Cover: Deepika Padukone FHM Sexiest Woman in the world

Riding high on the super success of all her recent films, actress Deepika Padukone has been voted as FHM’s sexiest woman in the world in a poll.

Talking to the press on Wednesday, Deepika attributed the ‘sexiest woman in the world’ title to the work that she does “I think something like this is really the result of the work that I do. I don’t think it has got anything to do with me physically. I also think that the brand endorsements are also the result of the films that you do,” she said.

“I have been very fortunate that the roles I have done in the last 2-3 years have been very different from each other. So I guess this and the endorsements are a result of that and, of course, the success of that and the relatability of the characters,” she added.

Deepika awaits the release of ‘Finding Fenny’ with Arjun Kapoor and Happy New Year with Shahrukh Khan.

Deepika Padukone on FHM Magazine Cover

Deepika Padukone on FHM Magazine Cover



  • Kat and kangna are the real queens of bollywood..
    Cheapika is nothing in front of kat in terms of kat in beauty
    nd kangna iz far better in acting then cheapika

  • Who care abt FHM list, there are many magzine who declared their diff. Sexiest women list, i personally think Pc is more sexier than her, i dont believe on poles which winning is always based on stardom and fan following.. There are many female celebs who are 90% more sexier than Dp, and that too list belong for worlds sexiest. So no chance for DP.
    But congo her for this.

  • @flopstar Hr deepika never work with flop actor hrtic lol, deepika is the queen of bollywood only do film with megastar srk n future megastar ranbir.

  • Rockstar rk just like hrithik is nothing infront of salman,s handsomness.deepika is sexiest in the world haha.. now i am totally believe that these lists are totally fakes including men hahaha hrithik is sexiest man in asia my foot even tiger shroff looks better than him.salman is most handsome.

  • @flopstar Hr deepika never work with flop actor hrtic lol, deepika is the queen of bollywood only do film with megastar srk n future megastar ranbir

  • flop of big stars
    salman – 35
    hr – 8
    srk – 27 l0l
    undoubtedly Hrithik and katrina is sexiest asian in world as well best looking stars, charm, handsomeness, smartness, hotness, style everything is best, declared official and crown winning superstars, not like salman and shah rukh whose fans only think so they r best, rofl take my mid fing.. To all haters,
    @romu, flopstar gives ylhjk earn 40lack rofl..
    @ashok, salman best in nothing l0l he known as failure in period 1999-2009 l0l gws

  • now people are comparing 50 year old Salman Khan with this overrated Hrithik….. thats a win for all Sallu fans because 25 years back he was compared with other stars and after 25 years he is compared with todays young stars…… NOW THATS WE CALL SALMAN KHAN POWER…

  • Katrina n deepika r overrated media created stars.. Neha sharma n yami gautam r natural beauty and far more sexy n cute than skinny skeletons katrina n deepika ..

  • ha ha ha this is the joke of century…

    Not Katrina/Karina/Jaqualin/Kangna/ Priyanka its Deepika…!

    Cant control my laugh….even Ameesha is more sexy than Deepika

  • @ankan you mation no of flops of salman n srk, kindly mation no of hit then,

  • C.E 208 cr
    k3 244 cr
    even vivek oberoi is a bigger star then fake global bakra hakla khan

  • @romu, lets take no. Of clean hits success ratio,
    Hr- 50% above 19/clean hit
    rk- about 40%, 11/4 clean hit,
    salman? L0l about 35% 70/25clean hit
    srk – 50% above, 60/31-33 clean hit..
    So, acc. To success ratio of clean hit,
    srk-hr >> rk >> salman..
    In career’s first 19 movies what srk salman has??
    What success ratio they had?? Search urself

  • acc. To me most sexiest actress of bollywood is,
    1. Nargis Fakhri,
    2. Kangana Ranaut,
    3. Bipasha Basu,
    4. Jaqueline,
    5. Priyanka Chopra,
    6. Kareena kapoor,
    7. Deepika P.
    8. Chitrangada,
    9. Neha Sharma,
    10. Anushka Sharma.

    Sexiest+handsome Actors :
    1. Hrithik Roshan,
    2. Arjun Rampal,
    3. John Abrahm,
    4. Shahid Kapoor,
    5. Ranbir Kapoor,
    6. Ranveer Singh,
    7. Varun Dhawan,
    8. Salman Khan,
    9. Siddharth Malhotra,
    10. Vidyut Jamwal.

  • @chomu, total clean hit average ratio, only srk is equal in Hr, nd salman n rk has more clean hit ratio from ur back or from srk’s?? L0l

    srk – 5 Bb
    salman-hr – 6 BB
    since, from start of this century..
    Call srk is big flopstar,
    k3-246 :D

  • @ankan hr have 5blockbuster, n krish3 did 176cr, clean hits of hritic
    knph,kmg,krish,dhoom2,znmd,agnepath, krish3. 7clean hit in 14year, lol

  • @romu nly jealous ppl think so who hate hr l0l :D
    u 4got jodha akbar and k3g, manipulated site BOI changed verdict sup. Hit to just semi hit, bt its clean hit, n blockbuster in overseas

  • @ankan then oso did 84cr n all time highest grosser beating dhoom2, but no one beleive it as boi reported later 79cr got it, n if k3g is hritic film the k2h2 is salman film, dhoom2 is abishek film n kal ho na ho is saif film

  • bt other all trades shows oso below D2, unlike nly 1 trade showing it manipulative, boi is always manipulative, how cn they pull bck yjhd frm 199 to 174cr?
    Yea, k3g is totally Hr movie in which nly he get main role nd most imp. Character in k3g.. Lead was amit n jaya in k3g.. nd hr won filmfare 4 his performance….

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