I am great enough to be humble: Shah Rukh Khan on avoiding clash

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said he has no ego issues in requesting people to adjust dates to avoid box office clashes. His film, Jab Harry Met Sejal, recently decided to release a week before Akshay Kumar’s ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ – a social film that now gets a solo release during the Independence Day weekend.

Talking to a national daily, the actor said “I have had a few of those over the last decade and yet, I have gone and requested people to adjust whenever possible. It’s understandable that it’s not possible a lot of times. When it’s a big film on a big holiday, people want to use it to their advantage”

“If the film is good, it will run longer. Most of the films that Red Chillies (Entertainment) releases are big ticket. We are confident about filling up 4,000 screens. In case of a clash, the capacity reduces. Of course, it’s always nice if two films get their own breathing space.”

Shah Rukh also said he is “great enough” to be humble.

“I don’t have any ego (when it comes to clashes). I am great enough to be humble..”

“If we didn’t have this option (August 4), we’d have to release the film on a regular weekend, or not have it out for long. There are no free holiday weekends in the vicinity for as far as we could spot. In such a situation, a clash would be inevitable. At the end of the day, you are working with colleagues who will invariably have some issues and differences. But your primary duty is towards your film. You must look after your baby first” he said.

The iconic star has been involved in some of the biggest clashes the industry has seen when his films like Mohabbatein (Mission Kashmir), Veer Zaara (Aitraaz), Om Shanti Om (Saawariya), Don (Jaan-e-Mann), Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Son Of Sardaar), Dilwale (Bajirao Mastani), Raees (Kaabil) have locked horns at the ticket window.

To his credit and his long-sustaining stardom, Shah Rukh films have more often than not come out on top.



  • yes indeed SRK is humble enough to let go of his ego unlike akki ..
    first of all I must say that I’m very very happy that SRK has decided to release JHMS on 4 August 2017 rather than 11 August . from not letting JHMS suffer like Dilwale and Raees to keeping in mind the business prospects of a movie is really a thoughtful and wise move ….
    it means that SRK is confident of JHMS , bearing in mind that SRK had approved the script of JHMS after HNY,Dilwale , Raees and Fan which is very very good sign for all SRKians ……!!!!
    clash doesn’t let SRK’s movies perform to its full potential , for example Raees would have easily crossed 30 cr on its opening day had it been a solo release on non holiday. this allows JHMS to score very big on Friday , Saturday , Sunday and Monday.
    with clash against TEPH on 11th August JHMS would not do more than 160 cr in its lifetime but now it can do 160 cr in its first week itself … I must admit it’s by far the best decision of SRK in recent times …
    *-coming to toilet movie : it’s good for toilet crap too because with clash against big film ( JHMS ) it would not benefit from holidays but now it can …!!!!

  • Sidha bol phat gayi 😂 bcoz TEPK will be a critically Acclaimed movie and will be Tax free and Imtiaz Ali don’t make Universal Movies.
    Khud ki tarif kar rha hai Ego Dikh gya tha when u intentionally clash with Bajirao(small starcast still defeated ) and Kaabil (small low budget film with a biggie like Raees, still equal verdicts for both)

    Now neither ur film is massy enough to won the clash nor their is a small starcast against u, so u ran away 2nd time lol..

  • im so bored of his romance movies. he is such a good actor and he wastes his talent with a film like this. imtiaz ali makes the same over and over again

  • well said SRK sir.
    It really hurts to see only SRK movies get affected by the clashes …
    *CE was sure shot 260+ cr if it had two open weeks like ETT.
    * Dilwale could easily cross 240 cr if BM didn’t release on the same day .
    * Raees was a 200 cr if kaabil released on some other date …
    now I’m happy at least JHMS will get one open week because I can tolerate no more seeing SRK’s movies getting dented by other crap movies ….!!!!

  • No, if he was humble then he would have postponed Raees again or preponed Raees. Which he didn’t ! So calling yourself humble is an insult to every man that is 100% more humble than you!!!

  • Same Thing with Dilwale, Bajirao Mastani was first to announce the date yet SRK insisted to release on the same date. Expecting the movie too do 300cr or more. But in the end we all know the result, srk got on his knees and Bajirao was standing tall!

  • Karma dude…look who is talking….at the time of kabil raees clash rakesh roshan asked him to shift but he didn’t and even when kabill was preponed. ..raees did same which was unethical. ..and he is saying I am humble enough to accommodate. ..my foot…

    …now I want tepk to prepone to 4th Aug. ..let him taste his own medicine. ..

  • as far as content and box office prospects of JHMS is concerned, I expect JHMS to be a fantastic movie . this is because SRK had agreed to do JHMS after Fan result ..
    I’m pretty sure fan outcome has hurt SRK too bad that he wouldn’t do a bad movie like hny Dilwale and Fan again…
    interestingly, SRK had approved the scripts of Raees Fan Dilwale at hny time when he was not too serious about his movies but now he is ….!!!
    and for B.O …
    Fri – 26 to 28 cr
    sat – 30 cr
    sun – 33 cr
    mon – 15- 20 cr
    lifetime depends on its content..

  • Great decision. Toilet will be a village story so even in week 2 only niche audience will watch Toilet and JHMS will get good numbers in independence week. I don’t know who is intrested to watch a story about village people poty story , huuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn

  • Here’s a list of some clashes SRK won
    1.Against Salman
    Don vs Jaaneman
    Chamatkarr vs Jaagruti (waiting for BOIs update for Date This one as per IBOS)

    2 Aamir Khan
    Akele Hum vs Raamjane

    3 Akki
    Don vs Janeman
    Daava vs yess boss
    Verrzaara vs aitraaz

    4 Ajay
    Baasigar vs bedardi
    Jthj vs sos

    5 Govinda
    Prem rog vs KHKN
    Kkhh vs bmcm

    6 Nana pâtékar
    Gulaame mustafa vs DTPH

    7 Sunny Deol
    CDI vs Khaafila

    His film Pardes won clash against a Mithun Film too

  • @ tiger , If u want to see clash then why don’t you ask your gangu teli to release Tubelight to 11 August .Why always expect SRK to face a clash ? I am sure Salman will easily win the battle against Akshay .But Salman will not do this because he have no guts.

  • This is the tight slap on the faces of bikiniwala fans who always say He deliberately clashes with others.

  • @Tiger
    A bhagoda is someone who hits people by car and runs away
    Now like a Sadhvi Prachi Bhakt u will call him Desdrohi Hafeez Saeed etc
    U bhakts are impossible

  • I have a feeling that trade is over hyping Toilet, just like they did with Jolly LLB 2. Apart from Aamir (and maybe Salman if Tubelight is a huge grosser), no one can make a blockbuster out of a non commercial film. On the other hand, everybody is underestimating JHMS, which is good cause it can only overpass expectations.

  • @sayar 9:42pm

    Everyone wins/loses clashes…..But nobody can run away better than srk from a clash. #FACT.

  • He is scared…. that like his previous movies this movie too wont do well… if he os humble enough as he says then why didnt he avoid the clash with Bajirao Mastani & Kaabil… he is way far behind Aamir & Salman now… and this solo release will prove that aa he wont have the excuse of clash for this debacle

  • he donated 33 crore to a hospital still didnt said a word and world knws how salman and akki do charity in front of camera to change there image

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