Golden Kela Awards 2013 Winners List

The 5th edition of Golden Kela Awards were held on Saturday. Ajay Devgn won the worst actor award for his performance in Son Of Sardar and Bol Bachchan. Sonakshi Sinha was adjudged the worst actress for all her films so far including Dabangg †2 and Rowdy Rathore.

Golden Kela Awards 2012 - 2013

Golden Kela Award Winners

Golden Kela Awards 2013 Winners

  • Worst Actor – Ajay Devgan (Son Of Sardar, Bol Bachchan)
  • Worst Actress – Sonakshi Sinha (Son Of Sardar, Dabangg 2, Rowdy Rathore)
  • Worst Film – Joker
  • Beta Tumse Na Ho Payega Award for Worst Director – Shirish Kunder (Joker)
  • Bawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke Award for Worst Sequel – Dabangg 2
  • Most Irritating Song – Chinta Ta Chita Chita (Rowdy Rathore)
  • Worst Lyrics – Ishq Wala Love (Student of the Year)
  • Super Hit of 2012 – Shahrukh Khan for slapping Shirish Kunder
  • Why Are You Still Trying Award – Jackky Bhagnani (Kal Kissne Dekha and Ajab Gazabb Love)
  • Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award – Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt
  • Anti-Kela Award for Best Films – Gangs of Wasseypur, Paan Singh Tomar, Vicky Donor, Kahaani


  • Poor Ajay… Really undeserving winner because King SRK was super duper Bad in JTHJ and thus more inclined to winning the Golden Kela.
    Another Awards show but still the same bias in favour of srk on display yet again. :-(
    @star King Srk was deserved winner of Golden Kela not ajay bhai…!

  • Haha..very i dont think that chi nta ta was the worst song.worst song was SARI SARI RAAT frm khiladi 786.

  • SRK got Golden Kela 2nd time in a row. Now haters will start barking about Dabangg 2. Remember its the movie which got it not Salman but here Srk got it for his famous act.

  • Srk wins ‘The Superhit Of The Year’ award but silly srkians will confusingly think its for JTHJ being a SuperHit. :-P
    They will hold a party by bringing out all their leftover unused fireworks from Diwali which were left untouched due to srks depressing act in JTHJ bringing about an early conclusion to the nights festivities. :-P
    @star Kunder may be a ‘JOKER’ but hes given srk his first SuperHit in years…! Lolz

  • Bollywood shud take stands for stopping such an awful ridiculous awards bcoz its just spoiling images of actor, ajay got worst actor awards for SOS nd BB i personally feel ajay was damn good on BB so My dear indicine friendster pls dont comment for such an idiot awards

  • Worst sequel-Dabangg 2. Ha!ha! Truely deserving. @Navin,your Salman bhai again rocks after Ghanta award.

  • hahaha….where are all those illiterate bhai fans doing hardcore promotions for son of sardar just bcoz it was releasing against an SRK starrer….and wat happened to dabba 2…it was supposed to be the greatest movie ever right??? anapd gavar salman fans….go and eat kelas with that illiterate salman!!

  • After Ghanta awards Salman Won Golden Kela Awards ..
    Congo Salfans .
    Thank You God! Atleast you gave some award to salman,
    Now they Have some reason to Fight With Srk;
    Lets Hope Salman Will cross 60 cr. Mark overseas soon and Salman fans have more reason to fight

  • Super Hit of 2012 Ė Shahrukh Khan for slapping Shirish Kunder

    hhhhhhhhh OMG that is hilarious now shrish entered the history with a slap from the king him self LOL :))

    really i can not stop laughing

    sorry shrish but you deserve more than one slap

    god bless you my king you always give the others what they deserve

    i cant believe dt he asked srk to act in joker then annoyed him about ra one

    poor drunk director from other planet like his aliens

    someone told us that jthj will have the GA award but i see it was someone els joker and dabangg 2

    poor someone :)))

  • God! I Thought Salman And Movie’s doen’t deserves any award but you proved me wrong 2nd time …… :-p

    I already posted two articles on your forum but you never published it.


