Hangover Song Video – Kick

The romantic avatar of Bhai is here to make you fall in love again. This song is composed by Meet Bros Anjjan and sung by Salman Khan, Meet Bros Anjjan and Shreya Ghoshal.

Watch the video of Hangover song from the movie Kick.

Song Video: Hangover
Music Director: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Salman Khan, Meet Bros Anjjan, Shreya Ghoshal



  • Grt job indicine.u instantly post kick songs,bang bang posters,happy new year update but take so much to post anything related to future suprestars.u r yet to post samjhawa unplugged and posters of finding fanny.keep on ignoring youngistaan.u remember hw u were continuously ignoring my ek villain blockbuster question but u were forced to pay attention wen villain bcm a blockbuster.history will repeat itself wen humpty and fanny will bcm b.o. success.keep on ignoring youngistaan

  • Wow… I m simply speechless. At first i couldn’t stop hearing this song & now i can’t stop watching the video of this song. KICK will surely be huge & may be it will cross Dhoom:3……..

  • @Ankan salman is super star whether you like it or not. ok salman’s voice might not be could as original singer but he didn’t sung to compete them. he did it because he would like to sing that song of his movie. you making fun of him being handsome than hritik sarcastically and making fun of his movie wont bring him down but it’s gonna show your insecurities. I know you are a frustrated hrithik fan just like that nipun guy but the problem is I don’t hate hrithik so I am not going to bad mouth him but salman has the most ATBB’s and currently he is no. 1 in india, so an unknown guy like u making fun of salman the superstar would definitely be a biggest joke ever lived in india name ankan

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    Bhai is a better superhero than your kiddie halloween mask wearing Rohit any day of the week. Deal with it you baby n weep…!

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  • Bad song.it is an insult to music.salman should b banned from singing.no offence salman but I always speak the truth.u r much better as an actor doing larger than life roles.

  • 7 months back Salman took box office for granted and the film fell flat on its face.the main reason behind jai ho’s ordinary opening was its music yet Salman hasn’t learnt from his mistake.he is busy doing charity for his family and friends.instead of roping top class composere like ar rahman,pritam,shankar,vishal-sekhar he is giving films after films to sajid wajid and himesh.instead of making arijit,sonu,ankit,mohit,shaan playback for him he is singing for himself.may god save kick

  • :D @navin, bhai rock with having melodious voice like sonu nigam, arijit etc l0l
    all trades knw the true fig of k3 accept BOI

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