Every actor wants to be like SRK says ‘Dilwale’ star Varun Sharma

‘Dilwale’ actor Varun Sharma has said that his childhood dream of sharing screen-space with Shah Rukh Khan has finally come true.

The actor also said that every actor dreams of becoming like Shah Rukh.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Varun said “Anyone who aspires to be an actor dreams of becoming like Shah Rukh sir. Everyone wants to be SRK! And I am extremely happy to have got an opportunity to work with him. He is such a stellar star, there is a lot that I got to learn from him”

Varun, who will be seen in Abbas-Mustan’s ’Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu’, also said that his favourite SRK film is the 1993 classic ‘Baazigar’.

“Baazigar is still one of my favourite films. And it’s an honour to be directed by the same duo that directed Shah Rukh sir in the iconic film” he added.

via Hindustan Times (Medha Shri Dahiya)



  • Varun Sharma,hats off to your comment.

    @hrithik,I think you’re the most insensible person in this earth.if Pulkit samrat is such a salman devotee,till now he didn’t said any such great words about salman not his films.

    But look at his comment

    Pulkit Samrat: The sound of the bottles roars when the lion SRK walks in.. Checkout the Raees teaser

    Now say just like salman launched him on Bollywood, didn’t mean he has to be salman’s fan.He is too AN SRKIAN just like how Athiya shetty too told media SHE is KING KHAN FAN even launched by salman,got you dumb person,ha ha ha ha….tell me such more jokes,ROFL.

  • @Eric, since you want it so much I’m giving you back something. Nothing against Aamir but you asked for it. I still respect him for the great actor he is.
    Aamir hits (including BBs and ATBBS) in whole career <<Salman Khan BBs only.
    Case closed.

  • @Eric:
    Why are you behaving like stupid??? #hrithik’s only intention was to show real aukad of srk. There was not a single word degrading Aamir. You kal ka chokra keep trying as much as you can but we Salmir fans won’t fight with each other..

  • @I am AKN : Comparing 1992 movie 2004? In that case, Don 2 was a big failure than Jai Ho. If you talk about verditcs Salman last 5 films have 3 BBs, 1 Average/Semi Hit and 1 ATBB whereas Srk last 5 movies are Superhit, ATBB, 2 Hits n 1 fake hit (Ra.One).Even if agreed YLJK was a delayed (it was not 10 yrs delayed but 4-5 years) still 7-8 yrs difference where is the inflation ?? Dhakkan, if you don’t have brain don’t try to use it. Marigold lifetime was 1 cr n was not a typical Bollywood movie release !!!!!!!!

  • @Eric : We had enough of it. We can’t take your foolish comments anymore. Is calling Aamir a perfectionist is abused for you ?? Shows who is the real loser ??

    @Aamir fans, @Sky, @Ishan @Legend Aamir Khan : Please take care of this @Eric he is unnecessarily forcing Salman fans to bash Aamir which we will never do it.

  • @Marshall, @Tiger you both are acting stupid now. How can you drag same thing going on and on for so long. I want to finish this matter. And FYI it was started by a retard @James which is why you all are getting payback. And @Marshall no disrespect to Salman also he is also great human being and great actor but aamir has done way less films than him. So here it is. Number of Salman’s flops>>>>>>>>>>>>>number of films aamir has done in his whole career. Now you should think 100 times before making any ridiculous statement.

  • @Eric, i saw you degrade salman and srk in others website you where give INDICINE links and show your chameleonism.
    @Eric, i sometimes comments but everyday visit INDICNE site and see your shitty comments against Salman but i never reply back you. You 1rs fan global star in your dream.

  • @imchaman:
    Check anywhere ANDHI moron nishchay collected more than 2cr in 1992 while your queen’s YLJK collected only 40 lakh in 2005. But the way you are increasing YLJK collections it will bcm 100cr grosser soon….LOL.

  • @Eric:
    Before #james an aamir fan #king aamir khan started it (it might ur chameleon id). And when #james did the same for aamir we all Bhai fans bashed him badly.. BTW, thanks for showing your true color.

  • @sss : For Pulkit, Salman is like Godfather n family. Read this n zip your mouth :


    Praising a trailer doesn’t mean he is devotee of Srk. This shows who is dumb n who is not.

