Half Girlfriend Box Office Prediction

It’s ‘Half Girlfriend’ time in theatres this weekend and the movie arrives at a time when ‘Bahubali 2’ has completed 3 extremely successful weeks at the box office.

We’ve already written quite a few articles on ‘Half Girlfriend’ already (Click Here and Here), so we’ll get straight down to the factors in favour of the film and against it on Day 1.

Factors driving the film:

  • Chetan Bhagat: Films based on his novels have worked big-time at the box office and ‘Half Girlfriend’ is one of his bestsellers. It has a quirky title too that has generated quite a bit of curiosity, which should bring the audience – especially the youth – to watch the film on Friday.
  • Arjun-Shraddha: Arjun’s last film, Ki and Ka, actually managed to exceed expectations on the opening day – collecting Rs 7.4 crore on Day 1. Shraddha’s presence is also expected to help at smaller centres – where her films like ‘Aashiqui 2’ and ‘Ek Villain’ worked big time.
  • Mohit Suri is one of the better directors that we have in the industry. Music and romantic films are his forte, and if he has delivered then the film could begin to show growth Friday evening onwards.
  • Pre-Ramzan period: The period just before the beginning of Ramzan does give a small boost to film business – as the muslimsection of the audience come out in bigger numbers to watch films. However, the benefit of this may only be seen towards the end of the first week as Ramzan begins next Friday.
  • Music: Two songs have done well, Baarish and Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga. It’s certainly nowhere close to ‘Tum Hi Ho’ or ‘Galliyan’ levels, but love songs like these tend to be more beneficial than songs like ‘Kala Chashma’ that add little or no value to the opening of a film.

Factors against the film:

  • Period of release: It was expected to be a clean period of release – no major Hindi release after Badrinath Ki Dulhania, it was the extremely successful Post-IPL period and all the attention was expected to be on ‘Half Girlfriend’ prior to the release of the film. Unfortunately, the spectacular ‘Bahubali 2’ has changed all that. There is a screen crunch pretty much across the country – Bahubali 2 is still running successfully and has got a good share of screens and shows in Week 4. There’s Hindi Medium too, the pre-release reports of which are good. And then there’s Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan’s Jattu Engineer that has managed to take away quite a few crucial screens up in the north. So it’s a muddled release period. The audience that has already spent a lot of money to watch ‘Bahubali 2’ has plenty of options in theatres if they want to watch a film this week. So ‘Half Girlfriend’ will have to be a good film to bring them to theatres. This, we think, is the single biggest factor against the film.
  • Marketing campaign: The stars and also the writer-director were all over the place; but the lack of innovative marketing with not just this film but almost every film that releases – has probably made film marketing boring or completely redundant. City tours, interviews, television appearances may be helping in creating awareness, but it’s no longer selling tickets. It’s all about the trailer and the promos that are aired on television, internet etc. The campaign of Arjun’s Ki and Ka, we think, was a lot more effective but it was the concept of the film that provided scope.

IndicineFBO: We expect Half Girlfriend to collect Rs 9.2 crore on its opening day at the box office. Ideally, a10-11 crore opening would’ve been a solidstart for the film considering the star cast and Chetan Bhagat factor – but that looks difficult now given the ‘Bahubali 2’ wave. It’s important that ‘Half Girlfriend’ turns out to be a good film – only that canslow ‘Bahubali 2’ down and the Mohit Suri film can grow from there.



  • My predictions-
    Friday : 9 crs
    Sat : 10.75 crs
    Sunday : 11.75 crs
    Weekend : 31.50 crs
    Week 1 – 47 crs
    Week 2 – 16 crs
    Lifetime – 72 crs

  • I think after Varun Arjun has a decent track record at box office and is selective. Agreed some say his expression is poor or his weight but to be candid he is a very honest and down to earth guy (seen lots of his interviews). Acting opposite a seniir veteran superstar like Kareena and Priyanka too did not affect his comfidence. He calls his mom his source of inspiration which is very modest of him. Shradda is cute n very talented …the obstacle here is Bahubali 2. If not even a 12 cr opening is possible. Let’s unify and wish both the promising pairs the very best.Am going for 9.4-11.2cr opening.

  • South industry just annouced another Epic Today – Sanghmitra
    And Bollywood is still here !!
    The only thing connecting me to Bollywood is SALMAN KHAN nd I watch amir movie atleast once in theatre for content, thats it.. its the case with millions of other people too.. The day these 2 retire,i m done with Bollywood!!!

  • My Prediction for Half Girlfriend:
    Day1: 9cr
    Lifetime: 72cr
    Final Lifetime Prediction on Sunday/Monday.
    Hindi Medium is the other movie which is releasing, I think it can surprise and if it has Positive Word Of Mouth, then I’m expecting:
    Day1: 2.2cr
    Lifetime: 25cr
    But as Always Final Lifetime Prediction on Sunday/Monday!

  • In the south Bollywood biggest blockbuster can’t get screens.
    While in Bollywood Bahubali 2 in week 4 steals screens from Bollywood movies .
    This is the difference between respect and Disrespect.
    Thank you Karan you for doing this to Bollywood

  • My movie schedule for May..
    This Saturday- Baahubali2 (3rd time)
    Next Saturday- Sachin Sachin :)

  • Not more than 60 crore mark my word.
    Opening day :-7 cr
    Weekend:-average:- 30 cr
    Week :-48-50cr

  • Not more than 60 crore mark my word.
    Opening day :-7 cr
    Weekend:-average:- 30 cr
    Week :-48-50cr

    No one survive in bahuballi wave.

  • I don’t understand why you guys mention Ki and Ka everytime u talk about Arjun. That’s the only thing you talk about him. If one film surprisingly takes an excellent start doesn’t mean every film will do the same. Plus it was the concept, pairing and steamy scenes that excited youth to watch the film, the credit for the opening doesn’t entirely go to Arjun.

  • I will go for Hindi medium. Atleast that has a message. This movie will be typical Friendship separation and Rejoice. OLD SHIT in NEW BOTTLE

  • RIP bahubali. Half Girlfriend will stop bahubalis business for sure allowing aamir Khan’s Dangal to surpass bahubalis collection. Good job Bollywood.

  • i think it will open less tha 9 crs…
    + there is ipl match between kkr n mi tonight
    and final on sunday bad release date choice

  • My predictions-
    Friday : 8crs
    Sat : 10crs
    Sunday : 11 crs
    Weekend : 29 crs
    Week 1 43 crs
    Week 2 15 crs
    Lifetime 69 crs

  • The release period can’t be any worse. Although it looks like a good film considering the Chetan Bhagat factor & solid star cast…but then & again Arjun Kapoor is no Varun Dhawan.

  • The release period can’t be any worse. Although it looks like a good film considering the Chetan Bhagat factor & a solid star cast…but then & again Arjun Kapoor is no Varun Dhawan.

  • People of India watching Bahubali coz of VFX but when I watched it, it looked CARTOONISH to me LMAO. People who don’t watch Hollywood, watched Bahubali or for them it would have looked Cartoonish too… For Hollywood fans it is total cartoonish Crap.

  • @Aamir Khan no matter what you say about bahubalis. It has grossed 1500+crs. Keep bragging about vfx because Bollywood can’t afford one.

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