Ranveer Singh in the operation theatre!

Actor Ranveer Singh was live tweeting from the operation theatre, even as he was about to undergo a surgery for his shoulder injury.

The actor posted a image of himself on the operation table, plastered and wired to the monitors.

He first tweeted “Live tweet from the operation theatre !! “

A couple of minutes later, he said “About to get knocked out! He injected my neck ! Whoa! !”

Check out the photo!

Ranveer Singh tweets live while undergoing surgery

Ranveer Singh tweets live while undergoing surgery



  • byomkesh short review

    thumbs up
    1 dibakar’s top class direction
    2 intriguing characters written by saradindu
    3 sushants charming performance
    4 high quality production value and cinematography
    5 superb background music
    6 excellent attention to details
    7 the menacing villain
    8 superb edge of the seat twisted screenplay
    9 satisfying climax
    10 unique story for Bollywood audiences

    thumbs down
    1 the pre climax twist is a slight let down after the excellent build up
    2 some confusing and complicated moments in first half

    verdict-no need to wait for the reviews.just go for it before yet another show goes sold out

  • Sorry ranvver…. Get well soon….!! …
    But what u did in AIB was utterly disdainful …..! Ddd will flop….

  • I m shocked by so much negativity in indicine comments section surrounding byomkesh.such negativity is generally seen around a khan or hrithik movie as those megastars hv lot of haters also.

    so I m pleasantly surprised to observe this huge negativity.it shows sushant as well as youngistaan hv truly arrived in Indian cinema

  • Huh….yrf why did you launch him????? :( maybe uday chopra wanted to show us that there is one hero worse than him!

  • I just love Ranveer’s personality off-screen.So chilled out and relaxed even in adverse conditions.True inspiration

  • Ranbir, varun and ranveer beat akki in terms of stardom. Akki deserved it, he cannot act and gives too many flops.

  • This guy is crazy.Seriously.
    He is full of life, he has a personality that may be you don’t like him but you can’t hate him too.
    Get well soon.

  • This is a case of what you call Attention WH*RE!!!
    Does anybody else think this is just a promotional gimmick?

    @Indicine plz post it!

  • Ha ha ha, this guy is quite cool! In spite of all hatred I had spread about him and Arjun Kapoor during AIB roast, I like his attitude. And he is doing some really good films. Best wishes. Get well soon!

  • lol his irritating face reminds me of indicine’s su-su-su , 2 of the biggest irritating chtyas u will ever find , by the our su-su-su is a much bigger chtya than bandarveer Singh :D

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