Would love to work with Salman if I get the right script: Aamir

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan says he would love to do a film with Salman Khan, if they find the right script.

The two were seen in popular comedy “Andaz Apna Apna”.

“I would love to work with Salman. ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ is one of my favourite films as well. He is a great person to work with. If we come across a script then we will be happy to do it,” Aamir told reporters at an event to felicitate the winners of “Talaash” contest here Saturday.

The actor, currently shooting for Rajkumar Hirani’s “P.K”, will also be seen in “Dhoom 3” which will be out during Christmas. Aamir is also busy with the second season of “Satyamev Jayate”.

The actor said that he doesn’t pre-decide the kind of films he wants to do.

“I don’t pre-decide what kind of film I want to do. I go through scripts and see if there is something exciting,” he said.

The actor who is known as “Mr Perfectionist” said that he doesn’t feel he is perfect.

“I feel that there is no such thing as perfection in a creative field like cinema. We are all artistes who are expressing ourselves in a different way. I do consider myself as someone who is extremely passionate. I enjoy my work and really throw myself into it and achieve that perfection,” he said.

Aamir, who has given some super hit films like “3 Idiots” and “Taare Zameen Par”, said that he doesn’t have a secret to his success.

“I am not aware of why I have been successful so far. I don’t think so much. I do work which excites me and not work which is considered to have potential for blockbusters. I am not even thinking about that. I want to enjoy my work and challenge and surprise myself,” he said.

About a sequel to “3 Idiots”, he said that there were no such plans at the moment.

“No I don’t think there was any such plans. I am doing ‘P.K.’ at the moment,” he said.



  • @Jay Bawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke……
    Its 1000cr.

  • Now this is REAL news and not like: “Priyanka returns from Hyderbad” or “Ranveers visits Mumbai” or “Gauri takes SRK to dentist in Goa” or “KJo is a great actor according to Randeep Hooda”…!
    Ok I admit this has been a frustrating week news wise but come on we all remember 1994 and the subsequent years and decades where Andaz Apna Apna rocked our worlds and had us all in stitches and rolling on our hard floors but never feeling the aches and bruises. ;-) This may be false hope or a fools hope but Aamir and Salman working together is the equivalent to what audiences were hoping for in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Those poor souls were praying for the day when Raj Kapoor ji and Dilip Kumar sahb would once again share screen space and todays audiences are praying just as religiously to see Amar and Prem reunite on the Big Screen.
    Forget the records book as we will need to start a new record book if this film ever gets made and releases.
    @star bhai roxXxXx
    @Deepu Aamir roxXxXxXx tooooooooooo…!


    For all my srkian brothers and sisters heartbroken in knowing that Aamir does not wish to ever work with King SRK but only dreams of Salman bhai, dont worry as this quote from a top A Grade celeb will ease your pain and suffering.
    “hey peeps, I hope to commence working with srk soon & its a comedy stroke disaster movie. Its the Sequel to shirish kunders 2012 joke of a ‘Joker’ film. Me + srk will shock all. Film title is ‘Whos The Joker, Whos The Joke?’
    Shreyas Talpade… ;-)

  • Thanx Aamir Saying Indirectly That Salman Is Working In Poor Script and If He continues this further he will get Lots of ghantas and kela’s future..
    But I will say that day will never came because salman will continue to work in cheap south remake

  • @imam
    Even poor script critics thrash his movies but still collects 100 crores in just 6,7 days think if he gets the content Then movie Will be silver jublee in 21st century, so bakwaas band kar aur kaam kar toh tera ghar mein paisa ka kuch madad hojayega warna being human mein Jana padega

  • don’t know the intention of these awards shows. if they really wanted to give for worst acting they should have given it to Tushar Kapoor for CDC. and the worst sequel of the year was kamaal damaal maalmaal. i think they want to bring up some A-list actors and superhit movies and claim to fame.

  • After 2 Duds Dhobi Ghat and Talaash, Old Wrinkled Aamir should retire. He should play Dad of Young Superstar Ranbir. Khans are over. Its time for Ranbir to rule.

  • it will be amazing na…!!hope the ANDAZ APNA APNA jodi share a good chemistry on screen again..best wishes….!!!

  • Would love to see that film. But navin, why so hatred man? You seems like an idiot child. Get a sense of real world. Get over you gay fantasy towards salman. Salman srk an Amir all are quite succesful actors. I personally like srk more. U might like Sallu more. But being a fan doesn’t mean that you need to give hate comments on other actors on their acting. You might critizize them on their acting in a intelligent manner not like a whiny little kid. Pathetic. Become as succesful as Sallu srk or hell at least like randeep hooda and then talk shit.

  • its a bad idea mr aamir khan salman is the worst actor bollywood has ever seen;shreyas talpade is far better actor than salman,let salman work in his own crap dirty vulgar senseless cheap storyless movies,a sense or meaningful movie is disgust to salma fans

  • salman nd amir both praising each other…lolxxxxxxxxxxx as the audience is busy in praising SIR SRK thats why both r praising each other…..hahahahahahahha looserssssssssssss……….

  • amir khan
    first you have to commit a crime to enter
    tihari jail because salman will be in it along with sanjay dutt
    then you can make raaz apna apna
    i guarantee that this movie will be the all time bb

  • @jay@tiger is back
    If sumthng happens lyk this no idea abt 500 or 1000 but still 1st day collection between 50 to 75 crores

  • @sach shut your trap and open your eyes at the @lallu comments for example. I dont know who you think you are but if you think Im some Randeep Hooda who will be passive when it comes to your silly comments then you are sincerely mistaken…! :-P
    Go away and dream of the day John directs Srk in a Force Sequel opposite bad guy Shreyas Talpade or a Vicky Donor sequel where srk is controlled by Rakhi Sawant who ‘pimps’ out srk for donor services but srk is struggling to perform…! Very sad indeed. :-(

  • @navin i am a 3 khans fan not perticular srk fan, as i like romantic film thats why i like srk very much. I think sallu amir seen together on the sohel khan production the sequle of 2007 bb partner2.

  • @navin Lol. Cool bro. Yeah not a perfect world. Mistakes in all fanboys. What to do. Ok here is the deal. Let’s see the succes of movies like chennai express and mental. If Sallu beats srk in lifetime collection I will bow down to your silly comments. But if not you should accept shame. Wanna bet?

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