End of ‘superstar’ Akshay Kumar?

Is this the end of Akshay Kumar’s golden run in Bollywood? Post 2 back – to – back disasters this is one hot topic of discussion all over. And should continue to be till the release of Kambakht Ishq later this year.

It all started in the year 2007 and continued into 2008, barring the multistar dud Tashan. Namastey London, Heyy Babyy, Bhool Bhulaiya, Welcome and Singh Is Kinng.. all mega blockbusters meant Akshay was right up there with SRK, Aamir and Hrithik. But 2009 has turned out to be quite disastrous for Akshay with  Chandni Chowk To China and 8×10 Tasveer failing to even manage a face saving opening at the box-office.

But not all’ lost for the actor fondly called the Khiladi Kumar in the 90s, as the star has two mega budget flicks Kambakht Ishq and Blue to revive his career. One looks like a romantic comedy (like most Akshay films)  while the other is an action adventure (like Tashan?). Can Akshay make a comeback? Or will 2009 put an end to the superstar’s dream run at the box-office?

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  • I don’t think ‘superstars end when they have a few duds. If there is talent and charisma it stays there despite ups and downs that long-running stars endure. SRK’s movies or Amitabh Bahcchan’s movies haven’t all been top ones and they have stood the distance despite that.
    I am still going to try out 8X10 Tasveer on DVD (I dont get access to Bollywoods on the screen where I live).
    It also depends on taste. Movies that don’t go well at the box office can still overall do OK on a world-wide run and through DVD these days. For instance ‘Luck by Chance’ didn’t seem to go all that well in India but it seems to be getting above average to rave ratings on Western Internet sites now the DVD has been released there.
    I haven’t been that keen on Akshay comedies which are a bit ‘silly’ for me. This is more in the script and the mood they were going for than the actor (who I see has had good reviews generally even for Tasveer despite the movie itself being seen as disappointing). I will be happy to get back to a romantic comedy from him- and perhaps even an action one depending on its content.

  • i dont think its end of akki.
    8×10 is good movie as far as iam concerned however some people dont like the ending but as far as iam concerned the ending is ok since you cant predict human psychology and the impression of various events in child hood and for me the ending seem good.

    the movie is well taken probably it might not be a block buster but iam sure akki will get new class of fans through this movie by doing something special away from casual films every one in bollywood doing.

    one or two movies dont make much difference in the akki’s run he is the king.

  • Poor Akshay Kumar.. that’s what i thought.. by end of this year he’ll go back to the same position he was in the past..


    Anyway.. I’m not this type that would be happy for someone’s failure, but that was my feeling, that Akshay by end of 2009 he’ll go reverse and back to where he was in the past, NOT BECAUSE HE’S A BAD ACTOR.. BUT BECAUSE HE SELECTS BAD SCRIPTS.. and he (himself) has this doubt, during his last interview on NDTV, he said that he’d rather go back to where he was in the past.. do u know why.. all of you? Because he lacks confidence.. he knows he can’t defeat Shahruh, Aamir & Hrithik.

    8 x 10 Tasveer is quite a good movie, I didn’t like the ending, but didn’t affect a good direction.. didn’t work at the box office.. that we can say it’s fate, many good movies didn’t do well at the box office, and many silly movies did.

    As Akshay Kumar is a hard work guy, therefore I wish that he’d consider his career once again, and try to select some good scripts, I don’t want him to go back after the great success he achieved and want to see him in some good movies whether it was action,, romantic whatever, but good movies

    Shahrukh isn’t a superstar because of his talent only, but because of his choice for scripts, so is Aamir & Hrithik.

  • Its not the right time to judge whether his reign in Bollywood is over or yet to remain. You check, most of his hits are not solo, but with many other co-stars. In this way can we give him full credit? No n Never. Many titles r there for proof.
    Look at Sunil Shetty, who was once Akki’s best partner in movies has fallen totally below b-grade stars. Will Akki become like him?

  • Hari: A question for you ( and please whoever is planning to watch 8×10 tasveer.. don’t read this comment)

    We couldn’t predict that Jay had a twin brother who’s name is Jeet.. that’s a good point, but what I didn’t like about the ending was the following:

    How could Jay forgive Jeet in a second and he did terrible things?!! He killed his dad and stabbed his mom who’s almost dead and tried to kill him too?!!
    And.. how could the bad bother Jeet change in a few seconds, while listening to Jay’s lecture, so became a good person, left all his plans behind, forgot his greed and his girlfriend and killed her?!! That wasn’t convincing at all. Moreover.. how could Jay keep on breathing and didn’t die when he was thrown in the ocean, while trying to find a pestol to break the chain with?!

