Haider Trailer – Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor

This winter will be dark and chilled!! presenting the trailer of movie ‘Haider’, starring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon and Irrfan Khan.

Directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, the film will release in theatres on October 2nd 2014.



  • Nice trailer and the last scene was totally unexpected and a real treat…! If the movie stays TRUE to the essence of Hamlet then its a sure shot winner but most VB films take on a weird/ dark twist n eventually end up lost… Hope VB does justice to the legend that is Shakespeare and also brings out the best in Shahid.

    Due to clash Haider will most likely succeed in the long run so it should collect 50cr plus but if it takes a decent to good start then 75cr plus is a real possibility. 100 cr will be tough as its not got that mass appeal but multiplex audience may give it a watch after Bong Bong initial so theres hope for Shahid still.

  • Bang bang’s good amount of share will be eaten by haider which is looking realy good..and utv will definitely promote it heavily as they know the indian market better than foxstar who have suffered previously coz they are newcomers

  • Popular clashes of bollywood:-

    Lamhe vs PAK(1992)

    Despite Yash Chopra,A.Kapur & Sridevi factor new commer A.Devgan’s PAK trashed Lamhe.

    Gadar vs Lagaan(2001)

    Both films were well made hence both worked. Gadar rocked at mass centers whereas Lagaan criticaly acclaimed.

    JTHJ vs SOS(2012)

    Despite Yash Chopra,SRK,Katrina & better screens as compared to SOS…JTHJ crossed just 100 crs mark & with less screens SOS gave tough competion because both films are average.

    So my request to all Hrithik fans dont be panic & not behave like SRK fans.
    If both films will good then both will work.

    And Shahid fans also stay calm because film will surely release on 2nd October & will get good screens as its a UTV’s film & they will surely lock screens for Haider with Kick & also trailer of Haider will be shown with Kick which will be huge platform to promote film well.

  • @nipin aka Taylor Swift drag queen impersonator- you clown- UTV are first and foremostly a business- main concern is profit making not loss making- you imbecile why would Ronnie allow Sid to turn his company into some sort of front for the Khans trying desperately to bring down Ritik…? Its absurd to think that n only Rohit fans can come up with such rationale- totally ludicrous.

    Bong Bong due to clash may lose large screens in urban centres but should still garner around 3000 screens or so n that should ensure an easy 150cr in first week. Rest is dependant on good content n recall value which Rohit 3 lacked due to many X-Men movies being made since the last Rohit film in 2006…!

    Well wishes to both but Bong Bong is first choice n Haider will have to wait a week or 2 before I give it a watch as last few VB films were a waste of my money n time…!

  • @amol palekar jthj was a b.o. hit and uts worldwide collection was 200cr.every critic rated it 3 stars+ and imdb rating is 7.1.

  • The trailer is awesome. It will be the milestone of Saahid’s carrier for sure and also the highest grosser of his carrier surpassing R. Rajkumar. Now coming to Bang-Bang , no doubt that Hrithik is much bigger star than Saahid and the first look of Bang-Bang has created much hype but now Haider will surely dent the business of Bang-Bang by around 20 cr. I want success for both films and according to me the collection will be as follows:-

    Bang-Bang (if reports will be good)= 170-190 cr.
    Bang-Bang(if reports will be average or mixed)= 130-150 cr.

    Haider ( if reports will be good)= 80-90cr.
    Haider (if reports will be average or mixed)= 50-60 cr.

