Golden Kela Awards 2013 Winners List

The 5th edition of Golden Kela Awards were held on Saturday. Ajay Devgn won the worst actor award for his performance in Son Of Sardar and Bol Bachchan. Sonakshi Sinha was adjudged the worst actress for all her films so far including Dabangg  2 and Rowdy Rathore.

Golden Kela Awards 2012 - 2013

Golden Kela Award Winners

Golden Kela Awards 2013 Winners

  • Worst Actor – Ajay Devgan (Son Of Sardar, Bol Bachchan)
  • Worst Actress – Sonakshi Sinha (Son Of Sardar, Dabangg 2, Rowdy Rathore)
  • Worst Film – Joker
  • Beta Tumse Na Ho Payega Award for Worst Director – Shirish Kunder (Joker)
  • Bawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke Award for Worst Sequel – Dabangg 2
  • Most Irritating Song – Chinta Ta Chita Chita (Rowdy Rathore)
  • Worst Lyrics – Ishq Wala Love (Student of the Year)
  • Super Hit of 2012 – Shahrukh Khan for slapping Shirish Kunder
  • Why Are You Still Trying Award – Jackky Bhagnani (Kal Kissne Dekha and Ajab Gazabb Love)
  • Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award – Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt
  • Anti-Kela Award for Best Films – Gangs of Wasseypur, Paan Singh Tomar, Vicky Donor, Kahaani


  • @hrithik: gudy gudy listen, here noone’s hating salman or anything like that. We’re just stating the obvious that he’s won the ghantas and Khelas, and if you must know, we’re really appreciating it because he trully deserved that. Currently on this article we’re talking about the worst actors, so it’s no suprise if we just happened to talk about him. It’s not like we can’t ignore him (lol)!!

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  • @Ruler : hey hypo hypo!! Listen, dont give these lame n hypocrite excuses. There is a buddha srk too who won 2 kelas since last year, how come ur great diminishing oldie grab headlines for Golden Kela awards. Even in ur lame sentences u talk about salman, cant ignore him na??

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  • @navin
    congratulation on the winnng for your bhai really r0x
    in winnig worst actor awards
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    these awards try to bank on your fame shahrukh khan we all know that from
    my name is khan
    but what we are sure of
    is salman movies are the worst
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    We all know how much shahrukh likes to play with kelas of all colours and sizes but a GoldenKela is so precious that he may just have it placed high up on his trophy cabinet in a place of prominence like next to his portrait of Karan Arjun (Karan Johar and Arjun Rampal). ;-) ;-)

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