Happy New Year First Week Collections

Happy New Year has just completed a successful first week at the box office. The film has recorded the 4th highest opening week collections of all time behind Dhoom 3, Krrish 3 and Kick (more on this in the next article).

After taking the biggest ever start with net box office collections of 44.97 crore on its opening day, Happy New Year held steady over the remaining two days in its first weekend. However, Monday onwards the film slowed down quite considerably.

The problem for Happy New Year were the sharp drops on each day since its release. Business on Saturday fell by almost 30%, which was expected, but the growth on Sunday was missing. Monday witnessed a huge fall of 53.5% from Sunday, and over the course of the remaining 3 days, the average drop was 14%.

Going into its second week, Happy New Year has lost a few shows and screens at multiplexes. But that shouldn’t make any much difference to the second weekend business, as it’s the occupancy that matters.

Overall, a good first week. The next three days will decide if the film can eventually challenge the lifetime business of Kick or does well enough to cross 200 crore at the domestic box office.

Happy New Year First Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday - 44.97 cr
  • Saturday - 31.6 cr (29.7% drop)
  • Sunday - 32.29 cr (2% growth)
  • Monday - 15.01 cr (53.5% drop)
  • Tuesday – 13.17 cr (12.2% drop)
  • Wednesday – 11.02 cr (16.3% drop)
  • Thursday – 9.51 cr (13.7% drop)
  • First Week Total  Total – 157.57 crore

Verdict – Super Hit (could go on to be a blockbuster)



  • congrats to srk for becoming the first star since rahesh khanna to hv given 11+ consecutive hits.out of the 11 hits 3 r blockbusters,1 superhit(hny) and 1 cult blockbuster(cdi).but the most special thing has been that he has achived all this despite coming out of his comfort zone of romance that gave him the king of romance tag.
    cdi,mink-social realistic film
    oso-romantic masala
    ce,hny-comedy masala
    don series-action thriller international style
    and just 3 typical srk romantic hits-jthj,kank,rnbdj

    hope he achieves the extraordinary feat of beating rajesh khanna’s 15 consecutive hit record.

    v all indiawaalas love u srk

  • Srk has played every card he cud to promote this movie…highest screen count,maasive promotions,heavy workouts,high budget,excess crew…if still he cant beat dhoom 3 then its shame on him.

  • Indicine was expecting the collections to be 160 Crores plus first week. I told you it would be 158 Crores. Go back to my comments.
    Indicine, on which basis you give it a Tag of Super Hit? In that sense, you have to give Bang Bang Blockbuster Tag.
    Can u plz explain why u gave it Super Hit Tag? The budget of the movie is 150 Crores including marketing and printing it has been learnt.

  • For SRK – Kismat kutti cheez hai, kab palat jaaye nahin pata.

    For Farah Khan – Dil jumping jhapak jumpak jumpak gilli gilli ha.

  • Satisfied… but stil xpecting it to b a blockbuster
    it will eventually cross 200 crs IN SHA Allah.
    lets see how the weekend fares.. hopes r high.
    I think it wil sustain well… weekend 20+crs..

  • how can it be supee hit when its budget is more than 120 crs, indicine kindly explain you confuse people with your verdicts.

    • @Rockow, the verdict is based on the expected final collections of Happy New Year. We expect it to finish at around the 200-210 crore mark, which would make it a super hit. If it shows better than expected growth and trends well in the next couple of weeks, it could be a blockbuster too.

  • SRKians : (Before HNY’s released) : 300cr !!! All Time Blockbuster. Return of the king !
    SRKians : (After HNY’s released) : Dude I was joking.

  • the trending of hny is similar to ce.ce slightly underperformed 2nd week onwards bcz of widely released ouatimd and then critically acclaimed semi hit Madras cafe.but there is no such thing happening for hny
    coming to reviews,critic review,imdb rating,general audience review and honest review of indice users r all better than ce.even navin gave 3 stars to the film though he later called it a torture bcz he loves to hate srk.

    so the point is hny still can bcm a blockbuster and earb over 230cr

  • HNY 1st week actuals: 134 (Hindi) + 6 (tamil+telugu)
    So, till now manipulation of around 17 crs. I don’t think Red Chillies is gonna stop manipulation in 2nd week either.
    So we can expect a LIFETIME MANIPULATION of around 27-28 crs, while for Chennai Express, difference between producer figure and actuals was 19 crs.

  • Week 1 Dhoom 3 – 172cr

    Kick – 155cr

    And HNY – 136Cr despite of 45cr opening ??

    one day wonder Happy New Year

  • dHappy New Year ke trailer mein ‘From the makers of Main hoo na & Om shanti om’ to aise likha hai jaise Tees maar khan to Steven Spielberg ne banayi thi… .3 hrs·W

  • anand bhai,there is something caled trending and wom.and both suggest that hny will Cross 215cr to bcm a superhit while blockbuster tag(235cr+) still not impossible

  • SRK is like Rahul Dravid, consistent through out his carrier.

    Salman is like Sachin, on his day he alone can win the match.

  • budget is 150cr…so how can it be superHit…?? no..it will only be Hit..if it does 190cr. lifetime like bang bang..

  • I like aamir movies and akshay comedies but I don’t suport actor I just love good cinema. I have seen some people think iam srk fan but iam not.

  • Diwali holidays+Huge stars+Big production value+Maximum screens+Big promotion but failed to cross Kick in 1st week forget Dhoom 3.lol

  • No doubt it is a huge disappointment for SRK fans…
    True srk fans will agree with me..any thing under 226crs is definitely an underformance!!

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