Flop that deserved to be a box-office Hit?

Why many non-deserving films do well and why some genuinely great films fail, continues to be a mystery.

There have been so many films over the years, that deserved better returns at the box-office and a much better response by the audience of the era. Some were classics that continue to sell on DVDs and VCDs..

Here’s our list of just 3 such films, do submit your very own list in the comments section along with your thoughts on why the movie deserved better.

1) Andaaz Apna Apna – I guess, I have seen this film over a 100 times now and continue to enjoy every single second of this Rajkumar Santoshi classic from the 90s. The chemistry between Aamir and Salman, the twist in the tale when Raveen Tandon reveals the secret, Paresh Rawal’s double role, those dialogues.. Brillliant. If you haven’t seen this film, your missing out on one of the best comic films ever!

2) Socha Na Tha – Jab We Met directed by Imtiaz Ali raked in the moolah at the box-office, but the director’s previous film was equally good, if not better! Brilliant direction, great songs and natural performances by both Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia.

3) Silsila – Arguably Yash Chopra’s best film ever. He makes you feel for the couple in an extra marital relationship, making you believe that the adultery was due to unfortunate circumstances. That in itself is a huge achievement. Add to it the great music with the evergreen Rang Barse being one of my all time favorite songs. Fantastic film, that was rejected outright.

Post your list below.



  • I haven’t watched a single film you have mentioned here. So I can’t comment on them.

    For me,
    1.Asoka-good effort by SRK and the whole team. I ‘ve watched this 4 times. I was surprised to hear that it was a flop in India. Because go Sri Lanka it was shown go theatres for about 3 months. For the last day last show also theatres were house full. It was definitely a super duper hit go Sri Lanka.
    2.Swadesh-again a very good directing by Ashutosh Gowarikar. Should have been a hit if not a superhit. I have watched this movie about 3 times and can watch it even more.
    3.Aa Dekhen Zara-good fiction story. I really likes it. This also should have been a hit at least,if not a super hit.

  • I haven’t watch any of those films that you mention there too.
    Paheli, Asoka, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and so is what what needed a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttt of credit

  • I don’t agree with what you mentioned about the movies 1&2.. they deserved to be flop movies. Andaz A. A. wasn’t that good movie & Socha Nat Ta was just a pastime, but I agree for Sillsila..deserved to win the audience’s appreciation.. such a nice movie but they didn’t like it.. we did in our country, we valued this movie and loved it.

    In addition to what Anupama & Meshana mentioned, Asoka, Swades & Paheli, I was so sorry and so angry that the following movies didn’t do well:

    – Umrao Jaan for Aishwariya & Abhishek
    – Love Story 2050
    – Dil Se
    – Tara rum Pam ( a very nice movie.. this movie didn’t lack anything to be an average movie!! it just deserved to be a super hit as it was a full entertaining package with a good direction/production and songs.. so.. was the audience just blind?!!)
    – Heer Ranja:old but nice, touched everyone’s heart with some nice songs.

    These are few which I rememberd, but I’m sure there’re more.

    I will add in my comment the movies which were superhit and should’ve been flopped:

    Kiya cool hai Hum, Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na, the series of Golmaal, Don ( the original & the remake) as well as many of Bigb’s movies in the past ( I can’t remember them all such as “Cooli”).

  • Indicine,Please take this as my comment.

    I havenít watched a single film you have mentioned here. So I canít comment on them.

    For me,

    1.Asoka-good effort by SRK and the whole team. I’ve watched this 4 times. I was surprised to hear that it was a flop in India. Because in Sri Lanka it was shown in theatres for about 3 months. For the last day last show also theatres were house full. It was definitely a super duper hit in Sri Lanka.

    2.Swadesh-again a very good directing by Ashutosh Gowarikar. Should have been a hit if not a superhit. I have watched this movie about 3 times and can watch it even more.

    3.Aa Dekhen Zara-good fiction story. I really liked it. This also should have been a hit at least,if not a super hit.

  • I agree with andaz apna apna & silsila….both movies are superb.

    Machis [ tabu…chandrachud singh ] was a nice movie but flop.

    Aamir is also a very good film.