    Chal beta burnol ley ley rey ……. ey ey ey !!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,I think you don’t have any shame,right?????why because I said when pulkit said something energetic about salman?????then again you showed the same ehsaan of salman on pulkit which I too knew and mentioned in my previous comment.can’t you understand about which I’m talking,or you simply can’t understand the language English or you trying to manipulate facts?????so come to the point,no doubt salman helped pulkit,that’s why pulkit forced to be salman’s devotee?????when he said that?????or you declared that on the behalf of pulkit ?????or you owned pulkit?????,ROFL.though He is launched by salman so he might have a huge respect or would have abuse salman inside his mind by looking at his degraded sins of 1st if he is a true human being.but from His comment it’s clear He is a KING KHAN ‘S FAN ,after all a self made star has to be a fan of of his own kind if we go by logic,ROFL.anyways one small example,recently Athiya Shetty who launched by salman told to media She is a huge fan of KING KHAN,why?????when once I compared KING KHAN with LION,at that time you mocked,now pulkit is saying the same thing,now what you’ll give explanation.REALITY is everyone is praising salman because they want to take advantage of that papa’s boy,after all who wants to be fan of such star who doesn’t know ‘a’ alphabet of acting besides some school drop out idiots?????,ROFL.

    From 2010-2015,if WE go after your logic by taking verdict into account,then no of your salman’s film is ATBB/record broken film.while KING KHAN has 1 which is bigger success than just a HGOTY.if we went past back to marigold period,then can’t you see marigold is a disaster and YLHJK is a flop,that means marigold,yuvraj and main Mrs. Khanna like all disasters are biggest failure than marigold in terms of verdict you fool.YLHJK is a complete trash that seems like 10 year old release because KING KHAN would have did such kind of movie before 1995 ,otherwise who’s fool will do a movie like ylhjk after giving DDLJ?????,LOL.and don’t forget YLHJK didn’t has KING KHAN’S VOICE,and KING KHAN’S appearance is just 30-35% in movie with out a single promo/trailer release and also released in pre-multiplex era.while marigold hugely promoted as Hollywood kinda movie and it’s complete a Bollywood type movie also released in multiplex era,and turned to a biggest disaster of bollywood after Bombay velvet till now.how shameful?????and if you again talk about it’s collection,than accept HNY is bigger movie than all salman’s 5 blockbusters and also bigger hit than hahk,LOL .talk things with logic you logicless movie watchers.and what inflation you’re talking about when people even doesn’t know whose movie is ylhjk??????and you know how many theatres it’s got like marigold?????did you even know it’s budget for which reason it declared as flop instead of sallu’ epic golden disaster,LOL.in your lifetime you can’t see a single disaster of KING KHAN while your so called blockbuster stars already gave disasters after disasters,LOL.34 flops+3 golden disaster itself shows how salman is a puny star in front of KING KHAN.

  • @Myanmar, @hrithik, @tiger whatever you guys think in your dirty mind, I dont give a damn. Here I quit the discussion. I dont want to drag the same issue going on and on for so long. That’s it. Period. Case closed.

  • @sss : If Deepika & Anushka can be called as Srk given then why not for Pulkit as Salman given ??? Double standards ??? Who are you to prove Pulkit”s words as wrong ??? Yeah !!! In Srk case, 130 crs budget movie (Ra.One) is hit with 125 crs collections n 40 lakhs (YLJK) is flop whereas Salman 1 crore is disaster n 113 crs is flop ??? Now, Come on talk about verdicts I have fitting replies for that excuse as well !!!!!!!!

  • Srk fans are dumbest, they keep increasing Srk number of hits n salman flops !!!!! They turn a blind eye to official verdicts when comes Salman movies. All Salman BB are due to Rajshri, Masala, multi starrer, supporting cast n remakes when Srk himself has majority of his BB from Yrf n Dharma and due to multi starrer !!!!!!!!!!

  • @ hrithik :
    Oh really ! You have fitting replies, na ? Come on, reply me .
    Swades (2004) : 15 crores : Flop
    Mann (1999) : 12 crores : Below Average
    P.S. Data according to Indicine .

  • @hrithik,Oh MY!!!!!why you’re trolling your own comments,man?????such a loser comments you have posted again with out any logic!!!!!so let’s again to make clear your silly logicless doubts

    That’s right pulkit whatever due to salman.and Deepika and Anushka whatever due to KING KHAN.but I want to say one thing which you don’t want to understand—–to be helped by someone is different thing and to become fan of someone is completely different thing.

    Let me go through see clearly again.pulkit helped by salman but he never praised salman/his movies in such a ways nor in any day he said he is a friend of salman.now comes to Deepika who during getting of an award,clearly said with loud voice—-MY FAVOURITE KING SRK,not only that after shot in CE ,She said Her childhood dream of doing the train scene like DDLJ came true ,while before some days you jealous sallu and media tried to make differentiate between them using her tweet which given in a humurous way.and same way Anushka too said She is inspired by KING KHAN and always wants to work with KING KHAN.

    so when pulkit will said something like that aboit salman come here to argue further with me OK now say who was showing hypocrisy you logicless bhojpuris.

    now comes to VERDICTS.RA ONE’S budget was 100cr not 130cr you fool again check that blabbering.and ask your so called boi or any other site why they credited RA ONE as HIT ?????so never even dare to say it a shame HIT,even if you said then also no problem because you’re no above then trade experts rather than a puny hater.

