Gabbar Is Back Monday (Day 3) Box Office Collections

Gabbar Is Back has passed the Monday test with flying colours, even though it was yet another restricted (partial) holiday for the film. The drop in business from Sunday was just 55%, which is excellent.

The Akshay Kumar starrer has now collected Rs 46.2 crore in 4 days and could finish with first week business of around Rs 60 crore.

Check out the table below which has day-wise box office collections of Gabbar Is Back. Comparisons with other films coming up, stay tuned.

Gabbar Is BackBox Office CollectionsGrowth (+) / Drop (-)
Day 1 (Friday)13.05 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)11.35 crore-13%
Day 3 (Sunday)15.05 crore+33%
Day 4 (Monday)7.1 crore-53%
Day 5 (Tuesday)5.3 crore-25%
Day 6 (Wednesday)4.78 crore-10%
Day 7 (Thursday)4.25 crore-11%
Day 8 (Friday)2.80 crore-34%
Day 9 (Saturday)4.20 crore+50%
Day 10 (Sunday)4.50 crore+7%
Day 11 (Monday)2.25 crore-50%
Day 12 (Tuesday)2.00 crore-11%
Day 13 (Wednesday)1.80 crore-10%
Day 14 (Thursday)1.65 crore-08%
Day 15 (Friday)0.70 crore-58%
Day 16 (Saturday)0.90 crore+29%
Day 17 (Sunday)1.15 crore+28%
Day 18 (Mon) to Day 21 (Thu)3 crore
Total Collections85.83 crore


  • @rishav : No need for Salman to do Special 26 or Baby. If he starts doing such movies Akki will be nowhere to go. At least once in a while Akki is doing something different still it is not helping him due to his fans like you. btw we dont watch movies for any lectures or learning of intelligence. There are institutions and colleges for that so let them do their job. Salman movies entertained audiences and he is being loved by millions without any age category. Wait and watch this Eid and Diwali. You will get your answers !!!!!!!!

  • Dear God what a way to start the comments section with the Kindergarten dropouts crappy manipulative review which was striking in 2 ways.

    First he just had to use the word manipulation in it- suppose its better than using Jadoo word so no line like “film lacked some magic/ jadoo” which was a relief.

    Secondly he had to use the superhero reference as a way of bashing every non superhero movie but whats his infatuation with supernatural powers…? His non flying superwannabe hero Jadoo Boy in Jadoo 3 didnt exactly have any supernatural powers of contacting the dead- infact papa Rohit contacted the dead to bring back to life his useless son in the movie after he was outfought by Professor Xavier in a wheelchair ooops wrong marvel character but who cares as its all copy paste crap. Our Jadoo Boy cant even get a proper mask to disguise his identity, looks like he borrowed baby nipoons halloween mask for the movie.

    PS Akki, Salman and Ajay in no particular order have shown more superHumanHERO powers in a single one of their masala movies than Jadoo Boy has shown in all of his Marvel sorry FilmKraft comic books stroke homemade cartoon movies ie Jadoo Franchise.

    Review of Nipuns review

    0 stars infact I want a refund for reading his pile of trash as it was a waste of space like kshutij is….!

  • @hrithik

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  • Agneepath Was A Sanjay Dutts Film too who shaved his Head :P Nd bcos of His Look the movie got a gud hype nd also bcos of chikni chameli !!!

    it was released on national holiday so automatically collections doubles nd Whtvr it has earned is first bcos of sanjy Dutt nd.then hrithik chikni chameli etc etc ………..! buahaha

  • @nipun.. What a comical review.. :D

    You please watch the original movie Ramanaa and then review Gabbar..

    I would say GIB was better than Ramanaa due to superb editing and Akshay Kumar..

  • @hrithik Hrithik has proved himself alot of times and @myamanmar yangon Hrithik movies are much more better than the khans movies

  • @navin and @hrithik Hrithik is the best actor in the industry today and he fits in all kinds of role.And agneepath was a excellent movie

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