that is that HNY mananged to cross CE 1st week by huge 1 crore.lol

  • @ indicine….going by ur predictions….
    hny needs to earn 233 crore to be a super hit…
    in this article please read the last two lines…
    and b4 the 2nd weekend business…u hv given the status
    super hit…..u r in hurry to declare it a blockbuster???
    aren’t you???

  • this sallu fans who were barking about trending and drops in hny collection,i want to ask them one simple question-hv u ever experienced earning 30cr+ in 2 consecutive days?hv u ever experienced earning 45cr on one single day?hny seemed to be trending moderately only bcz of extraordinary opening and lack of Holidays on weekdays.ce,kick,d3,k3 all hd holidays on weekdays thats y there trend seemed excessively positive.hope u understand u idiots

  • @rahul m

    Don’t you think you are trying too hard? Dhoom 3 is an established FRANCHISE. HNY is an ORIGINAL work. Dhoom 3 without Aamir was guaranteed 100 crore if released on major holiday solo. HNY is not even a 40 crore without SRK. big difference.

  • @Damnnn Seriously u are satisfied???
    You can’t be!!!
    None of the srk fans were talking less than 300crs and now it is struggling for 200crs n u are satisfied??
    It may have attained a superhit verdict but still hny has underperformed big time.. Being a hr n akki fan,i admit i am a bit disappointed with collections of both BB n holiday,both have underperformed acc. to me.

  • Apparently HNY has failed according to some srk haters. That means all salman, aamir films that failed to create any lifetime records failed as well.

  • I had earlier said that it would finish b/w 190 to 210 crores(verdict is superhit)….srk has not delivered a single good film since my name is khan……has been given back to back crap movies like ra-one,don2,jthj,ce nd now hny.

  • Disappointed. will finish between 215-220 cr. SRK should be a friend of Farah forever, but should work with her again never.

  • On one of your tweet, you gave incorrect overseas fig. of Bang Bang @ 69 Crore ( Which is STILL not corrected saying you didn’t receive collection details from Fox) and here you are ASSUMING the film would eventually collect over 210 Crore :/ Man, you guys really need to fix this before reputation of your website goes for a toss. I am not a hater, trust me :)

    • @Mr A, You need to check the article. We have updated the figures. Having said that, Fox Star hasn’t given us the breakdown. We have a Rentrak subscription, and the overseas figures are not even close to the 80 crore figure.

  • the budget of hny is 100 cr i think?? there is no official statement indicine.some arebsaying 120 cr and some 80 cr.we shud take the avg. ,i.e,100 cr!

  • But i got to admire the power of SRK fans online!!
    HNY is’nt trending well so the WOM is mixed,but on IMDB it is stuck on 6.9-7 not falling a bit,which is remarkable achievement.
    Films like D3,K3,Kick had much better WOM than HNY but continued to fall on imdb and settled around 5.8-6 mark..
    Most of the srk fans keep rating it 10/10 n then sharing it.
    But they dont go and watch his films in theatre,which is sad!

  • HNY has set following records

    1. worst trailer of the century

    2.crappiest album of the decade

    3.Highest manipulated collections of all time

  • 2 crore less than what was expected but it should cover that up in the second weekend.
    supernani and roar will give zero resistance to hny as both have received extremely bad reviews. gone girl and fury may offer some competition in high end multiplexes.
    lets hope hny shows and an upward trend and collect at least 195 crore by end of this weekend.
    the movie is not receiving as bad wom as it is being depicted in some articles over the social media.
    faking news , unrealtimes, firstpost have just bashed the movie and have come up with countless articles to make fun of the movie within this one week.
    i think the movie paid the price of being directed by sajid khan’s sister, shirish kunder’s wife (or his husband , ;-) ) and tmk’s director.
    but the movie is entertaining. i think it should show upward trend this weekend and should remain steady in the weekdays as well.
    bang bang will be crossed by tomorrow and kick by end of 3rd week or 4th weekend….
    finger’s crossed.

  • So now it is clear that Chennai Express worked because of Rohit Shetty style comedy. Without Rohit CE wont cross ETT.

  • @Arjun kapoor
    Even if srk’s upcoming films go with a bad WoM , it will still attain a HIT status so record of 15 consecutive hits is coming

  • 230cr are on the cards! kick’s total is still achievable but the biggest problem is that niether redchilliies nor yrf are releasing official figures.this is causing huge confusion.trade magazine is saying something else,boi something else,and indicine/koi something else and the no.1 critic krk is saying something out if the world!!lol
    so its a huge problem

  • MNIK – ( under-performed )

    Ra.1 – ( under-performed )

    Don2 – ( under-performed )

    JTHJ – ( under-performed )

    HNY – ( under-performed )

    King My Foot..

  • LOL at Salman fans.

    Last time salman made HNY equivalent in VEER, it collected 42 crores total. Both were ORIGINAL and 3+ hours long.

    Salman desperately needs REMAKES and 2 hrs length both. Only way he gets to 200 crores.

  • week 1 is okay!!if ce and kick can do it from here why not hny!!i m not being bias just want to know y everybody sayjng 180 cr lifetime???

  • according to indicine box office prediction

    IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)
    Day 1 – 42 cr
    Day 2 – 36 cr
    Day 3 – 40 cr (Sunday)
    Weekend – 118 cr
    First Week – 190 cr
    Final – 275 cr+ (All Time Blockbuster)
    IF AVERAGE (mixed response)
    Day 1 – 42 cr
    Day 2 – 34 cr
    Day 3 – 37 cr (Sunday)
    Weekend – 113 cr
    First Week – 175 cr
    Final – 230 cr (Super Hit / Blockbuster)
    IF BAD (worst case scenario)
    Day 1 – 40 cr
    Day 2 – 30 cr
    Day 3 – 27 cr (Sunday)
    Weekend – 97 cr
    First Week – 150 cr
    Final – 180 cr (Hit)

    the first week collections certainly falls in the worst case scenario.. and also it needs 230 crores to be a superhit

  • it will definitely in top 3 highest grossing film of Bollywood in 2014 .
    the big Q is that has the film lived the expectations of fake King Srk fans .
    the film drastically fallen on Saturday and Sunday ( even o thought 20 cr more than actual collection ) that created huge problems in collection .
    the film passed litmus test of weekday earned around 50 cr .

    week 1 157cr is average story for Happy new year .
    weekend 2 will be around 23cr and weekdays will be 12 cr means in week 2 film will cross 200 cr.
    and remained it will collect 20-25 cr .
    the film will fail to beat Kick , krrish 3 ,dhoom3 . even it will fail to cross chennai express .
    the film will get Blockbuster title but as a growing compition it will not viable for Srk as Aamir and Salman khan going too much far from him .and upcoming both Srk films are not commercial means Srk as king has been over and New King of Bollywood is aamir and new King khan is Salman .
    as a starpower Srk fully fails

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