  • I haven’t seen silsila…. but other 2 movies are superb……..even more than superb………… There are lots of movies… counted as flop… but they deserved to be called as superhit

  • I haVe WatCH AnDaz ApNa ApnA it is very nice

    FathiYa:U HavE prEeTy BaD chOicE ,THe CraP fiLms like love story 2050,DIL sE u thiNk tO bE hIT haha theN fiLm liKe Aag,FooL n fiNal,delhi 6 wouLd ALso havE to Be HIt,TheY aRe BelOnG to SamE catEgoRiesss…

    IndiCiNe teAm:U hAvE sAiD riGht THat ANdAzz ApNa aPNa is ALL tiMe fav COmeDY ,iT is jusT awesoMe.ToO manY fuNNy scences u just can’t take off ur eyeS froM MovIe!!!!!

    I JusT LisTen SonG Om bAnGaLAm From kamBakkHt iShq ProMo ,AmazIng SOnG anD so BeaUtiFuL tUnEss,
    IndiCe TeAm Can U HavE artiClE on KamBakkHt iShQ!!!

  • DEv D—deserved to be a flop,while it ws given 5 stars[:O]..

    true, swadesh hs a relli grt effort n apeealin muvy

  • Fathiya has pathetic movie taste.. she doesn’t know how to enjoy movie.. Andaz apna apna is best comedy film ever… Love Story 2050 & Tara ram pum are worst films ever made..

  • No Sudeep.. I didn’t like the movies u mentioned.. Aag and others.. bad movies.. but the one I mentioned Dil Se and others were just so good, excellent movies

    Yashpal.. 85% of the audience love crap & shallow movies which are just funny, meaningless, worthless and have no stories at all ( nowadays audience!) and if it happens that they love sometimes some serious movies such as TZP or Black, so that’s because of the director’s name or the actor’s.

    If you consider that any movie which the majority loved suppose to be good and we should love them “blindly” then u r wrong Yashpal. We got our eyes, ears and senses which enable us see what’s good and what’s bad!

    Did you like the movie Gadar?! hahhahahaha… a super duper hit movie.. maybe a blockbuster.. I’m not sure!! if you think with yr colleagues that this is one of the best movies which bollywood did with a lousy actress like Amisha Patel, then sorry to say that you don’t know how to distinguish good from bad!!

  • well…..I saw andaz apna apna jst yesterday on DVD. gotta admit…….tis quiet true…it did deserve to be a hit. my nephew n niece i am sure must be watching this movie @ home rite now cos they stayed up late jst to c the movie. n tis quirt strange cos they dont like movies alot……is movie mein kuch toh special hai……not gonna aomment bout others but wud like 2 ask…jst out of curiosity…..does silsila star karishma kapoor ?

  • FathiYa:It iS u WHo DeCIdEd WhicH moVie Is BEsT Or woRsT.itS pUbLic And IF u Do votiNg I damN knOw AndAzz ApnA apNa wiLL bE suppOrTed But THe Crap MoviE diL se aNd OTheR u MentiON iS jUst BelOW so

    IndiCiNe tEam:PLeAsE pUt InfoRMAtiON abOut KamBakkhAt iShq ,i hAvE liStEN it iS goIng TO bE reLeaSed in july 10,anD i Wanna knoW whEN wiLL itS muSic REleaSed???

  • @Sudeep: I completely agree u..

    @Fathiya: Give me a break, from whr did gadar came in between..huh??.. Anyway it is 1000 times better than love story 2050..

  • Andaz Apna Apna is the best movie Bollywood has ever made. Each n every in the film is worth watching. Dialogues are the best.

  • I think Lamhe was a nice movie which almost everyone liked and deserved to be a hit. I haven’t seen Socha na tha, but since I did like Jab we Met I will watch it when I get time. I do agree, Andaz apna apna is a great movie, one of the best comedies ever made in Hindi cinema, and it actually makes you laugh.

  • Fathiya… F*** OFF!! i cant believe that one like LOVESTORY 2050.. u r that poor audien who lack sense!

  • Sudeep.. who’s public?!! Aren’t they people who watch the movie.. or u think they’re the critics?!!

    If people are dumb and would love some crap, like the movies which already mentioned, and consider them as good and top movies ( e.g. movie Gadar…hahaha.. I was laughing while watching it last week..hahahahah..this super hit movie!! I’ve recently posted my comment mentioning all the negative points in this poor direction movie, can’t remember under which page).. so u need to get a better knowledge about movies.. if u r young in the age.. so we can’t blame!

    Yashpal: Gadar is just an example, to prove that there’re lots of crap movies which win at the box office, and they deserved to be flop.

