Gabbar Is Back Monday (Day 3) Box Office Collections

Gabbar Is Back has passed the Monday test with flying colours, even though it was yet another restricted (partial) holiday for the film. The drop in business from Sunday was just 55%, which is excellent.

The Akshay Kumar starrer has now collected Rs 46.2 crore in 4 days and could finish with first week business of around Rs 60 crore.

Check out the table below which has day-wise box office collections of Gabbar Is Back. Comparisons with other films coming up, stay tuned.

Gabbar Is BackBox Office CollectionsGrowth (+) / Drop (-)
Day 1 (Friday)13.05 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)11.35 crore-13%
Day 3 (Sunday)15.05 crore+33%
Day 4 (Monday)7.1 crore-53%
Day 5 (Tuesday)5.3 crore-25%
Day 6 (Wednesday)4.78 crore-10%
Day 7 (Thursday)4.25 crore-11%
Day 8 (Friday)2.80 crore-34%
Day 9 (Saturday)4.20 crore+50%
Day 10 (Sunday)4.50 crore+7%
Day 11 (Monday)2.25 crore-50%
Day 12 (Tuesday)2.00 crore-11%
Day 13 (Wednesday)1.80 crore-10%
Day 14 (Thursday)1.65 crore-08%
Day 15 (Friday)0.70 crore-58%
Day 16 (Saturday)0.90 crore+29%
Day 17 (Sunday)1.15 crore+28%
Day 18 (Mon) to Day 21 (Thu)3 crore
Total Collections85.83 crore


  • Gabbar Is Back Review by Nipun:

    Akshay Kumar’s latest material GIB is a typical masala remake which has been made like a B-grade film with a social message. Many people think the so called “social message” in a film should be regared as the yard-stick to judge a film and this is the reason why some fools consider movies like Jai Ho and Gabbar as quality films. But it’s not fair at all. Social message in a film depends on its genre, but not on its technicality. So, considering all the films,based on social issue as great is not right at all. Gabbar is based on today’s corruption and a man who is fighting against it like a superhero(but, without supernatural power) .

    The worst thing about many of these typical masala films is that they can cross any limit of manipulation to make the audience emotional. The hospital scene as well as the murder scene of the most corrupted officer,the father of a boy of Gabbar’s team are not fully convencing even though they may make you emotional( particularly the former one).

    I don’t even want to go with the logic because most of the movies in this genre are illogical. But, main problem with Gabbar is that it diverts too much. The comic scenes work sometimes, but mostly they offer nothing. The dialogues are sometimes clap-worthy . The cringe-inducing scenes are many. Remember the hospital scene where the wife of a dead husband says, “mera pati jeeteji jo kam nahi kar paya tha, woh marne ke baad kar diya”? This dialogue should have been replaced by a better one because this scene created a comic timing when you are serious and emotional. Gabbar is so silly that you cann’t take its things seriously. They are like jokes.

    Moreover, Gabbar offers nothing in terms of performances. Akshay Kumar has done a good job here and I feel he is better than his contemporaries(salman and Ajay) in this genre. He delivers mass-friendly dialogues, fights with his enemies, does some over-the-top actions and walks like a Boss. But, how many times we will watch Akki in such roles? It gives him a different looks, which looks good. Shruti Hassan looks extremely beautiful and sexy, but here she has overacted badly. Kareena Kapoor’s special appearance is easily forgettable. She just comes and disappears. Many won’t even remember about her timing after watching the film. A masala film should contain powerful villians. But in Gabbar, villians look too dominated. The actors in the police character have done decent jobs. I wonder why Chitrangada Singh agreed to do such a B-grade item number which is more a body show than than a dance number!

    Music is average. I liked Teri Meri Kahani. Background score is some times irritating and some times decent. The cinematography provides nothing great.

    So, Gabbar is an easily forgettable film. I liked three things about Gabbar. First, Akshay Kumar. Second, the song Teri Meri Kahani and third, the climax. Gabbar ends in a satisfactory way. Masala filmgoers are likely to be satisfied by Gabbar thanks to its climax and the hospital scene and it can be enjoyed in Theatre too if you prefer watching films leaving your brain. But don’t expect too much from it. It is Jai Ho of 2015, although it has better performances. So in my final word, Gabbar is easily forgettable, manipulative and a bit dated. I am going with a generous two stars(ofcourse! It’s not even a two stars material, but I left the theatre with a smile which is why I felt like it had satisfied my heart,if not mind at that time).

    RATING: 2/5

  • Something is fishy!!!
    Now this collection is less than boi. Boi is saying 7cr+ too koimoi 7.25 cr. Which one is believable?? Even taran adarsh is giving less than boi otherwise taran adarsh collections are far more than boi. Pata nhi akki ke movies ke time kya hojata hai taran ko

  • hey indicine..can u plz reply me..that could it be possible that boi collections are more than taran adarsh? is there any logic? we akki fans are getting frustrated with dis..hope u reply me..thnks in advance..

