First Shivaay Song ‘Aag Bahe Tere Rag Mein’ out this weekend

Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay is one of the most awaited films of the year and the launch of every song promo will be no less than an event in itself.

After a phenomenally well-received trailer, which was released last month, the makers are all set to release the first song title ‘Aag Bhare Tere Rag Mein’. The song has been composed by Mithoon and sung by Mohit Chauhan.

The song will be out on September 11. Shivaay releases in theatres next month end, in time for the ‘festival of lights’ Diwali.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Ganesha Chathurthi, Ajay has released a ‘Gajanan’ song which has been sung by Sukhwinder Singh. Do watch:



  • Without any proof ajay destroy the reputation of legendary director karan johar how can I respect Mr and Mrs devgan?

  • Who cares ?? Everyone knows that ADHM is the album to wait for. Shivaay will flop badly, juste like Action Jackson and Aag.

  • As a Salman Khan fan I want shivaay to make Bollywood proud by being a torchbearer for people who try to make unique and thrilling cinema.

  • @darshan, wow!!!! u r saying that Srk depended on YRF, Dharma, Rohit Shetty, Deepika, Kajol, Pc, madhuri, rani. Plz add more names. Dont know how he is so lucky that he gets these benefits all the time. Any idea????

  • @Anand : He (original Challa not bots) has lost his mental balance since Fan flopped. He tried for comeback on Indicine but returned with a foolish comment against Kajol that she should not support her husband instead lick boots of Kjo just because he is friend (ahem ahem) of queen !!!!!!!!!

    SRK fans are huge source of Entertainment on Indicine nowadays. They first try to downgrade other actors if not successful they abused them and wish hatred and bad for them which in turn keep coming back to poor SRK and his movies collections figures are getting low faster than the water levels in dams during summer. Later they defend no one has helped SRK in his struggling days and refuse to admit the help and favors provided to him. When we throw the proofs (videos) at them that their own idol has been thankful and acknowledge in front of public how people helped him they gave a lame reference of Gavaskar and Tendulkar satying if SRK says something good he is actually bluffing and not mean with those kind words. I wonder what sorts of fans are they ? They are openly propagating hatred for their own idol proving him a nautanki and a liar. For them their own win is more important than even their own idol, something seriously have gone wrong with then since Dilwale debacle. They should take some time off and return to social media during Raees instead of indulging in foolish acts. Though there are handful of SRK fans who accepts the reality and behaving sensible.

    ANK, Mithaiwala, Rejan, Gupta are some handful of SRK fans who knows what the reality and never deny the facts.

    Rest all specially Challa (total gone case), sss, javed, Fasal Kerala, devil, OLDIE ERA SRK, xzone, Syed, NN they seriously need some time off to recover. There was too much for them to go through since last December and will take some time for them to recover. All the best !!!!!!!!!

  • My sixth sense says that clash of Savaay against ADHM will be same as MD vs. Rustom. Savaaya seems like MD and ADHM as Rustom. I like Ajaya but he can’t sustain this time.

  • Mind blowing song. ADHM is totally crap directed by a director who is a gay, same type of movies rom-com looking like YJHD2, Shivaay will destroy ADHM
    #True Salman Fans

  • Karan Johar is a gay, Ranbir Kapoor is giving back to back flops, same story like YJHD, so ADHM is a bigger disaster than Hakla Khan’s Fan, Manipulation King Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro and Heightless Khan’s Dhobi Ghat. Karan will came on road to sell pan masala after debacle of Ae Hit Hai Mushkil. Nobody will watch Adhm, everyone will watch Shivaay on Diwali as it has stunning actions and locations while Adhm is a stupid rom-com. Ranbir should retire
    #True Salman Fans

  • It was ajay devgn who made rohit shetty “the rohit shetty”,prakash jha “the prakash jha” and this diwali he will let the world be proud of”ajay devgn-the director”…feel proud being an adian….only shivaay this diwali..

  • When Trailer Start In Theatre…Peoples Going Crazy,Whisling,Claping,Souting…I Can’t Understand Its For Ajay’s Look Or For Trailer’s Impact Or For BGM(Aag Bhare Song)…Any Way When Everything Is Magnificent..We Can’t Assume One…Waiting This Song :*

  • @ hrithikian

    Stop being a cry baby. Stop blaming media alone. Admit that trailer/promos of mohenjodaro were boring and Rustom exciting. Audience opted to watch rustom. In this case shivaay is exciting and adhm is boring.

  • @Hrithik I haven’t denied the assistance provided to Srk by Salman and especially Salim Sir.Dont know how Gavaskar and Tendular are related to Bollywood.
    And being a Salman fan you don’t have any right to take a moral stand when your fanbase ridiculed Yogeshwar for his poor performance in Rio Olympics.Have you seen any single article of Srk where your cronies haven’t spouted anything against him.I am just speaking my mind seeing the cheap tactics of Ajay.If any sensible guy like @ank @ xzone or sensible fan of any other fanbase criticise me I am fine with it but please Salman fans shouldn’t talk about hatred and bad-mouthing any star

  • @ hrithik

    Same old harping against SRK fans. Nothing new in your comment. How about giving a similar lecture to your salmaniacs always bashing SRK to the likes of navin, tiger, ultron salmaniac, the beast, NVS? Oh wait they are “sensible” because they are Salmaniacs. Problem exists both ends. Before trying solving the problem try identify the actual problem.

  • @Abhishek you forgot other directors that made names from Ajay , Kuku Kohli and Ouatim director.
    @,Hrithik. I tell you bro I still want to believe it’s a fake id of Challa because Challa can’t be so stupid to make that comments a when fellow Srk fans are supporting Shivaay grande. Lowly rated comment on the hottest movie in town? I mean this is not@sss or @Jolly though Jolly is a smart guy and I now have soft spot for him though I know he will still bash him but at crucial moments when a big star movie is releasing he knows what to say and what not too.
    @,Challa. Well for your kind information
    Raincoat movie is the fastest movie to be completed in time In Bollywood history 16 days and don’t forget it Won National award that year for Best hindi movie. Shame on you,my respect to all the other Srk fans who don’t take Kjo as their father rather a business man /producer who can go any length to shoot up his movie. Get well soon ,Fan movie is almost 6 months old and you are crying like a 6 month old toddler. Lost my respect

  • @ hrithik

    There are two different topics. One is SRK vs Salman fan wars. That is old debate where both SRK and Salman fans blame each other. This is never ending debate and will ignore it. Discussion here is 2nd topic Shivaay vs ADHM. In this debate before naming @xzone you should have read his views on Shivaay. He has openly favored shivaay. @ NN has also wished both shivaay and adhm movies to be success. Theirs are very well balanced comments. Expected at least from you to read their comments on shivaay before naming them.

  • Blockbuster shivaay:….@challa:u think of ur star who cant even cross 100cr on non-holiday…he is made by big banners and holiday…shutup ur rubbish against kajol…ur wife should support u r her friend hopeless…I can understand ur frustation that ajay sir took away diwali from ur ‘overactor

  • shivaay is looking like sumthing out of the box
    waiting for all it music & videos
    despite being a amazing trailer it does not got kind of support it deserved by bolly industry fellows as adhm got
    but legend praised the hardwork of ad

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