First Shivaay Song ‘Aag Bahe Tere Rag Mein’ out this weekend

Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay is one of the most awaited films of the year and the launch of every song promo will be no less than an event in itself.

After a phenomenally well-received trailer, which was released last month, the makers are all set to release the first song title ‘Aag Bhare Tere Rag Mein’. The song has been composed by Mithoon and sung by Mohit Chauhan.

The song will be out on September 11. Shivaay releases in theatres next month end, in time for the ‘festival of lights’ Diwali.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Ganesha Chathurthi, Ajay has released a ‘Gajanan’ song which has been sung by Sukhwinder Singh. Do watch:



  • Trying to salvage the lost pride after getting scared by the trailer of Adhm and resorting to shameless tactics which only an insecure man of your stature could stoop to.Shivaay will be a disaster no matter what.
    Its surprising that a cheap guy like you is making the most expensive movie.

  • Bahe ya bhare anyway excited for this one trailer m.acha lag raha tha ye gana
    Looks like a chartbuster all the best adians

  • Its the same song which is playing the in background of the trailer.
    hope the song rocks!!
    If SHIVAAY music will turn out to be a chartbuster ( slim chances ) then it will be miles ahead of ADHM.

  • According to self proclaimed no.1 critic, Shivaay will do 100Cr business and ADHM will do 150Cr business at DBO. No competition at Overseas BO.
    Hence proved, he is spreading negativity against Shivaay.
    B4 release he will say Shivaay will be bigger disaster then Bombay Velvet.
    I lost all my respect for Karan Johar


  • After so so long time,finally Ajay Devgn starrer will have the chart buster songs. Aag Bhae Teri Rag Me song was sounding so cool in the trailer and Mohit Chauhan’s voice sounds so euphonious. Mithoon is the magician. The Vamps has also associated with Ajay Devgn and Mithoon for Shivaay.
    The video songs of Shivaay will be massive and spectacular. Want to heard the song as soon as possible

  • There is a little bit of this song in the trailer. It is so energetic and addicting. This will be the chartbuster song.
    Ajay Roxx..

  • The only actor to give 5 back to back disasters between Raincoat and Zameer.What a big star this guy is.Ensure rohit does a cameo to at least make Shivaay a flop and not disaster

  • “Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay is one of the most awaited films of the year and the launch of every song promo will be no less than an event in itself.” That is correct Indicine. Every song release will be an event in itself. This movie is looking great. Waiting for the song launch.

  • But I love acting skills of this senior actor who portrayed the role of pan masala seller with full conviction.Nobody could have justified the role with such finesse.

  • My 20 birthday was last month exactly the week they released Shivaay Trailer and it really made me feel depressed and I couldn’t celebrate my birthday so now I’m planing to have a birthday party. Guys you are all invited.

    #Shivaay 2050 cr.

  • I was upset with Kajol Initially but then she’s a Bharatiya naari and no matter how worthless and useless her husband is she has to support him.

  • Talks someone whose star has given industry’s biggest disaster ever called Yehuda lumhe JudaaI ke. An actor who failed to cross 100 cr in the year 2016 even with yash papa’s production house who made his career. The biggest selfish, shrewd business man whose whole career depended on YRF, Dharma, Rohit shetty, deepika, Kajol, pc, Jupiter, madhuri, rani, and other established actresses. I hope Rohit shetty, deepika and adI make a cameo in rice seller so that oldie’s movie at least cross 90 cr. Because his aukaat is not 100 cr without EDX. Ajay is much bigger and better than that particular beggar star.

  • Reason why
    # ADHM will be flop because
    –>wohi risto ka hutiyapa…iski biwi uske saath, flop actor actress, wohi filmi drama….film verdict totally depends on arijit song…as of teaser…if arijit song was not there …teaser wouldn’t cross even 2M views

    And # SHIVAAY will be blockbuster because
    –> never seen vfx, content , suspense in trailer, AJ sir superb acting and his own performed action,romance,revenge,God Shiva name in movie at the time of Diwali, totally different style other than typical Bollywood masala movie…. Along with its trailer got awesome response
    So #Shivaay = Blockbuster
    #Adhm= flop (may be hit due to Arijit)

  • @ challa

    I do not believe you are the old @ challa. You joked about ajay early also but were sensible and not a hater. If ajay delivers disasters only how did he delier 100 crore movie against team of Yash-Shahrukh-Katrina-Anushka. SoS was not rohit directed. After shivaay he will have equal 100 crore movies with shahrukh. You were a sensible guy what has happened to you?

  • For all those criticising adhm even sultan had a predictable storyline yet managed to engross the viewers due to its connect with the audience and Brilliant emotional scenes.
    So have trust on Kjo rather than the crap director of an over ambitious beyond his aukat movie Shivaay

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