    Linjo: just shut up u asshole.. there4 yr ppl never get international awards because of your bad knowledge about movies.. for years bollywood are doing some (good & bad) movies, but ppl most of the time appreciate the bad and leave the good behind, make them some failures.

  • I agree with the list. They should have been a hit.
    I would add Dil Se, Asoka, Dillagi, Swades, Waris Shah, Pinjar, Aloo Chaat.

  • Sudeep & other guys: if public would decide which movie is good or bad.. and u do believe in them.. that they’re right and never wrong when they don’t like a movie and consider it a bad one so it flops.. then why the hell don’t u believe that the above movies which mentioned by Indicine Team ( Andaz Apna Apna & Socha Na Tha are some bad movies? They flopped.. didn’t they?!!!!

    Linjo: just shut up u freak!!

  • I agree with Indicine regarding Socha Na Tha. i watch that movie whenever it is shown. it is a feel good movie. the same for Mujhse Doosthi Karoonge, Tara Rum Pum and Lamhe.

  • Saifa: yeah.. you’re right about Mujhse Dosthi Karogi.. it was a good movie which I saw 3 times.. doesn’t that indicate that the audience.. the public sometimes are just dumb!!!

    God please help them to be fair and do some justice to the good movies which deserve to be hit, super hit, and they flop!!!!

  • Socha na tha ws gud.. so ws andaaz apna apna… bt if u wanna name 3 movies dat shud hv been biggr hits i believe thos 3 hv 2 b..
    1) welcome to sajjanpur- i kno sm wil find it boring… bt d undrlyin msg ws xcelent.
    2) mumbai meri jaan- anxcelent movie… givs u goosebumps if u watch it properly…. it dint get d respons it desrvd…
    3) aamir- yes it ws a low budget movi… bt it did nt get d audience it desrvd…. wat d movi showed is sure to make an impressn on u…
    apart frm these 3 thr r few othrs vich shud hv been hits… movies lyk phir bhi dil hai hindustani, swades evn refugee i wud say… othrs lyk chameli, ek hasina thi n being cyrus shud also be in the list..
    n before ne1 jumps at my choice of films… i’d lyk remind evry1 dat each 1 has his/her own choices… no offence meant..

  • i can’t believe some of the choices here !

    swadesh was a very poorly made film. the story was dull and boring. there was nothing exciting about it. it may have had a good message, but the film was utterly boring and long. a lot of the scenes did not make any sense. so the film got rejected by the audience. and rightly so. did not deserve to be a hit.

    mujse dosti karogi was a below average film. nothing great about it when it was released. people may look at it differently now, as times have changed. what was average then may look exciting now. but when it was released it was a hugely dissapointing fare. so deserved to flop.

    asoka was a very poorly made film. terrible to watch. so it being a flop is justified.

    i agree that andaz apna apna is one of the greatest comedies ever. even if you watch it now, it is really exciting and fun. feel good movie. it will have you in stitches of laughter. it is a laugh riot from start to finish and an instant classic. and of course the pairing of aamir khan and salman khan is a must see.
    this was one of the first bollywood films to be shown in the mainstream cinemas in the u.k. me and my friends went to see the first show and we loved it. it was a breath of fresh air and a change to the usual crap films that were being released in the early 90’s. we just loved the comedy, the songs, two hot heroines and the pranks of salman and aamir – we had that sort of mentality too !
    so it came as a shock when we heard that the film actually flopped at the box office……….we realised then that the mainstream audience has no taste. to this day, cannot understand why the film flopped. should have been a huge hit.
    even today the film appears as fresh as the first time we watched it. it is an evergreen film.

    silsila deserved at least an average box office result. but the film failed badly. again, the film was good, and very well made. classic cinema. but i think the issue of extra marital affairs actually put off the audience. back in the 80’s such subjects were very tabboo. if someone was to watch the film now, they would agree that it is a brilliant film.

    some other films that deserved to be huge hits but didn’t quite make it at the box office:

    ghulami – brilliant film. i still consider this to be one of the best action films to have ever come out of bollywood. but failed at the box office. possibly due to its length and pea brained mainstream audience !

    kabhie haan kabhie naan – in my opinion one of the best shah rukh khan comedies ever. ranks alongside andaz apna apna as an instant classic. very simple film. full of love, friendship, family and innocence. wonderful songs especially ‘deewana dil deewana’ ! i love this movie. represents me in every way.

