Every actor wants to be like SRK says ‘Dilwale’ star Varun Sharma

‘Dilwale’ actor Varun Sharma has said that his childhood dream of sharing screen-space with Shah Rukh Khan has finally come true.

The actor also said that every actor dreams of becoming like Shah Rukh.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Varun said “Anyone who aspires to be an actor dreams of becoming like Shah Rukh sir. Everyone wants to be SRK! And I am extremely happy to have got an opportunity to work with him. He is such a stellar star, there is a lot that I got to learn from him”

Varun, who will be seen in Abbas-Mustan’s ’Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu’, also said that his favourite SRK film is the 1993 classic ‘Baazigar’.

“Baazigar is still one of my favourite films. And it’s an honour to be directed by the same duo that directed Shah Rukh sir in the iconic film” he added.

via Hindustan Times (Medha Shri Dahiya)



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    For Bhai movies you believe on other sources and for king movies you believe on @indicine. Why such kind of double standards???

  • King’s….dil ashana hai-25lakh, chamatkar-20lakh, guddu-15lakh, raju ban gaya hakalaman-25lakh. These are lowest grossers of 90’s for Bollywood. All these figures are 100% accurate. Because I got them in the same place where you got nishchay collections.

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