  • non holiday king and big hope distributor in non festival session .now that,s non holiday akshay kumar back to back good movies .holiday against sleeper cells. baby against terrorism .now gabbar against corruption next brothers ,singh is bling and airlift housefull3 and priydarshan,s political thriller namstey london 2 what a list real perfectionist of bollywood all movies r different to each other . akki is real hero

  • Excellent movie is on the way to 100 crore, Akshay Sir once again hatts off to you

  • those who are saying akki is not a super star…you are all fools………Gabbar is back sureshot blockbuster…………… You idiots ,akki is bigger than media created ranbeer…………

    Ranbeer is not a super star……………media created chocolate boy can’t act……….
    His two filmfare best actor award,two best actor critic award and one FF male debute award ………. all are fake award………media created him and these awards is nothing infront of Akki sir…..affair with actress roumer also…cheep publicity……
    Bombay valvet first day collection …9 crore…only idiots girls watching his movie………… while akki’s movies are watching by scientists, politicians, saints, intellectuall peoples…..

    Bombay valvet lifetime…..45 crore….media created ranbeer is nothing infront of akki sir…..

    Akki is the only super star of bollywood…..all others are not stars….they release on festival…..hicking ticket price……big actresss….and moer number of screens…..
    Our akki sir dont need this……ask you khans to release 3-4 movies a year on normal days….you cant get 90 crore….haha….. media created stars…..haha…..

    Gabbar rocks…..120 cr conform……(no competition….all bombay velvet piku …b grade masala films…..pathetic trailer… buzzzzz,……….already rejected…..haha….
    media created stars…..
    Akki sir…. true legend….rocksss…..

    (This is publishing for two akki fans, they are little busy now finding some excuses….don’t blame for the spelling and grammar…we are akki fans…..varna gabbar ajayega…..haha..indicine please post this,just for fun..)

  • @nipun u r so intelligent leave this movie for us you pls try ur luck in media….samjhe ni ka pun

  • Gabbar will finish .,, umm,, 70cr.. Like k786 ..
    And it will be average..
    Completely in hangover with hamari adhuri kahani trailer..OMG .. !!. I just can’t wait for emran,rajkumar , VB to scorch there screen..

    Only looking forward to hamari adhuri kahani music and movie performance of stars..

  • 99% of films Akshay character morons, Gabbar has become the savior of the nation? !!! … Funny … Or you’re stupid …

  • The real Monday collections are 3 c and here @@indicine publishing fake and manipulated figures. I know its not your fault and I know you guys are quoted this figures from the producers but you shouldn’t publish anything procures are really need to have your own sources because you are not a local site anymore.

  • One thing is for sure this movie won’t collect 100 cr and that means another flop on Akki’s long list of 70 cr movies lolz
    btw @Nipun you really proved that you are honest and unbiased critics. Loved your review more than @@indicine one.

  • Akki fans are making tons of excuses like non holiday release, clash with Avebgers and Marathi film but the harsh truth is Gabbar is Back got an extended holiday weekend I. e Friday was holiday, saturday and Sunday was holiday and yesterday was partial holiday in many parts of the country so Akki fans please stop making fun of your self and stop making dump exexcuses.
    Akki should go back to Bangkok and reapply his ex job I. e chef lolz atleast he is very good at cooking lolz

  • Akki is doing a video called ‘My Choice- whether to give a 60 cr grosser or 30 cr grosser’

  • its low collection monday had to be 8cr to get hit status now hit status is gone abother average grosser for akshay maximum 90 to 95cr

  • Akki is the worst actor of bollywood which is why he is 60 cr king. @nipun great review. Though it deserved 0/5 stars.

  • @nipun : Let Hrithik do a Social drama movie and cross 60 crs with common man look. Forget Salman, even Akki is too huge for him in this genre. You are back with Resident Evil’s Kriticks again. btw welcome back !!!!!!!!! hope your exams (KKkkindergarden) went fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabbar(even Entertainment ) better than manipulated K3, bong beng, papa-path and mosquito spray. Hit hai boss… gabbar gabbar gabbar

  • The movie is good but Akshay is no longer the force. Despite B grade production Jai Ho did 113 crs, Power of Salman Khan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry !!! Akki you are not Salman to give a 100 crs with such movies.

  • gabbar is back one of the best masala movie of bollywood with heart touching story and great social massage .my review for gabbar 4*/5* this is the special treat for masala movies lover .great masala movie go and watch such a 3.5/5 koimoi 3/5 taran adarsh 3.5/5 all great site has gave awesome review go and watch .don,t believes fool persons review

  • Gabbar does nt have superpowers but he is better hero than Krrish. He fights against corruption fearlessly. While Krrish inspite of having superpowers trembles with fear.

  • @Indicine, last year also same with holiday movie.
    Opening day..
    Producer figure is 12.27cr
    BOI figure is 11.98cr but your low than boi 11.48cr. Why this happened with akki?

  • Haaaay Raam,what a great review from wanabe strict critic nipin. After reading his cringeworthy review,i m feeling cheated.
    The whole wold gets emotional in scenes like those in gabbar or kick but this cartoon boy find it manipulative insted he cries waching sona madam wondering why plastic leafe is not falling in loot-era.
    He is a manipulative prson,his reviews shud be ignored.
    He gave 2.5 to crapshit bang bang kyuki it was shot at gud location,hahaha

  • @nipooon how many times we will watch akki lyk this? U forgot the same while reviewing jadoo boy’s typical shivering performance in bong bong,oh sorry i forgot,the locations were great.

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