Fast and Furious 7 Friday (Day 2) Box Office Collections in India

Hollywood film ‘Fast and Furious 7’ has taken a record-breaking start at the India box office, as the film recorded nearly 3 times the collections of local Hindi release ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshi’.

Friday was a national holiday for ‘Good Friday’ and ‘Fast and Furious 7’ was the first choice for movie goers in India. The film is certain to be the highest Hollywood grosser of all time in the country and could also beat the lifetime business of 2015’s highest Hindi grosser ‘Baby’.


‘Fast and Furious 7’ has now collected Rs 24.13 crore in 2 days, with Thursday business of Rs 12.38 crore and Friday collections of around Rs 11.75 crore.

The film is still performing extremely well at multiplexes on Saturday and could record collections in the range of 8-9 crore today, including collections from all versions.

  • Thursday (Day 1) - 12.38 crore
  • Friday (Day 2) - 11.75 crore
  • Total collections in 2 days – 24.13 crore


  • thanks indicine for providing such platform to us to express our thoughts.
    eventhough i am die hard aamir fan i know that srk is biggest brand in india but my que, to srk fans is that salman has human being and aamir has satyamev jayte ,what srk has to help society.

  • Bollywood has failed over hollywood-

    1) becoz haider does 49cr n is above average while heropanti does 50cr n becums hit!

    2) becoz bad actors like ranbir get media backung due to KAPOOR surname n all..and affair rumours get him fake hype..ppl r tired of this! N he is tryin to remain in news wid katrina to promote bad Bombay helmet……!!…

    3) becoz ghatiya ARJUN KAPOOR talentless useless boney kapur son is in industry n still get films of yrf/dharma becoz of Kapoor surname……!!…..

    Grow up bollywood…..!!…

  • Shouldn’t it collect more on sat since next day, sunday, is a holiday?

    Lets see if avengers 2 collects higher. It’s a much bigger franchise.

  • Awesome Movie, Must watch to all. Yes I hope too it could beat lifetime of Makkhi’s ‘Baby’. Shame to Makkhians.
    Akshay’s market is totally dead. Even a Very Good Film like Baby found difficult to pickup with such appreciation. And Struggled to Touch 100 Cr. It was Doob Marne Wala Moment. Now Akshay is Considered to be a RIP Stardom Lead Actor.

  • these type of things happen very rarely and people start saying hollywood overtook bollywood in india…….

  • OMG….FF7 has a chance of becoming the first 100 cr hollywood grosser and biggest this year!

    Hamare so-called bollywood stars who had releases this year should start searching for chullu bhar paani

  • It will break the record of baby because baby is BABY in front of ff7.
    Waiting for bajrangi bhai.hope bajrangi will ccollect 30 million in os.
    300 cr is confirm in india. Mark my words. Atbb on the card.

  • it will eventually slow down with each passing day while byomkesh will just keep on growing this weekend,remain steady in the weekdays and show a solid 2nd weekend


  • byomkesh short review

    thumbs up
    1 dibakar’s top class direction
    2 intriguing characters written by saradindu
    3 sushants charming performance
    4 high quality production value and cinematography
    5 superb background music
    6 excellent attention to details
    7 the menacing villain
    8 superb edge of the seat twisted screenplay
    9 satisfying climax
    10 unique story for

    thumbs down
    1 the pre climax twist is a slight let down after the excellent build up
    2 some confusing and complicated moments in first half

    verdict-no need to wait for the reviews.just go for it.

  • It will break the record of baby because baby is BABY in front of ff7.
    Waiting for bajrangi bhai.hope bajrangi will ccollect 30 million in os.
    300 cr is confirm in india. Mark my words. Atbb on the card.
    Prdp is the biggest release and will be 2nd highest grosser.

  • Our megastar flopakki’s career is in dangerdanger.previously his fans were fighting with arjun Kapoor fans,after ff8 overtaken babay’s collection,their fans will fight against Harman baweja’s fans,I think that’s what the actual position of these losers.

  • see this.
    how can u call akki or ajay a bankable star now?
    its shame when a hollywood franchise is tkaing on par opening with so called 25 years experienced

  • Just watch not so good movie…
    fast 5 n 6 was much much better that this movie…
    no story in this movie…
    just watch for poul waker..
    don’t expect too much from this movie…
    one time watch..

