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Every actor wants to be like SRK says ‘Dilwale’ star Varun Sharma

‘Dilwale’ actor Varun Sharma has said that his childhood dream of sharing screen-space with Shah Rukh Khan has finally come true.

The actor also said that every actor dreams of becoming like Shah Rukh.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Varun said “Anyone who aspires to be an actor dreams of becoming like Shah Rukh sir. Everyone wants to be SRK! And I am extremely happy to have got an opportunity to work with him. He is such a stellar star, there is a lot that I got to learn from him”

Varun, who will be seen in Abbas-Mustan’s ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu’, also said that his favourite SRK film is the 1993 classic ‘Baazigar’.

“Baazigar is still one of my favourite films. And it’s an honour to be directed by the same duo that directed Shah Rukh sir in the iconic film” he added.

via Hindustan Times (Medha Shri Dahiya)


  • Dilwale will be a good film along with a commercial money spinner.. But srk will provide quality control cinema in Raees which is releasing next year..

    Raees looks excellent.. I am more excited for raees than fan….

    Will not miss Dilwale and Srk’s Raees and also Azhar Biopic in 2016..

  • It is true. And what is even more amazing is that he is a self made star. Without any backing or support from relatives in industry.

  • every co star always said something like that only to give hipe to the film or to promote their upcoming films

    dilwale team cheap publicities to boost hipe of dilwale

    don’t care this things if it comes from film team members
    it is valueless

    only valuable this thing if it comes from others !


  • Same will comes out from his mouth if he gets chance of doing with amir, salman…etc. At alia’s earlier career her idol was aish, later she changed as kareena. They change their opinion occassionly for their career benifit.

  • Veer zara and chak de india my all time favourite……………(stalkers remember this one too!!!)
    I will not say dream to be rather I would say acknowledges n appreciates his patchy journey to his current status in d industry. Hardwork and zeal to exhale. Though not his fan but yes I respect him alot.

  • Sugarcoating words for his co-star who enjoys the falttery words used by others for him!! Even he knows what he is saying. If he doesn’t flatter skeleton king kong sarook rukh rukh khan, he will get drunk, try to punch him and ask Rohit to oust him from Dhoodwaaale!!

  • SRK is someone who we can relate to
    for this generation
    if u dream to be a cricketer u want to be lyk sachin
    if u dream to be a singer u want to be lyk sonu nigam or now arijit singh
    if u dream to be a entrepreneur u want to be lyk mark zuckerberg

    u hav a legend in every field which common man relate to

    in acting and in bollywood, it is shahrukh khan
    this is something salman khans and amir khans can never achieve

  • Every actor want to become srk and every hater wants to become srk hater. Day or night srk haters cannot get him out of their mind. Get some life srk haters. Stop hating and start spreading love with dilwale this season. Hope prdp or dilwale beats pk record.

  • The steller star who has least number of blockbusters and ATBB among 3 khans. The steller star who has least number of highest grosser of the year among all khans. The steller star who shamelessly dances in weddings for money, buys film fake awards, manipulates his films’ collections, makes out and out crap movies, lacks versatility, mocks legends like Manoj Kumar in his dabbachaap crap movies, abuses cheaply to old security guard in Wankade Stadium for publicity, cheats a senior actor like Jeetendra to postpone his movie and then not even retirning a favor to him nor even thanking him, so on and so forth. Who would want to be such cheap and disgusting personality? I guess no one. This guy has gone nuts just because he is his blind fan doesnt mean that rest of the world also has same perspective as him. I guess people would prey to god that they never become such crappy person like sarookh.

  • DIfference Between SRK’s Movie and any other actor’s Movie is SRK own the Character He played Unlike others U dnt wish anyone else to play

  • Every struggler wants to be like Srk (common man to superstar)

    Every actor wants to be like Aamir (Great actor n a perfectionist)

    Every star wants to be like Salman (Megastar) !!!!!!!!!

  • SAROOK All Top Hits Have Stars in it….King Of Multistarrer.

    Mohabattein – Amitab.
    Darr – Sunny.
    Kal Ho Na HO – Saif.
    Kabhi Alvida – Amitab.
    Chak De – 12 girls.
    OSO – 30 actors.
    Rab ne – Many heroines in a song.
    Flop Billu – item songs with bollyw lead actress.
    Don 2 – Hrithik.
    Ra.1 – Rajni.

    LOL who gave him the tag King Khan? Screw that Filmfare editor.

  • No not all. If I want to be an actor I want to be like Emraan Hashmi… hardworking and the best. For me he is better than Shahrukh.

  • no no no man u r wrong .nt everyone. u r just fake praising him now coz just u get a job with him .

  • Lol at @Anand_the criminal

    Man,SRK is a generous,superstar who’s loved by all and actors who work with him wants to emulate him..
    Just tell me why would anyone say– i want to be like Salman tapori khan?
    Does he want to labelled as a criminal,a non actor,a woman abuser for his entire life??

    So plz stop trolling yourself.

  • @hrithik so you are indirectly trying to say that srk and Salman are only superstars by dividing aamir to only great actor category!. So you opened up your real face. Shame on you. Next time don’t try to be saint anymore. And FYI Salman is only superstar, srk is only great actor but aamir is greatest actor+ Biggest megastar. Case closed.

  • Don’t UNDERESTIMATE Rohit Shetty * Wait Till 18th Dec .. Dilwale has mass , class, actions everything.

  • varun actually means to say that every ‘porn actor’ wants to become like our nautanki queen srk, wah kya kamaal ki acting kiya tha srk ne ‘mayamemsaab’ mei , poora hila diya tha (i mean bed ko) :D :D No pornstar living or dead can better srk’s ‘bed scene’ acting in the movie , feel sorry for madam deepa shahi though :D :D

    @hrithik, u r right, well said bro .

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