First Shivaay Song ‘Aag Bahe Tere Rag Mein’ out this weekend

Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay is one of the most awaited films of the year and the launch of every song promo will be no less than an event in itself.

After a phenomenally well-received trailer, which was released last month, the makers are all set to release the first song title ‘Aag Bhare Tere Rag Mein’. The song has been composed by Mithoon and sung by Mohit Chauhan.

The song will be out on September 11. Shivaay releases in theatres next month end, in time for the ‘festival of lights’ Diwali.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Ganesha Chathurthi, Ajay has released a ‘Gajanan’ song which has been sung by Sukhwinder Singh. Do watch:



  • @Darshan- So many names who supported SRK? Why don’t you say the entire universe supported SRK in spite of being an industry outsider? By your comments it seems like Lallu, Aamir and Ajay Devgn themselves directed their respective successful films and themselved played the role of the heroines. Still SRK remains the only superstar who delivered a blockbuster without heroine(Chak De India) and crossed 80 crores without songs. Ask your favourite stars to achieve that feat.

    @hrithik-Name one sensible commenter from the rickshawala fanbase of Lallu. You seem to be so engrossed in highlighting the achievement of Lallu by quoting SRK who speaks good about each and every mediocres. Says that ‘Katrina Kaif is a talented actress’. Even Farah Khan says that SRK would be the worst judge since he gives good marks to everyone. He praised Lallu’s family by saying they were nice to him in his initial years but you made up the story that they provided him with food and shelter which is laughable. SRK never mentioned “food and shelter” with respect to Lallu’s family. SRK has hosted plenty of shows , and if anyone has seen them they would know to what extent he praises people there.That doesn’t mean they are the greatest or most beautiful. Take some therapy to get a clearer perspective about the world!!

    @Gupta SRKian-I don’t like Ajay at all and as a non-Indian don’t even know about him much. But if any Ajay fan bashes SRK I keep no stones unturned to bash Ajay also. But what’s the point taking sides in a clash which doesn’t involve SRK at all. Good movies can be made in any genre. Can’t say which film is good and which film is bad without watching them. Only Lallu ensures that whatever he makes has the most probability to be trash. He proved an exception only during Bajrangi. And it’s no good talking about hrithik. He thinks a commenter is sensible only when he talks good about Lallu, like ANK does about all the actors.

    @Challa-It’s fine that you are supporting Karan Johar. But that doesn’t mean you have to bring on bashing for SRK by your comments. A true SRK fan doesn’t need to create fan war in every given chances. Why do you guys have to bash other actors before their fans bash SRK? All fans aren’t the same as rickshawala Lallu fans who can’t sleep without dreaming about SRK(like Navina Aunty, Tiger the real rickshawala, The horny beast, Lolman Fan, NVS etc) and that’s why all their comments insinuate about SRK.

  • @ NN

    When it is SRK movie there is obviously a united opinion between us. No question there. Other than SRK movie we all can have different opinions and still respect one another. I am fine with you neutral to both movies, @ank and @ xzone favoring shivaay and some SRKians favoring ADHM. All fine to me. Talking about genre, I agree movie belonging to any genre can be good. For that reason I have never said any one supporting ADHM is a fool or doing something wrong. Funnily sallu fans who never got bored of watching masala movies are suddenly against rom-com movies calling it repetitive (had been easier for me to digest if this was from Aamir fans). That is not my stance on rom-com or any genre. My stance is I saw shivaay trailer and was impressed. It excited me more than ADHM teaser so I support Shivaay in this clash. I am a SRKian (and neither a Ajay fan nor Ajay hater) who can support other star movie which excite me.

  • Gupta SRKian-Bro you can support any movie you feel like watching. And what you said is true. After watching ADHM title song I have lost interest in that film because they are showing repeatative scenes over and over again. Still wishing both films good luck.

  • @NN Completely agree with you bro.It seems you are more excited about Shivaay than Adhm and that’s completely upto you to choose which movie you choose to watch.Even I get really annoyed when any Srkian criticizes Akki Hrithik or Aamir because I love all three of them.But then it’s their personal opinion.I am not creating any hatred for Srk.I am not making this Diwali battle between Ajay vs Srk because it isn’t but surprisingly everybody’s retailing citing Fan’s failure which I am failing to understand since Adhm isn’t an Srk film.Tomorrow if I criticize Virat Kohli someone would be like First tell Srk too play cricket so you can’t blame me for creating negativity for Srk.I love him as much as you love him.Hope you understand.

    @SaniD Sorry to disappoint you but it is me the real Challa.Raincoat may be a good movie or perhaps a great one but according to BOI he has given 5 consecutive disasters which I just stated.And maybe I crossed the limit yesterday and didn’t mince my words but it’s better to vent out your frustration rather than keeping it within myself because what he accused KJO for extremely in bad taste.