  • So watched one hell of a movie today!!…It is known as Detective Byomkesh Bakshy..
    Dibakar-Sushant,kudos to you both ..U guys have just nailed it..
    Awesome,kickass,chilling,edge of the seat mystery thriller..
    Calcutta has never looked so damn gorgeous on screen ever before,brilliant cinematography.
    The film manages to keep you guessing with the next dialogue spoken till the very end of the film,such is the narrative.
    You just can’t afford to divert your mind for a moment or you will lose something significant.
    Background music specially in the 2nd half of the film is kickass n supports the film very well.
    And what can I say about the villain,definitely one of the most menacing I have seen in years now.Now I know why this role was presented to aamir coz it definitely had the potential.
    I loved the climax too,it is a bit predictable but one you can relish for a long time.
    I have finished watching this film for about 5hrs now,but still I can’t get over it coz this film stays with you.
    I am going with 4 stars.
    Definitely the best for me this year!! I will be highly anticipating its sequel whenever it will be announced.
    If you can focus your mind for 150min.,you will love this


    As far as boxoffice aspects of DBB are concerned,I doubt it will be a success.The film demands probably too much from your side.People who go to watch mostly light hearted films will come out disappointed.I watched the film in the morning show with only 7 people in the entire theatre!!!

  • Ratings for the films that I have watched this year:

    Detective Byomkesh Bakshy: 8/10

    BABY: 7.5/10

    Badlapur: 6/10

    NH10: 5.75/10

  • i am happy as f7 has collected huge
    but sad too coz it outshined all hindi releases this year.its not healthy for our industry
    hope gabbar will gross 15+ crores on day 1

  • Just got back.

    Here is my short review:

    If you’ve been following the series from the start, watched it grow, seen how the cast have become a family you will absolutely love it.

    The tribute Paul at the end is poignant and very touching and will just cut you up.

    As for the film as a film, they action is crazier than ever, there’s some unnecessary camera moves and this one needs an even bigger suspension of disbelief, it barely pauses in between set pieces.

    Statham is Statham – all that Transporter / War fight training is still present, Dwayne, missed you fella, always need more Rock.

    Kurt was fab, see how his role expands for 8
    New chick is okay, guess she’ll be promoted to regular

    But this film was all about Dom and his realationships with Letty and Brian.

    The action, hey take it or leave it, call it stupid or enjoy it.
    The fights are absolutely amazing..But the character beats especially the last 10mins (Dom & Letty and the goodbye on the beach)..Tej as (Ludacris) and Roman as (Tyrese Gibson) were amazing and they had their moments..Everyone did a wonderful job!…… the stories in this series might be questionable but the character work and the relationships….. NOTHING comes close to matching The Fast and Furious Family

    The ending had the entire theater crying.. RIP Paul

  • fantastic performance by the movie. Even in single screen theater of my small town in maharashtra.. Shows are running almost in houseful. That is showing , how is the popularity amongs holywood movies in India increasing day by day.

  • I’ll be very happy if gabbar is disaster and sib will chase himmatwala and aj’s collection.because these of 3rd grade remakes / qualitiless movie took all the hopes of cinegoers especially I’m talking about multiplex audiences.if also crosses it shouldn’t have to cross baby’s collection which is actually a good movie.akki,ajay is now a days following salman’s way which is nothing but a suicidal way as salman can easily survive as he already deperatly starts booking before 2-3 year just like perfaketionist also so that all will make way for them so they are safe.but if these poor stars like akki/ajay will follow him,then they will got numerous boss,himmatwala rather than ready/BG/kick.otherwise the day will not too far when big Hollywood movie will completely kill Bollywood.

  • Lol Its the collection of all versions ! baby was only released in Hindi ! BTW Avatar has collected around 140 Crs in India so it’s tough to beat that .

    @Srk Tere Srk ki aukat DEkh pehle ! Akki ko ghar pe Baith k toh log dekhte h par Srk ko kuch limited logo k alawa koi nhi dekhta t.v pe ! RIP Stardam !! indicine Don’t b biased now by not publishing my cmnt !! just gave a slap to the person name @Srk here

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