Great tips from Salman on how to host Bigg Boss: Farah Khan

Star choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan, who replaced Salman Khan as the host on ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’ series, has received some ‘great tips’ from the former Bigg Boss host.

“Late nite in Lonavla.. Getting briefed by the #BigbBoss team for tomorrow’s big day n getting great tips from @BeingSalmanKhan on what to do'” Farah tweeted on Friday.

The ‘Season 8’ of Bigg Boss concluded on Sunday, where five champions from the current season were chosen from the remaining contestants. These contestants will now compete with five selected champions from previous seasons. The new show has been titled ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’.

Salman decided against the idea of continuing as host, because he wants to concentrate on his upcoming film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ which releases  during Eid this year.

Farah Khan

Farah Khan



  • I hv quit watching bigg boss after upen got evicted.some other good ppl like praneet,arya,puneet also hv got evicted.

    so basically rule of staying in this show is u hv to provoke others,get into fights,abuse others,flirt with girls,make the entire house isolate so that u cn win viwers’ sympathy,make fun of others etc etc

    I think from indicine family navin,thullu,romance,dynamic,elemet and shaggy should b sent to bigg boss 9.

  • I wont be surprised if the comment section on this article turns into bashing section after the provocative comment of Sir Sambuddha.

    As a member I request Indicine to be a bit more strict while moderating comments. I have no issues if some of my comments (if they get provocative) are banned.

    I say this because many of my friends have stopped using indicine because of the foul language fan-wars in comment section. And people like Sambuddha only increase this. Hope you take a note. Thanks!

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  • Will miss Salman a lot. Seriously Big Boss is somewhere incomplete without him :-(
    Hope these challengers will entertain us. That is the only thing which can fill the emptiness created by Salman’s exit.

  • @Sir Sambuddha

    Look at the time when this Indicine award comment was posted. How can I switch 2 ids and post such a long comment within a minute?

    Secondly I wasn’t even active when SSS Khan posted that Bharat Ratna comment and I have no idea how Nipun is connected to Taylor Swift. And I wouldn’t rate him as Pseudo smart either. Get it? So this award was not posted by me.

    And thank you for rating me smart but I feel Saksham is the smartest writer here.

  • @Sambhudha: If any deserves a place in Bigg Boss house from indicine,it is you..Every season there are people like Imam Siddique,Sushant needed..So I am hoping that you will fulfill their demand for the next season.. All the best!

  • Ajaz khan ejected from BB8 by violence with Ali Quli Mirza, Ajaz pull Ali’s neck and thrown him to garden wtf!……

  • @Indicine Awards 2015 u forget me as a hater of SRK and protester against voting in a favor of SRK by admin of indicine……………

  • Waiting for #BABY# quality movie.
    My predictions for Akki’s movie,
    Baby 110cr
    Gabbar 102cr
    Brother 125cr because sandwich between two biggies movie
    SIB 90cr because fresh script prabhu can’t make 100cr, if remake 150cr minimum.
    Open letters to Akki sir
    Please choose,
    #Good script
    #Critical acclaim director
    #Good date or festival period release
    #Decide release, don’t upon producer decided
    #Per year two or three film, good for only two film per year
    #Promote your movie at least two months early before release movie
    #Don’t be sign favor your friends (just like salman khan nowadays not sign for friends)
    That all my massage to akki sir.

  • @some buddha, thulu is a great choice.
    @indicine award, kuch bhi de deta but why this most useless one???

  • wait a min.I don’t think that line ‘note:this awards r not by indicine but by a reader’ is not written by @indicine awards instead by indicine admin himself!!!

  • Is she really the best they have to offer! don’t think so…anyway good luck.
    @indicine awards. thanks for the award :)

  • @Gj007 Sir Sambuddha!!! :D :D :D ROFL :D :D :D

    @Asambuddha Kapoor I guess people like you too needs to be a part of BB along with @sss and @Asad Khan Nasar..also @vikram can be used as a wild card entry along with @sem and @bulli which will create too much fun in the house!!! :D

  • @Indicine Awards Bharat Ratna comment was nothing..

    the worst from @sss was Kamal Hassan is not upto SRK’s foot..!!! this received an awesome backlash from lot of users!!

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