    babu – this rajesh khanna film is one of the most emotional and sensitive films i have ever seen. should have at least been a hit. but it was taken off the theatres after a week for some silly absurd reason. no audeince for it. but why ? great film.

    khuddar (amitabh bhachan) – great film. great story. deserved to be a big hit, but did below average business at a time when amitabh films were huge.

    chandni chowk to china – not a bad film. great comedy and action. at least deserved an average box office taking. not the disaster it turned out to be. i think a lot of people were put off by akshay after his silliness in singh is king.

    shaan – wasn’t that bad. deserved at least an average run.

    shakti (amitabh) – wasn’t that bad. failed at the box office even though two of the greatest were in it for the first time – amitabh and dilip kumar.

    shakti (shah rukh khan) – brilliant film for action and revenge fans. very well made film. sensitive story. but failed at the b.o.


  • Spiderman: You started your comment by saying: I can’t believe some of the choices here!! Me too don’t believe that you found some movies worth to be hit or super hit and they’re just.. crap!!

    Mujse Dosti Karogi was a flop in India but was a super hit in America.. this movie didn’t lack anything including Asoka, Swades, Silsila and many many others, specially a movie which no one mentioned here (Aja Nachle) which is really a beautiful movie.. all these movies were done nicely, a good direction and production, with good songs as well as some funny scenes too, with good performances & good actors ( but.. with bad audience who didn’t appreciate them!!)

    Spiderman: What’s so good about Kabhi Haa Kabhi Na?! I didn’t find it a good movie!
    Shakti ( not for Shahrukh as he’s only a guest appearnce in the movie) but for Karishma Kapoor.. it’s a copy from English movie (Not without my Daughter) which was so good and based on a true story.. but the Hindi version wasn’t ( get the english copy and then compare).
    Shaan: also not that good
    cc2c: what a taste you’ve spiderman?!!!! Do u really consider this shit crap movie as a good one?! It just deserved to be a super flop

    Anyways.. I’m feeling so sorry for some good movies to be flop.. and I’m very angry for some crap to be super hit movies!

  • fathiya and spiderman…please stop it yaar.

    everyone has their own choice and taste.
    so please don’t make it perssonal.

    in my openion one more movie should be there..

    laaga chunari main daag…it was nice but superflop.

  • Spiderman: did I piss u off?!! you just deserve it.. haha.. and hey.. why’re u calling me (old woman) did u eve see me?!! C’mon and see me.. you’ll be just surprised as everyone do!

    let me ask you: do u crawl on the walls every night, on the buildings like spiderman does in his movies?!

  • Beena: let me express my opinion about the movie (Laga Chunari main Daag). This movie quite surprised me what happened in the end! the movie wasn’t bad, in how it started, was quite good.. but I was shocked in the last scenes for the following reasons:

    – Rani was playing a girl who was trapped and became a prostitute, and a bad guy who promised to give her a work for one night stand didn’t do what he promised her.. he just gave her some money to shutup her mouth.. I’m as an audience thought that Rani will revenge for herself ( as Shabana did in her movie Bahavna) but she did nothing!!! that’s one negative point in the script.

    – Abhishek meets her twice maybe during the movie, admires her, and then he meets her in the end, after he founds out that she’s a prostitute and never bother! and tells her that he loves her very much!!!!

    Loved her very much!! How and when?!! If he was in a strong relationship with Rani during the film, so that was convincing, but meeting a woman 2 or 3 times and still not in a relationship! how could he love her so much?!! and accepted the fact that she’s a prostitute that easily!! and agreed to marry here?! Not a convincing script.

    – Rani’s dad: just accepted what his daughter turned into, and kept quiet!!

    This movie was just like encourging girls to be “prostitutes” and like a message for the audience to accept prostitutes as all of them hv some bad circumstances, there4.. they became this way ( and in fact.. few of them became prostitue out of hunger, poverty and the rest are just some whores, for money & pleasure only)

    Beena: If u didn’t watch Shahbana’s movie (Bahavna) then please watch it.. it’s a worth watching movie. It’s old but still.. a good movie.. see it for her performance and the role she plays.

  • Fathiya,

    i completely agree with you…you are absolutely right.

    in the movie Bhavna who’s against the shabana?

  • I will spoil it for you if I tell you the story.. that’s a good script movie which everyone has to watch.. Bahavna – in brief – is about a wife, mother who sacrifices alot for the sake of her son.. just watch it and then you’ll know what leads her to be a prostitute and which way she revenge

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