  • @amol popular clashes of Bollywood in past 10 years
    Garam masala vs kyun ki…
    Result-garam masala -hit,kyun ki-flop akki,john,paresh won but sallu lost

    Don vs janemaan
    Result-don=hit,janemaan=flop srk,arjun won,salman,akki lost
    Om shanti om vs sawariyaa
    Result-om shanti om=blockbuster,sawaeiyaa=flop srk,arjun,shreyss won,ranbir,sallu lost.
    Taare zameen par vs welcome
    Both blockbusters.aamir,akki,anil,nana,darsheel everyone won
    2008 golmaal returns vs fashion
    Gr=superhit,fashion=hit ajay,arshad,tushar,priyanka,kangana all won
    Blue vs main aur ms khanns vs all d best
    ue=flop,khanna=flop,all d best=semi hit
    Akki,sallu lost,ajay won,sanjay lost and won at d same time
    2009 3idiots vs jumbo
    3 idiots=blockbuster,jumbo=flop
    Aamir,sharman,boman,madhavan won,akki lost

    2010 golmaal3vs action replayy
    Golmaak3=blockbuster,action replay=flop ajay,arshad,tushar won aaditya,akki lost

  • @arjun fanny
    Bolllywood half yearly report
    Big hits-
    1ek villain
    2 2states
    3 queen
    3Ragini mms2
    Semi hits
    2hasee toh phasee
    3main tera hero
    Total no. Of successful films-10
    2013 half year successful
    2012 half year successful

  • be frankly sayin, Sry shasha fans, this is truth, Which actor doin below 80cr with the help of each star fans who supported shasha for r…rajkumar though it was bad movie with crapiest story everybody supported it.. Then how can he do even same as that with clash? That too with bang bang, 1 of the biggest movie of the year…
    On dis site every khan fans who jealous to Hr they 4 sure bark against Hr, bt be practically think ur nt much people that cn make a hit to haidar, widot shahid fans and anti haters of hr 90% ppl goes to Bang Bang in case they hav nt got tickets then some people will go to Haidar..
    Lakh ppl isnt enuf to make hit, who hates Hr on fb + twitter + diff. Sites, how much ppl they are? Lakh? 2 lakh? 3 lakh? :/ even from that haters nly 10 to 20 % wl watch haidar.. Rest are not go for any movie… Bt wht abt 1.5, 2 , 2.5cr of ppl? When khans n hr mvie releases, that much audience goes 4 movie. From them 80% goers go for Bang Bang that is fact..

  • Romance New_yr
    relax your health will have aproblem if you continue to be so angry but dont disapear after 2oct you said BB will flop and collect 60 cr dont run after the weekend and be aman finally

    the star power mean opening and the so called khan fail to beat MK in the opening people go and watch hrithik film then the wom talk but at that time the new actor beat the so called king like hell in the term of star power for sure you will not remember that loooooooooool

  • wait for Bang Bang Trailer n song dance teasers may be it like d2 in söngs n dance which make crazy kiya to every1, and actions definately better till date in b.town, nd story is re writed belong to knight n day…
    May it will gonna All time higher grosse like D2,
    dfntly haidar eat bng bngs screens and 15-20% of earning, still its excellent movie then it can be do anything..
    @romu, if bb is crap u shud hv to knw hny is dfntly 10 time more crappier :D u fool always make me l0l

  • Baap of all trailers is on its way.get ready guys,arjun kapoor is coming.baap bap hota hai aur beta beta hota hai.arjun will show all the youngistan members that he is their baap.sid,varun,sushant,aaditya,ranveer u guys rock but arjun is ur baap.

  • @Amol what about other popular clashes:

    1995: RamJaane V/S Akelay Hum Akelay Tum
    SRK teamed up with not so big Director his last movie Chamatkar was Average.
    Amir teamed up with his cousin Director his last too films were Boxoffice success.
    So according to pre-release buz Akele Hum Akele Tum was expected to be Big Winner as compared to SRk’s RamJaane but after release everything went reverse. Akele Hum Akele Tum became Flop despite the Star Power of Amir, Manisha, Big Director Mansoor Khan, Chart Buster Hit music.
    During this Big clash Ramjaane was True, Clear Winner by Big Margin.

