Haider Trailer – Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor

This winter will be dark and chilled!! presenting the trailer of movie ‘Haider’, starring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon and Irrfan Khan.

Directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, the film will release in theatres on October 2nd 2014.



  • What fantastic Trailer shahid rocks 150cr confirmed Now RAKESH UNCLES sONS 160 CR BOMB WILL a fUSSY bOMB WE SHOULD CALL IT FUSS FUSS NOT bONG BONG rIP bONG BONG

  • totally disapiointed with all the hype its just decent but they can do much much better they can make it stylsih and more intersting the only good think is Shahid and tabu

  • Superb now i think Shahid taken his career seriously…nice one waiting for it.

    And i dont think with such a good release date almost 5 holidays in row… Any of them Bang Bang or Haider will affect each other.

  • @nipin, u always that u r fan of critically acclaimed movies(eg lootera). Now which will u prefer to watch critically acclaimed Haider or commercial copy paste one Bong Bong?

  • Shahid has always been a tiny star who nobody cares about. His film cannot even do 30 crore. Haider will be a mega flop and after that no producer will ever take him in any film. And it is clashing with all time blockbuster Bang Bang so it has no chance of getting hit verdict.

  • Why is UTV clashing with BANG BANG ?? They could go for a solo release and haider would do well. oh wait….UTV produced CE and Kick, the khans must have asked UTV to clash to divide the screens. khans are always insecure and jealous, they always try hard to bring down their competition, once Shahid will become a huge star and threat to khans, the same khans will try to bring him down too.

  • Good trailer but needs to change release date otherwise it will Bang Bang will crush it completely and Haider will fail to cross even 20 crore.

  • What a foolish tailer is it ? Haider will be totally flop even if it will get solo release at box office anywhere. Foolish step taken by utv and director of the film to release it with mega all time blockbuster BANG BANG. So win win situation for BANG BANG team, HRITHIK stardom and Hrithik’s fan . Super cyclone BANG BANG will arriving on 2nd Oct.

  • hrithik has given 9 hits in his carrer that spans over 18 films,thus has a carrer success rate of superb 50%.since kmg,7 of his 10 release hv been box office hits.he has acted in 8 big hits in his carrer including 4 top grossers.he has won 4 filmare best actor awards.5 of his dance numbers hv one national awards in best choreography category.he has starred in 6 huge blockbusters in his carrer.he is currently placed at 4th spot just behind the khans in the star ranking.he can pull of child-in-a-man role,super villain,superhero,legendary mughal emperor,confused youth,workholic man,patriotic soldier,misguided terrorist,revenge seeking angry young man and a caring younger brother all with equal ease.donít u dare to insult HRITHIK ROSHAN.

  • For haider to open with respectable numbers it needed an excellent trailer.thankfully it is excellent so chances are their for it to open well.waiting for the songs

  • Bhai vaibhav phle bang bang ka to trailer aane de tab boliyo ye baat….100% likh le shahid kapoor ko or koi date dekhni padegi.

  • All great trailer like krrish 3, Dhoom3, kick etc are not good enough if anyone said that haider trailer is great.

  • Someone is misusing my id dat comment at 1.19 pm isn’t mine. Shame on those morons who are doing it.
    BTW,wait for bang bang . .dhamaka machega bang bang. .UTV is moronic. . .he is doing it only to reduce bang bang collection, he doesn’t care whether haider becomes a flop or disaster. What a shame! ! Gud film like haider vl flop badly.

  • nw bring it on… d clash is very interesting….2 diffrnt genre films r cming on d bigest weeknd of 2014….d only difrnce d clash wil made is
    bang bang widout clash- 35cr + day 1
    bang bang wid clash – 30cr + day 1

  • Hrithik fans, dont be offended but Bang Bang wont be as big as you think. 200 crores? Lol. Hr films dont create the mass response that Khan films create. Even if he is back with Dhoom avatar, it would do 150 crore max.
    Ranbir isnt as handsome as Hr, and he doesnt have physique like him, but if you ask any moviegoer or youth whose film they would watch, they will easily choose Ranbir over Hrithik.
    Hr is a good actor but he lacks the charm of Ranbir and the Khans that attracts auduences.

  • wow!!! not bad..it will be sure shot hit..and the date is perfect for haider…
    best of luck for shahid..!!!

  • @loki if hrithik lacks d charm then how he pulls dat much crowd krrish3 single day 36cr+ nd dat too on 4th day
    agneepath opening day 23cr+ …krish opening day 5cr at dat tym…dhoom2 did record business and many other examples..today no other actor except d 3 khans nd hrithik couldnt imagine 35cr single day

  • One word, Outsanding ? Haider is a strong film in terms of drama, which makes you think a lot.. -SK

  • @loki
    Yes,we saw how many moviegoers went to watch Besharam…
    And how HR used to defeat the khans before 100cr club era…
    And now he is back
    Agneepath defeated JTHJ in 2012
    K3 defeated CE in 2013…
    So wait n watch..

  • trailer was good.Although i am not a fan of vishal bhardwaj films butI hope this film should work for shahid as he needed a hit badly

  • @vaibhav, BANG BANG’s trailer is yet to come khans slave! When it will come, you will forget everything else! UTV is deliberately doing this clash because UTV is a chamcha of khans. I hope clash is averted.

    Atleast Hrithik didn’t beg to UTV for changing the date like srk begged to jeetendra for postponing ouatimd. Haider will be critically acclaimed.


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