    Some directors do good movies but spoil it in the end.

  • *******The comment has Spoilers*******

    Hi Fathiya…let me pitch in my comment here…
    the first stunt scene in the movie clearly shows us that Jai holds his breath for 4 mins so one thing is clarified.
    y he becomes a killer can b defended bcoz of the torture he went thru n psychology and he wanted Jai to die n murders happened in the course of having the property.
    probably a scene or 2 shud hav been shown depicting Jeet psych or very weak mentally n can b manipulated.

    many movies dealing with psyche of person ha been released in holly so may b Kukunoor shud hav increased the running time by 10 more minutes n shown y it took Jeet to take such a step.

    n killing parents for property is not a new thing it happens in real life too…n brothers ample cases…


  • Fathiya is back?oh god >_<,err Well you see if a person does 4-5 films in ayear it’s obvious all won’t be hits and won’t get super openings what if 2 are flops? cc2c bombed i accept,Tasveer is the most least hyped akkis film so bad opening,but fortunately blue,ishq,de dana dan,housefull are carrying tremendous hype so watch out for them and fathiya stop posting film spoilers i hope indicine deletes her comment,k thnx.

  • Aryna: he hold his brith for 4 minutes! could u do it for 4 minutes?! I can’t even for one minute.. I’d die.

    Kalyan: I’m not back.. I’m always here, posting my comments. And how could u predict that his upcoming movies might be some good ones?! Many movies were expected good, were promoted well, but failed e.g. Tashan flopped as well as cc2c and now 8×10 Tasveer.. if his upcoming movies didn’t do well, then everyone has to say: Goodybe Akshay.. you’ve to quit bollywood and go back to Thailand, work at any restaurant!

  • Hey Fathiya the movies r fictional u gottu believe them dint u believe Anushka’s character of not figuring out his own husband without moustache in RNBDJ…n plp can hold breathe close to that, he also mentions it as a world record so not a prob for me…

  • Fathiya…u r srk slave…who always prase him for whatever he does….
    i have always seen ur comments against amir, akki, salman, etc etc…
    & for Srk…..always positive.
    better dont comments for other stars if u cant say anything good.

  • Aryan: It’s a movie I know, it’s a fiction, but even in fection movies, some parts we can’t agree with.. I accepted that he had a super power which enabled him to enter anyone’s past, by staring at his photo.. but what happens in the end.. no..sorry Aryan, for me wasn’t a good ending.

    And about Anushka’s role in Rabne.. that wasn’t a fiction movie, and it wasn’t only the moustache which made shahrukh look different as Raj.. it was (everything).. he was different from head to toe, as well as his character and attitude. Aryan: if u watched Rabne for one time, please watch it again, and then you’ll notice that Tani in the movie has doubts but can’t be sure as Raj was completely a different character, Raj was with no moustache, with a different hairstyle, with no glasses on his face, with a different pants, shirt, specially the attitude, completely a different man!

  • listen fathiya, you are just a hater, you talk about akshay kumars movies that did not do good but what about that ass srk movie billu that was a flop! just keep your mouth shut

  • Fathiya ! shat your stupid mouthe first.how you compare gay like sharuk with real king like akshay.
    akshay done great job from lsat twenty years with out any godfather in bollywood ,with out any big banner
    he become king on his own power .so what .if today he has two flop that’s ok man.
    compare (tasveer) with sharuks last two films than decide which one is better .
    I agree that sharuk has some stupid fans who macke all his stupid movies super hit.
    Lets waite for his next moives .

  • Ahsan & Salman: If we.. as shahrukh’s fans are stupid.. then why aren’t u some stupid people who love Akshay and worship him although 75% of his movies were (bad movies) some like cartoons, some stupid silly action movies, some with very poor direction and poor scripts, but Shahrukh’s 80% were good and the last 2 movies also were some good movies.. Rabne was excellent and was a blockbuster, Billue wasn’t a commercial movie, and it was his home production but not his movie.. it was Irfan Khan’s movie, Irfan was in the leading role and not Shahrukh, and no one knows.. probably shahrukh likes and respect Irfan Khan therefore he planned to do him a movie.

    Moreover.. I said that 8×10 Tasveer is a good movie, but the last 5 minutes spoiled it ( even in chakpak website, some ppl said so.. the ending was stupid)

    You shut up stupid people coz you don’t know how to criticise any film, to see the positive and negative in any movie as u are biased, and when u love any actor blindly so you just defend him even if he did the worst e.g. cctc and Tashan!
    Akshay got 3 flop movies, one in 2008 Tashan, two in 2009 cc2c & this one.. God knows about the next and his upcoming movies!!