    @Ajay-Salman_fan Okay Bro.

  • @Challa-No bro, I am not excited for any film without SRK.
    @Ajay-Lallu fan-Shut up! Don’t talk about stardom being a Koyla fan !!

  • @hrithik dude now you read the comments of This jerk @Salman khan king who blabbered against aamir. Did you see any Aamir fan badmoothing against salman since last 5 days? Nor in this article? No right? So tell this jerk to stay within his limits and don’t blabber on Aamir. No matter what, I like salman but Aamir is biggest superstar currently and salman is 2nd biggest star. This jerk better not make fun of height, because salman also has same height and just little bit taller but still he is also short. So tell your fans to stop barking against Aamir without any reason.

  • @Challa : The second paragraph was not solely for you but majority of SRK fans. There has been few new SRK fans like @NN who blabbers anything and later defend by giving lame excuses and examples. Asked him what was need for him to bring Gavaskar and Tendulkar in bollywood conversations. He gave this example despite I gave him a video proof where SRK heap praises on Salman and his family on stage in 2005 Birmingham event.

  • SRK fan
    September 6, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I or most of the Salman fans never claim to be saints. I personally talk based on facts and truth rather blind fanatic fan following. I even pulled and Myanmar for making fun of @Javed who is suffering from some disease. If you cant see and read such comments and blame me only for anti SRK or anti sRKians comments then I cant help it.

  • Sani D
    September 6, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    The one who commented on this page and replied to my comments is original @Challa. Yes, there has been a change in the way he is commenting but the one who is praising Shivaay is fake one.

  • Gupta SRKian
    September 6, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    You dont need to preach me anything regarding what to comment and where to comment. I replied to one of the Salman fan regarding the behavior of @Challa. He was expecting Kajol to support Karan and ADHM without knowing any facts just because she is close to SRK. And whatever I mentioned in second paragraph I have personally witnessed it, asked your mates like @Phenom & @NN who always run away from facts and truth.

  • NN
    September 6, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    My comment on 4th page at 3:07 am was mostly because of you and was mainly directed towards you and @Phenom who called SRK’s kind words for Salman and his family was a bluff and he does not mean it. Wow !!! Keep degrading your own idol one day you will regret it but it will be too late for people like you.

  • Manasvi
    September 6, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    How many times should I give you the clarification about this chameleon ? We do not consider such people as Bhai fan who hates and abuse Aamir for no reason. Will you please stop cribbing about it ?

  • Challa . Okay agreed mind you Salman Akshay in their bad phases had streaks of flops. So?

    I will only agree with the so called BOI verdicts if you also agree the BOi highest opening day record goes to ,2 of Salman movies while Srk highest record opening is just 4 cars more than Ajay highest HNY opening day? 36 crore? Lifetime,don 2,jthj
    Do you remember your quote #Srk and Ajay have nothing to prove,I just love that line# you think those who answered that question was high or drunk?
    You said you just stated wat boi verdicts were saying. How come you then kept on saying some kiddish stuffs on pages postingt 3 comments per page. ? Listen we are not kids okay.
    There’s difference between accusing Kjo and asking for investigation since his name was mentioned. Read that line again and since its about Bollywood then Srk never had the. Highest opening record. Is it ok with you?

  • @ hrithik

    Typical response in the usual SRK – Salman fan war. Each party believes the other is the main culprit. Nothing more to add. Go on.

  • @hrithik-None of the SRK fans are degrading SRK. Just because SRK smokes, we don’t have to approve of smoking. Like that, just because SRK is nice to Lallu, we don’t have to like Lallu. Even Lallu said in an interview that those who abuse SRK are not Lallu’s fans. He doesn’t care if they watch his films in theatre or not. Then why do you take part in SRK-Lallu fan wars? Don’t you respect Lallu’s words? THis kind of silly sentimental talks don’t sound apt in a bollywood website.

  • @SaniD But BOI was the only source back then which gave verdict to movies having released in early 2000s and 90s.There wasn’t anything like producer verdict or trade verdict.I don’t think the verdict would be any different even on any other site including Indicine.And yes I had praised Indicine for that particular line because I didn’t hate Ajay back then at least to this extent.When I bash politely you people are like stop pretending and be open about your hatred and when I bash him unabashedly you would tell me I have lost my respect.
    And regarding opening of Hny I don’t know how much it had collected either it was 36 or 45 but I trust Srk to not have manipulated figures.

    It is very sad that people from our own industry are supporting such elements and spoiling the ethos of the film industry. I would strongly demand that this be thoroughly investigated by competent authorities to clarify if Karan Johar was indeed involved in this.”Can you please explain what he meant from our own industry people and demanding Karan be investigated?

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