Should Shahrukh Khan work with Farah Khan again?

The new host of ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’, Farah Khan, has set her sight on Shahrukh Khan once again. After ‘Main Hoo Na’, ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Happy New Year’, Farah Khan hasn’t yet started writing the script of her 5th film, but has already decided to cast Shahrukh in it.

Farah was quoted as saying “I don’t have a script yet, I’m going to enjoy myself for a month or two, then the idea will come to me. It’ll star Shah Rukh. We’ve been discussing it for some time now. I don’t see a film with Salman happening in the near future.”

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide

While Happy New Year, riding on Shahrukh’s star power, opened to packed-houses in its opening weekend, the film didn’t do as well as it was expected to in the long run.

\Given the fact that there are better directors in the industry, who have always wanted to work with Shahrukh, the big question is, should he sign a Farah Khan film? Vote and tell us!

Should SRK sign Farah Khan's next?

  • No, he should work with better directors. (78%, 1,233 Votes)
  • Yes, all their films together have done well. So why not? (22%, 343 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,573

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  • Ya SRK should definitely work with Farah again because their jodi have always worked very well at the box office.
    srk should continue doing all kind of films because most ppl in our country hv an appetite of good films irrespective of their genre. A CDI and an OSO can both become a blockbuster

  • Yeah he should, provided by the content should be good, at least at par of Main Hoon Na. It’s time for SRK to forget friendship etc and concentrate on good scripts. No matter whether someone is his friend or not, but if they are coming with a fresh script then he should accept that blindly. I still remember he had rejected R Balki’s movie due to dates problem and his dates were engaged nowhere else, but with HNY and Farah only.

  • – SRK should work with other better directors but if he does a movie with Farah… it will be another Blockbuster after #MHN, #OSO & #Hny… btw if they will work one day i hope they make the sequel of #Mein_Houn_Na… it will become ATBB as MHN is still the best masala action movie of bollywood…

  • the 2nd line… ” farah khan hasnt started writing the script ” O_o

    and SRK…i’m not ur fan but still i would request please dont do a movie with farah and help us in saving this planet.Sajid khan and family make only blockbuster movies :p

  • No one should work with Farah.
    She’s the worst director ever. She should be put in a mental asylum.
    Shahrukh or no other sane actor should ever work with Farah. #BoycottFarah

  • I am an SRK fan yet i don’t want him to do a movie with farah again, she’s getting bad with each passing film!! It won’t affect her if she gives a bad film but it’ll surely hurt us, as SRK fans we want him to do more movies like Don 2 or maybe some romantic movie or even a subject related movie but not a film with farah please!!!!!

  • look at the voters…… don’t u see even srk fans also didn’t like hny…..
    as I think srk will definitely sign farah movie but it takes long time….may be next 2-3 yr…
    but I just wAnt to tell u srk….don’t waste u r talent for such non sense director like farah khan….

  • I think Khans will work next 12-15 years more, so they should work with Excellent Director not Good Director. And contant vise like cdi, pk, rab ne banadi jodi, 3i, taare zamin par, mnik, darr, there naam, devdaas, hum dil de chuke sanam, ddlj.

    And Srk King Khan should work director like Anurag Kashyap, Simit Aamin, Farhan Akhtar, Joya Akhtar, Rajkumar Hirani, and mohit suri .between 18-24 months Srk can work with rohit shetty, farha khan or Abbas mastan.

  • It should depend on the script.Happy new year was fairly entertaining.But I want SRK to work in different genres.He is somewhat becoming underrated over the years and I want to see SRK the actor back in Fan.

  • Yeah!!! Why not??? Srk should work with farah again and again, afterall dusra koi toh kaam de nahi raha hai.

  • @imakn, when did nhn and hny bcm blockbusters??? Andhe ki dukan, mhn is a hit and hny is a superhit only. God plz giv little wisdom to these hyporcites to understand differences between hits and blockbuster.

  • Am a SRK fan, & if the script is good SRK should always accept it whether its FARAH or ROHIT.
    But it should be at par with MAIN HOON NA & OM SHANTI OM – the 2 best MASALA Flicks of Bollywood or atleast to some level of Chennai Express.

    Happy New Year’s script was stretching & thats why it lost many shows. It could have easily gone upto 250 cr if the film was shorter & if the script was worked better.

    SRK we still love u & will continue to watch your films innumerable times. JUST DO IT MAN!

  • Srk should work with rakeshji now. Earlier he worked with rakeshji in koyla but unfortunately rakeshji still to found his famous calculator then, otherwise koyla would got blockbuster verdict at least.
    Now, if our king work with rakeshji then his movie will get atbb verdict in worst case.

  • Yes, they are a good pair , but Farah have to work more on script, if happy New Year had a better story it could go past 300 cr easily.
    The problem with HNY was the predictable story if it was not on stars power it would not do this much

  • We can’t blame her only one film…they gave us two great movies so He should work with her and give her another chance.

  • SRK should stay miles away from gutter trash like FARAH KHAN and her male twin ROHIT SHITTY.

    Both are neither creative nor visionary nor talented nor stylistic nor entertaining. Their movies lack minimum standards for requirements of proper script story screenplay and execution. Every movie is loud boring dumb retarded 3 hours of narcissistic mess that has absolutely ZERO repeat value.

    It is not hard for SRK to cross 250 crores with each film having solo release on major holiday on 5000 screens.

    SRK now is on wrong side of age 50. He must nitpick quality scripts with quality film makers like HIRANI RAGHAVAN KASHYUP KABIR SIRCAR GHOSH SANTOSHI BINARGEE LUTHIA SEKHAR etc.

    SRK can give a 50 crores 1st Friday opening but that number will be reduced to 12 crores on 4TH DAY the 1st MONDAY as his recent films carried negative WOM for multiple reasons such as 3 hours long, poorly directed, no charecter development, no chemistry etc.

    Even salmans boring poor south ATBB remakes don’t have such steep BO drop in collections on 1st mondays as SRK movies.

  • Farah khan is not that bad but cm on man srk is mega star of bollywood.. he should do classics with genius directors like rh/vb/imtiaz etc.. srk must not waste his talent by doing some yak movies like hny.. we want srk of veerzara, don, mohbtain

  • No.Our king should work with better directors but do better director will work with our king this nobody knows

  • Farah is not bad director. She did great job in HNY and why people are crying here. HNY did 200 cr which is 3rd highest of the year. But srk is not born to work movie like HNY oso ce kind of movie he should do great film. He should not waste his talent. He is already beyond box office. He has nothing to prove. So no.

  • he shud wrk wid farah only aftr getting a content based script wch shud b unversally accepted.

    as far as srk is concerned, he is doing 2 content based films already- fan n raees..

    @tiger- why r u becoming so angry as he abused u badly?? he just said blockbusters instead of hit/superhit… so just chill

  • no, srk should work with class directors,i hope hirani offer him a movie this time srk won’t reject.

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