  • Fathiya! all of Haklu khan’s movies are stupid .same story same music .same team .
    even same locations .Akshay is 100 times better than this gay actor .
    if you realy know about movies you couldn’t say that sharuk is better

  • Ahsan Khan: You’ve NO RIGHT to accuse anyone that he’s gay.. isn’t your name Ahsan Khan?!! So this means that you’re a muslim guy.. in our religion Islam ( obviously u know nothing about Islam) the biggest sin you do which is worst even than killing is to accuse someone or talk about him in a bad way and u have no evidence that he is! Even if u have evidence.. you shouldn’t say it.. that’s if u r a true muslim!!

    And what makes u think that you know better about movies!!!

  • End of Akshay Kumar.. Indicine Team said it.. and they said that he’s no longer one of the top 3 in bollywood.. so you guys who r so angry now have no choice except to turn yr back and forget about your false hero!!

    AJ: you’re a donkey, or maybe a monkey.. I never accused anyone in a bad way as u all do!! Aamir Khan slept with a western woman, she disclosed everything about him and that he got a son.. and the media wrote about it!! So I didn’t accuse him coz what happened was true.. they even published his sons’ picture who looks like him!

    And.. I’m talking about Akshay’s movies, and not about his personal life.. can u people prove that Akshay is not Gay?!! How can u prove it if I say that he’s gay?!!! You can’t nah.. this way people spoil someone’s image!

    But.. but.. u all know what he did recently during Lakme Fashion Show.. do u still have respect form him?!! And his wife has been arrested coz she’s also a shameless woman.. how could she unbutton his trouser in public?!!!!!

    I think he’s gone mad, so has his wife!!

  • HI All,
    I feel its still early to call it a end of Akshay stardom…bcoz first u dont become superstar jus like that and he does lot of movies so the probability of 100% success is difficult and if he pulls it off everytime then i thnk he wont b a human…this yr again he has almost 3 films lined up so even if 2 which r banked on highly turn out biggies he is bac to wat u plp call top3…
    its good he came out of comedy n the safe zone, some set of plp hav liked the movie bcoz i dont c many hindi movies getting a user rating of 6.3 in IMDB

    And I dont find the review frm Indicine here quiet strange considering it being a good one
    Amitabh B also used to do lot of films he too doesnot hav a grt8 success ratio its only in 1990 Agnipath which made him the legend…
    Last yr wen Panchvi paas bombed on tv SRK had got criticized

    Its sad the movie isnt appreciated for being diffirent but im sure KI will hav a bumper opening just like Ghajini or OSO bcoz we r used to only masala flicks…

    So its good to debate on this topic but cannot conclude…

  • Fathiya !if Indicine Team saying something about Akshay that dos’t mean that they are 100% right.
    this is not from god or Allah. we all know that no one can pridect 100% about some one
    and we all know about media people .they just plying with people,s feeling specially stupid people .
    thirefore don’t trust him 100%
    at the same time evry one has a right to sport his or her F actor and I don’t let any one to say any thing wrong about King Kumar

  • Raghav: I’m only teasing some stupid asshole ppl here.. believe me I don’t mean what I say sometimes about Akshay because I like him.. yes I do.. but I don’t like his behaviour, 85% of his movies are worthless.. he’s just wasting his talent over some silly scripts.. but when some dumbo pple come across and try to fight, then I’d say in return what make their blood boil under their skin specially this Raj, who’s like a cobra, a snake who’s watching only my comments or Kiran’s and then tries to spread his poison on us!!

    Kiran: Where’re you sister.. why did u disappear.. here we’re.. this criminal Raj is trying to shut me off.. haha. crazy guy.. scum & lousy.. he thinks he owns this website and no one has the right to say anything about his “king Kumar”!!

    INDCINE TEAM: Why did u remove the icon for reporting abusive comments?!

  • Aryan & Raghav: Did u watch Ah Dekhe Zarah? No movie review on this website, it’s in our cinemas and I’m planning to watch it tomorrow.. but need to know if it’s a good one or not.. can someone tell me please?

  • Man.. hi .. no offence guys . but reading all the above ..i can understand that comments of 1 guy is very biased… comment as a real movie viewer, everything u say here is not useless.. all ur comments can be considered as a small of how a movie will go.. people may not watch a movie if he see bad comments for it.. and if those comments are biased.. then it is sure a Shame. Keep ur fav actor aside .. and talk abut the concerned movie as a real viewer.. i too feel 8X10 ending is not up to the mark..

    but my fav actor is always Akshay Kumar, nobody Handsome then him in whole bollywood… he is one of the best in acting… Akki Rules.. and man dont compare srk with him… As a movie “”HERO”” akki is far more superior…

  • Noone answered my question about the movie Ah Dekhe Zarah.. but I watched it today in cinema. The first half was quite good, different script excactly like 8 x 10 Tasveer, but the second half wasn’t, nothing special in the second half, but it wasn’t a boring movie.. and Neil Mukesh is a good actor.