    And why marigold is disaster and YLHJK is only flop?????just like WE can ask you why HNY is a only a super hit and hahk is atbb even earning 69cr?????,ROFL.you fool why don’t you try to understand verdict depends upon budget and period.jai ho’s budget was 110+cr and earned just 108cr,then early it’s a flop/disaster a sit couldn’t even recovered it’s budget like RA ONE you fool,LOL.

    Similarly marigold’s budget and distributing cost is 1000 times more than YLHJK which has no promoting cost and very less budget compare to marigold for which reason epic biscuit of all time marigold is disaater and YLHJK a 10 year 90’s delayed release termed as flop.got you moron.what kind if fitting reply you can give because logicless peoples like you only can get fit reply not can give,LOL.

    And about salman’s hits,can please explain what’s the contribution of salman in a family movie like hahk,hssh?????simply about 25-30%.unlike DDLJ,from start to end KING KHAN is responsible for it’s major screenplayore than 80%.and what about journey from jeet,saajan,KA,mujhse shaadi karoge,hssh,partner in which salman’s performance completely overshadowed.unlike DEEWANA,DARR,KA,MB,K3G,KHNH in which KING KHAN not only overshadowed the other leads in this film but also AWARDED BEST FOR HIS BEST PERFORMANCE.got that?????who is giving excuse like you salman/amir fans about past?????,LOL.because what is your star is solely due to their present status not flopped past,got you evil minded foolish freak?????

  • @Phenom : I have never called you this but this time I wont stop. You are an phenomenal idiot !!!!!!!
    When I am comparing Salman and Srk movies you are poking with Aamir movies. Still if I go by your logic. Don 2 with 106 crs Hit Jai Ho with 113 crs Semi Hit, now dont complain about year of release because you have also done same !!!!!!!!!!

    The reason I mentioned verdicts that I know your mental friend @sss with chant about Srk number of hits when we talk about collections !!!!!!!

  • Revisiting this page after 2 days…!

    @indicine What is your problem with my comment posted on Sunday 30th August at 3:12pm…?

    Can I not bash a chameleon on your pro chameleon friendly site anymore…? So users cannot bash chameleons but its fine for Chameleons to bash actors n consistently get away with it…?

    What a joke- if you love chameleons so much then admit it n your old regular users can once n for all know the truth n leave one by one to visit sites that are not so accommodating to chameleons like yourselves…!

  • @eric lungiwala

    You have crossed over to the dark side- whatever you are you certainly arent an Aamir fan in the eyes of Salmir fans so wander off someplace else n accept the fact you are now an outsider.

  • @sss : Wash your face n leave your blind fanatic fan following to debate with me. No matter how many facts n resources we provide you always behaves like blind fan !!!!!!!!! According to you Salman contribution is 20% & Srk contribution is 80% in their movies. Heights of fanatism n hypocrisy !!!!!!!! You have nothing left to debate with me that’s why you are talking rubbish !!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,only one thing I can suggest for you—-go to school and complete your education,then come.who is mental?????it’s you who’re telling now 110 CR collected movie DON 2 is a flop whose budget is around only 70cr.while you’re calling a 107cr collected movie budget as a success whose budget is 110cr!!!!!hypocrisy at it’s peak?????why your parents still not allowing you to attend school,how can we beat the illiteracy of India,if things will going on this way,where adults like you will still are not aware of numbers,ROFL.look at your complan addicted bhojpuris illiterate auncle who is still crying for not publishing his idiotic comments,ROFL.such a big idiots you’re?????you’ve no idea about budget,verdict rather knew only these outdated things—-hgoty,bbs blah blah.tell about some new knowledgeable things,lol.

  • @sss:
    But Bhai’s all those disasters collected 10 times more than king’s epic blockbuster Yljk. That’s shows the starpower.

    Bigger stars movies budget are always higher. That’s why margold’s budget was more than YLJK.

    Your king needs manipulation to cross even 100cr mark (jthj), needs Deepika’s power to give even hit (hny) but you are barking on megastar Salman who can give 300cr grosser eaaily. It seems “Iblish ke mooh pe kbuda ka naam”…lol.

