Fit to Fat to Fit: Aamir Khan’s incredible transformation

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is one actor who willingly puts his health and life at risk for his films. Aamir went through an extreme transformation for ‘Dangal’.

“This one was one of the most dramatic body transformations so far. The film has two phases. For one part, I had to put on weight. So, I weighed 96 kgs with 38 per cent body fat and that I had to reduce to 9 per cent body fat within five months. That was a huge task”

“I would like to mention that putting on weight and losing it so fast is very unhealthy. I did it for my film under the supervision of experts, but it is very unhealthy for any regular person.”

When asked why he didn’t opt for a ‘bodysuit’ instead of putting his health at risk, the actor said “When you put on weight, it affects your breathing and body language. That naturally reflects on your performance. You cannot get that from a bodysuit.”

Talking about his extreme transformation and the diet that he followed, Aamir said “I ate everything that I was not supposed to eat otherwise. I had samosa, vada pav, chocolate, cakes, brownies… I indulged in everything. Then when I had to lose the weight, I had a very different diet of 25 grams of upma and papaya. After gym, a glass of protein shake”

The makers of the film have also released a video highlighting his transformation. Check it out:



  • He is the only superstar who really dedicates himself to the cinema and is respected by almost everyone in the industry for his acting and his film choices.

  • Yes !!! Dangal beats trailer views of sultan!!! It should be the highest groccer of the year!!! Even may go on to beat pk!!

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  • To be Honest
    This is the craziest thing I have ever seen.
    Now I feel
    Even The Word ‘PERFECTIONIST’ is an understatement for him.
    And if you think he took 2 Years to get Six abs only,
    then you are Wrong coz
    First he put on Some weight & then
    He transformed his body within 5 months only.
    Dangal took 2 Years bcoz Auditions of his Daughters & his Wife then Intense Wrestling Training Sessions & Finally Shooting.

  • Yaar we know you like doing body transformations for your roles, for fucks sake stop promoting that thing over and over again, its getting repetitive and boring. If you want attention then try something else.

  • @indicine

    WTH is this? 1:12pm comment is not mine. Plz delete it. Why are you allowing some chameleons to use my Iā€™d? I have been asking you again & again to ensure that nobody can misuse my Iā€™d. Still, bakriwalo pe itna hamdardi kyu.

  • This is the reason Aamir is in my all time fav list. Every movies of his is eagerly and desperately been waited.
    Inspiring & Incredible !!!
    Hats off

  • Watched a whole video several times. I repeatedly wached video … Hats off to mr. Perfectionist its dedication to the another height…..

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