Haider Trailer – Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor

This winter will be dark and chilled!! presenting the trailer of movie ‘Haider’, starring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon and Irrfan Khan.

Directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, the film will release in theatres on October 2nd 2014.



  • Flop movie….bcoz flop actor shahid….I think the movie is only a average bcoz shradhha kapoor…but in now I think the movie is biggest flop. …shahids hit movies is hit bcoz his movies actress. …but shahids bad performance make hid movies a flopbuster highest grossing a boxoffice Super flop hug….

  • If both movies release on October 2 then bang bang will take 4 times bigger opening than haither
    Opening with clash BANG BANG 32CR
    BB 37 CR

  • My hrithik comment on this page has received 42 likes and just 8 dislikes.@nipun wat u couldn’t achieve despite being a hardcore hrithik lover I achieved without ever boasting my love for hrithik

  • Dil ki agar sunu toh hai. Dimaag ki toh hai nahi. Jaan loon ki jaan du, main rahoon ki main nahi #Haider

  • @arjun kapoor:2-3 comments of mine also has got 100 plus likes. Btw,ur comment deserves to be liked.

  • The Ad itself shows a psycho, crazy movie. Another trash movie from Vishal Bhardwaj like his previous one “*Bijli* something with Anushka, Pankaj and Imran. I would never watch it..

  • @nipun,you said as most comments is about bb so hr is great but you forgot this is Shahid’s Haider’s comment sections that’s why it shows how hr fans is insecure of Shahid kapoor.ek clash hua KI paseena nikal raha jai tumhara agar KING KHAN jaise had baar clash hora to rote tum log,lol.IF JTHJ wouldn’t have clash then it must been the 1st film that surpass 3idiot. so bring the clash,let’s see how much stamina is there in papa’s boy’s stardom.

  • @sss stop speaking IFs and BUTs, if JTHJ had unanimous positive acclaim, then it should have made atleast 150-170 crs despite the clash, then your point would have had some strength..but since it wasn’t that great movie as you think, SOS benefitted from it..

    if you observe OSO vs Saawariya, OSO gained heavily due to the negative reviews Saawariya got, else tum logon ke paseene utar jaate the just like how Asoka and PBDHH were beaten by Indian and KNPH..Also had OUTIMD also had got good ratings, CE wouldnt have earned 200crs at all..so stop jumping around just because our King has a leap year blockbuster!! -_-

  • @sid_pagal,another pagal and useless comments.JTHJ is a CLASSIC STORY while sos is a 3rd class masala remake,still sos defeated.kindly give comments based on TRUTH ,PBDHH released after knph,that’s not a clash.clash happened during MOHABBATEIN and mission kashmir,you know how seviourly hr defeated,lol.also you must have remember your your 60cr club actor akki sir and lallu auncle’s jaaneman thrashed by THE DON.only once clash happened between KING KHAN and amir in90’s ahat vs RAM JAANE. ahat defeated.now how many example I have to give.saawaruya is a classic that screwed in front of OSO which was a masla film.in that sense JTHJ spoiled due to lallu’ conspiracy and insecureness,remember MY KING is ONE MAN ARMY.

  • @sss Asoka was screwed by Indian as well.. :P also SOS is the real winner of that clash despite JTHJ grossing more, because making 100 crs against a movie which had a supreme SRK-YRF-ARR combo itself was a huge achievement and JTHJ was touted to be a record breaker and nobody gave a chance to SOS because of this!!! also your one man army King who broke a record after 2 years by conspiring against Akki is beaten after 2 months!!! :P :D

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