  • After Watching Boring and Crappy Dabangg2 salman Fans have now reason to celebrate and give rest to their brain which was damaged after 2 hours of tourcher in movie theater…
    Hope #Navin, #Selfish, #Hrithik and #sachin 11 feeling well after recovering From Damage Brain Attack

  • Salman After winning Golden Awards , ” Thanx for supporting me my crap fans, your encourgement helps me to win this award ,hope i will win this 8 times and give a fight to Srk who won 8 filmfares ”


  • 9 things you should know
    about SRK v/s salman khan
    1) Godfather- – salman khan
    had his father salim khan’s
    influence to get establishe d in
    bollywood, whereas shahrukh was a poor guy from delhi,
    who made debut on his talent.
    2) Image- salman has the bad
    guy image and has proved it
    right time and over, whereas
    shahrukh is known to be the perfect father and husband.
    Has a image of a perfect man.
    3) Court case- Salman has 9
    casesin his name, including
    crushing 5beggars at night
    while drunk anddriving, killing chingara and many
    more, whereas shahrukh has
    never seen a real jail in his life.
    4) Hits- Out of 46 movies
    salman has done, 11 were hits
    and 6 super hits whereas out of 73 movies SRK has done 40
    were hits and 18 blockbuster
    5) Fans– salman has a fan
    following only in india, South
    asiaand UAE, Srk has a huge
    fan following in india, south asia, UAE, U.K, U.S.A, france,
    germany, russia, canada, africa,
    east europe, south korea and
    6) Net worth- salman has a net
    worth of 400 crore whereas SRK has a net worth of 4750
    7) Donation- salman runs a
    foundation named being
    human and has turned it into a
    brand whereas Srk has donated around18 crore to the
    cancer cell of AIMS hospital
    and has not even preached
    about it.
    8) Some say srk is greedy, well
    heis, he has 2 chilren’s future to look after, 1 huge bungalow
    to maintain, has a wife.. ( A
    father trying to earn as much
    money as he can for his
    children is not saidto be
    9) Power- SRK is the only
    indian to be included in forbes
    top 100 influentia l person in
    the world. According to UK
    tabloid, SRK has 5million+ fans
    which is 6 times more then salman khan.
    That’s why he is and will
    remain the KING!!!
    |SRK? Alwys a Hardcore Fan :)
    Don’t know what to say guys
    on SRK and Salman comparison .
    * The fact is that in one year SRK
    is compared to Aamir,next
    year he is compared to Tom
    Cruise and Brad pitt, next year
    he is compared to Amitabh and then the year after he is
    being compared to Salman.
    Phew …. Isn’t this enough to
    state what SRK is.
    BAADSHAH stays where he
    is ….. The competitio n keeps on changing….!!! !!!
    Tag & Share With All And Let Them Know The King Power ?

  • donít know the intention of these awards shows. if they really wanted to give for worst acting they should have given it to Tushar Kapoor for CDC. and the worst sequel of the year was kamaal damaal maalmaal. i think they want to bring up some A-list actors and superhit movies and claim to fame.

  • Indeed, the worst sequel has got to be dabangg 2. This is what happens when a people like kabir khan (what was his name again) start making movies. Geez how low could it get?

  • Thank you my fans. I will entertain you with my crap and scriptless movies and will collect Ghanta and Golden Kela awards every year.

  • First thing, all haters have posted more about Salman than their self proclaimed king. This proves u hate or love salman but cant ignore him. This is the first award in history of India for slaping a person, srk ‘s shameful act will be written in golden words which he wont be able to erase with another 80 awards n various purchased honors from different country !!!

  • @neha I may be drunk but I aint driving so you can relax dear. :-P
    Okie dokie so Im drunk according to you but you my sick minded friend are obviously depressed as your earlier comments on srks success clearly indicates you are fighting a losing battle in trying to improve peoples perception of your old wrinkled up buddha king srk. Nice try but no cigar this time.
    So many points highlighting srks virtues but still he does not have the 1 virtue which salman bhai has in abundance which is:
    @star Bhai roxXxXxXx
    Who needs more when all the audience wants is ‘Bhai Rocking on the Silver Screen and bashing up the bad psychopathic maniacs like ‘xzone’, ‘Damnnn…!’, ‘IMAM’, ‘third hand faulty remotecontrol’ and John Cenas #1 torn jeans and bright purple tshirt wearing fan ‘JOHN CENA FAN’. Great movie ‘Mental’ will be and this is better than watching srk going into a coma, losing 10 years of memory and ageing an astounishing 20 years in the process…! Bravo and only King Srk can do such innovative acting. Kudos to srk and all hail king srk. :-P

  • @IMAM : OMG!!!!! 4 comments for salman, you show more loyalty towards Salman than Srk. Keep that up!!

    @Outlander : keep barking u tortured soul!

    @neha : plz write a novel on Salman n srk comparison, will recommend u for Being Human award :p

  • @Navin, is this your reply to SRK fans? Ha!ha! I think you are not capable to answer these SRK fans.because i know you are a mentally sick and drunk person. You need to take a bedrest.

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