Hangover Song Video – Kick

The romantic avatar of Bhai is here to make you fall in love again. This song is composed by Meet Bros Anjjan and sung by Salman Khan, Meet Bros Anjjan and Shreya Ghoshal.

Watch the video of Hangover song from the movie Kick.

Song Video: Hangover
Music Director: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Salman Khan, Meet Bros Anjjan, Shreya Ghoshal



  • I love this song visuals are awesome.
    salman khan is a very good singer. other singers fails to do in their entire life what salman has done in one song.

  • Great video and its clear they try to recreate tere mere majic again but the problem that thsi is huge difference in the term of song quality .The song is nice but till now the video is much better than both songs and about Sallu voive its good for the first try

  • Good song, Hangover teri yaad do ka hangover…….. kick movie kick the haters…..,Salman,,,, you are tiger………….pakah 300cr collection…..

  • Just unbelievable how such a sweet voice has been shunned away for so long from the mic…. Bhai jaan tussi great ho- After Aamir blew us away with ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ you have succeeded in sweeping us off our feet- mind you Sarkar also swept us off our feet with his shocking ‘Apun Bola’ that had party ravers flying away from the dancefloors in record time when his crapgiri song came on…!

    5/5 for a great visual background n Shreyas voice in the audio blends in so well with the pace of the track. Chartbuster song n a great tune to celebrate Eid with with your closest n loved ones…! :-)


    Reports eminating from Paglapur are reporting that Sarkar has been suffering from a Hangover the past 12 hours after drinking a dozen bottles of ‘sickrum’ after he heard Bhai jaans beautiful song which made his ‘apun bola’ sound like a gorilla huffing n puffing…!

    Servants of Sarkar have been working frantically to sober Sarkar up but have failed to do so- a great way of sobering someone up is afew tight slaps across the face n to do that there surely must be a long queue of people waiting outside Paglapur to perform that duty for their beleaguered Thakur…!

  • Till now
    Kick poster=Outstanding
    Kick trailer=Outstanding
    Jumme ki raat=Very good and rocking song
    Hangover=Very good romatic song + Salman’s very good singing
    Already ‘Too much fun’ and Eid is yet to come.

  • Sallu did well in this song but the song is the remake from PSY and Snopp Dog’s Hangover song.

  • look at salman wow man to all hrithik fans is ever hrithik attractive like this i think salman is the most handsome man of bollywood even in the age of 48 and i think majority people will agree with me except some mosquitoes of guzaarish fame.

  • amazing heart touching song yaar salman sings so beautifully and what a look salman totally great.

  • super awesome song i can,t believe it salman sings so beautifully hatsoff man the multitalented superstar.

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