    What I can say, comparing this movie with 8 x 10 Tasveer, the last one is better. 8x 10 is better in direction except the last 10 minutes, but ADZ only half the movie, and the movie length was only 2 hours only.

    This short review for anyone who wants to see it. U can watch it on a dvd.

  • Sorry Fathiya…dint login to this site yest so cudnt answer u, now that u hav seen the movie…my review wont matter much…
    Personally I dint like ADZ the movie is complete fantasy and actingwise it is evident that Neil to be a newcomer n learnig it step by step but somehw i found his actin similar to Johny gaddar.
    songs were also detterent, bipasha was ok wit her role..
    the conversation wit pigeon in the beginning gav me the feel of the movie…

    as u said good watch on dvd than cinema hall…

    my take 1.5/5

  • ow common people akshay kumar is a very good actor, 8×10 was a good movie, actors as good as him will not go down just because of that.for me he is as good as aamir and SHK

    look im not indian but i love hindi movies, so ive watched a lot of SHKs,aamirs,salman,akshay movies and i could say those guys are very good in acting………yap akshay will not go down im sure he’ll have an upcoming movie that will please everybody.

    thanks good luck to akshay

  • FathIya:u always quarrel but fact is AksHay KumAr stiLL rocKss,U r LesbIan and TelLing OthEr Gay!!who the hell u think u r ,SRK is Gay with His Karan sleeping and hanging with him always time!!!JusT Go to thE toPic Na

    I knOw Akshay KumAr wiLL coME baCk witH kambakkhT isHq and it will be blockbuster buT i have doubt over BLUE BUt StiLL he WILLL coMe BaCk ,He WILL cOME BACK …TakE mY woRd!!!!AKSHAY ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • indeed the end of akshay kumar sorry to say. i have seen his trailer of kambakht ishq. same sort of film as cctc. so will flop i think,

    but akshay will remain a busy actor, although not at the top any more.

  • Hey fathiya, thanks for supporting srk…Akshay sucks because all his movies are multi starrers….
    yup, srk can make a movie with anushka and vinay and make it the highest grossing movie of 2008 and the second highest grossing of all times….next to ghajini ofcourse…even hrithik, amir and salman can deliver mega block busters alone…see what happened to Akshay in cc2c and 8 by 10, when he had just one heroine and just ranvir shorey in the former? i didnt see 8 by 10, but it’s performance shows it’s crap…akshay does not have not even one best actor award… this shows how crappy he is…srk has the second highest number of best actor awards, next only to the legendary dilip kumar…hrithik also garnered a good number of awards in an extremely short time…Newsweek placed him in 43 position in the world’s most powerful 50 list…the only other indian was sonia gandhi….every movie freak knows that next to the oscars , we have the Golden Globe Awards…srk was introduced at the Golden Globe Awards as the “King of Bollywood” while akshay was far away shooting some multi starrer to save his ass….srk has the maximum gross in foreign box offices…he has 3.6 billion viewers, and hollywood with all its actors has 2.5 billion…and fyi, billu wasnt a flop technically speaking…the budget was 18 crore…the rights were sold for 50 crores, and the movie grossed 39 crore…srk compensated eros with 11 crore and still walked away with atleast 11 crore, in a movie in which he had a special appearance….but officially, a movie is called a flop when distributors cannot recover their money..so officially, it’s a flop but in reality, it’s above average…at the end of the day, srk is the king, while akshay is a born pathetic loser who is out on bail after having a case of vulgarity/public sex offence registered against him by the Indian police…so only vulgar people will love akshay, who was linked with so many women including big b’s ex, rekha, a woman who is atleast 10 years older than him..see? akshay cant even keep it in his pants…srk does not cut other actor’s portions off a movie, unlike the selfish akshay kumar…akshay kumar is not even his real name…I read in an interview that Rajeev hari om bhatia had immense love for a girl in college, but another guy by the name of akshay kumar bagged her, so he kept his name as akshay kumar……so you see, rajeev hari om bhatia pathetically stole his collegemate’s name and now he wants to steal srk’s king title with gay supporters like ahsan khan and stuff…I say…FLAT CHANCE….
    Read this only if you are fathiya
    (Remember, facts and figures always keep their mouths shut….unless they are here for time pass or akshay /rajeev/sex offender/loser/ whatever is paying them to publicize himself, which exactly why they are reading this…)

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