  • @Navin I have done nothing wrong to you mate. It’s your James dude who has done sins and hurt my sentiments and kept mocking me and abusing aamir everytime. There was also another Salman khan’s fan @the beast if you check his comments on Bajrangi bhaijaan 600 crores worldwide article, and also there is one old user @yuvraj who always bashes aamir even last year during kick release and pk release. Still they do so. What about that? I am not outsider. Tell your mated to keep decency and peace and you will not see any negativity in my comment. I also love and respect Salman khan.

  • @ hrithik :
    So what did you do ?
    You compared Ra-one with Jai ho ? Isn’t there year difference ?
    If I’m an idiot , you are surely not intelligent !

  • @hrithik,here you caught badly.because your copy pasted article couldn’t made me fool which doesn’t contain a single word of pulit towards salman and now admit Pulkit as a KING KHAN’S FAN.if that’s not enough even Sushant Singh rajput card himself a big KING KHAN’FAN who begged a autograph of KING KHAN in SWADES set in past that he recently said in IPSSK in front of KING KHAN?????even Varun Dhawan admitted in a award function that He wants the charishma of KING KHAN to impress girls and want to be like Him.and Ranbir Kapoor admitted in Filmfare while getting best actor for rockstar “I want to be like KING KHAN and want to be an complete Actor like HIM”.

    Riteish deshmukh in front of salman in dus ka dum admitted He is a fan of KING KHAN by saying dialogues of DTPH.and after success ek villain,He gave credit to KING KHAN for being inspiring of that kind role from His favourite movie ” BAAZIGAR”.

    Katrina kaif said She like KING KHAN a San actor the most and Her favourite most watched movie is Ashoka that she used to watch in London.

    Madhuri Dixit said Her best ci actor among khans and all is non other than KING KHAN.and she preferred to go for lunch invitation by KING KHAN over salman,amir when returned to India.

    most important —-BIGB repliedin KWK show,HIS BEST ACTOR AMONG THE KHANS IS “KING SRK” MD favourite movie is SWADES,JTHJ.

    And many such other actors/actresses who is a Huge Fan of KING KHAN.so never dare ever to show your salman’s fanbase which is nothing in front of KING KHAN and started to grow after 2010.

    And why should I will give excuse like you.again watch DDLJ and hahk in hahk(salman’s presence is just equal to jai bhanushali’s role in hate story-2),only madhuri+family member responsible for the huge emotion drama in hahk.while in DDLJ—-IN first half completely a KING KHAN’S SHOW,2ND half when He returned after 15 minute the role even remain stronger till the end,in fact we can say DDLJ is a co.eye KING KHAN show in terms of Do.esy,Drama,Emotions everything did alone by KING KHAN and rest appropriate credit goes to crew members and other actresses ,now don’t again started to cry by giving speech about KING KHAN played all spot boy,camera man type useless blabbering.and give any fitting reply if you have rather than any useless reply you have addicted to give all the time,ROFL.

    @tiger-the real chuha,SUPER HIT HNY collected 100 times more than negligible abbs like mpk,hahk.and KING KHAN’S flops collected more than your star’s so called atbb mpk,ROFL.now which explanation give,only waiting for that!!!!!

    Unlike Madhuri who gave Atbb to salman ,it’s KING KHAN WHO started the career of Deepika,don’t forget that,ROFL.at least OIR KING never used child power house talent like Harshali to cross 300cr and Kabir bhaijaan again,ROFL.still failed to break any record!!!!!what the use of having such useless stardom?????,ROFL.

  • @phenom jerk your illiteracy I’d proved that you are not even @pth pass. Shame on you. His dare you to compare 1999 movie Mann with 2004 release swadesh. Than I can also compare DDLJ to 3 idiots
    DDLJ=60 Cr
    3 idiots= 202 Cr which is >>>>>>>>>>>3•DDLJ. Now he lost phenomenal fool.

  • @phenomenal idiot your illiteracy has proved that you are not even 10th pass. How dare you to compare 1999release Mann to 2004 release swadesh? If we go that way than 3 idiots collected more than 3 times of DDLJ. So shut your mouth. 3 idiots foot falls were also much more than crap overrated classless movie DDLJ.

  • @ Ra1 :
    Surely . Now I realize my mistake . I shouldn’t have compared a crap movie (Mann ki baat) – which was a unacknowledged remake of Love Affair (1994) , with an evergreen classic called ‘Swades’ !!!

  • @sss : Tu to kya bahut bada writer hai ?? What you want me to do? create and write an article about how Pulkit is impressed by Salman just to show you ?? IIN Engineer, Entire Indicine knows whose comments are filthy and with zero sense. You need to give a gyaan. Keep your gyaan to yourself, it is you who need all these not me !!!!!!!!!!! And never drag anyone parents, this is the LAST WARNING !!!!! else I will be forced to bash your clan !!!!!! Sadakchap does not have any morals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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