    1998: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai V/S Bade Mian Chote Mian
    SRK came back with Dharma Production after the Failure of Duplicate. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was a Risky Movie as Karan Johar was very young and First Time Director. On the other Hand David Dhawan was King of Comedy at that time and David Govinda Combo was Blockbuster at that time, also association of Amitabh with David & Govinda was overwhelming. But again in this Diwali Big Battle SRK & Dharma Production became Winner in a Historic way. As Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Became All Time Blockbuster.

    2006: Don V/S Janemann
    2005 was not so good for Shahrukh Khan as his Pehali was became flop at Boxoffice. on the other hand Slaman Khan (No Entry & Main Ne Pyar Keun Kia) & Akshay Kumar (Garam Masala & Waqt) were on high with there respective Boxoffice Hits. But again at the time of Diwali this Big clash became ugly for Salman & Akshay. Single SHAHRUKH defeated the Combo of Salman & Akshay (Hit Music) also their last film together was a Boxoffice Hit (Mujh Se Shadi Karo Gi)

  • @ankan hny may be crap or good time will tell but bang bang is a remake of crap nite n day, N Haider is masterpice.

  • sorry @indicine i posted an irrelevant comment. But these haters always discuss and trying to Degrade Sir SRK at any Article.

    As far as HAIDER is concerned truly bowled over.


    Haider will be remembered as a Master Piece. Mark my words. People who always praises Lootera (very nice movie) will again appreciate this Master Piece and I hope they will like it more then Lootera.

    Good Luck Shahid. U deserve Success, Awards & Rewards

  • Decent trailer, but too grim to hit gold in boxoffice, unless with a very good WOM and nice marketing strategy. On the other hand, Bang bang will just need to maximize its initial weekends, like other recent hits. Don’t think it will have great run. Haider is not a huge budgeted film, so a 50+ cr. will be decent success. Oct 02 release will be 2 national holidays i guess ( Gandhi jayanti and Dushera). Two film can easily co-exist.

  • @arjun kapoor
    Now plz don’t consider Jumbo vs 3 idiots….
    Jumbo was an animation film for kids with Akki in just one song…
    And u know how much animation films work here in bollywood…

  • Haider Trailer looks good as it is based on shakesphere HAMLET
    Good news for Amir khan Fans The teaser Trailer of PK is coming with KICK

  • according to boi highest movie collection of first half report..
    2)jai ho-112cr.
    3ek villain-105cr. trend (lifetime)
    4)2 states-103cr.
    8)main tera hero-55cr.
    10ragini mms 2-47cr.
    *all figures according to boi..holiday is the highest grosser of first half…!!!!

  • @deadmanwalking: hritic may be big star than shahid but remember huge hype kites can’t cross 45cr in golden phase of hr, then imagine what happen with crap bang bang clash with master pice Haidar in the golden eara of youngstar

  • @all those who posting who posting Hits & Semi-Hits of first half of 2014.

    You guys trying hard to prove that Jai Ho is flop.

    So chill guys.
    Just think Salman Khans flop film makes more collection than all other Stars Hits & Super Hits.
    Akki,Hrithik even Srk’s recent hit films are behind Jai Ho at box office.Even except CE,RR & K3 all the films of these big SuperStars are behind Jai Ho.

    So its just depend on criteria of deciding the status of the film & criteria is deferent for Star,Superstar & Megastar.

  • @loki
    20crs on national holiday,with good no. of screens is’nt that big a deal considering Ranbir coming from YJHD’s success.
    Ek Villain,Gunday,2 states would have done more than 20crs had they been given such oppurtunity,so nothing great…
    Ranbir just has YJHD as a good opener,barfi did well due to wom…and you all have projected him so high just to pull HR down;

    HR’s Agneepath opening day was more than besharam’s despite lesser screens and less avg. ticket price…

  • If a sahid kapoor film trailer can get 80 comments in just 6hrs then one can imagine how many comments arjun-deeoika-naseerudin-dimple-pankaj kapoor film can get tomorrow.@indocine ur servers will b crashed again.fanny is coming

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