Twinkle Khanna arrested!

Twinkle Khanna, wife of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, on Wednesday was arrested by the Vakola police and then released on bail of Rs 950.

The reason? For publicly unbuttoning Akshay’s trousers at the Lakme Fashion week, which was considered to be obscene!

Twinkle surrendered late Wednesday evening and informed the cops that the legal formalities will be completed by Akshay Kumar by the end of the week. Twinkle spent about 3 hours at the police station as a huge crowd gathered outside.

Arvind Mahabdi, Asst. commissioner of police said: ‘‘It was a bailable offence and we released her on a bail of Rs 950 at the police station itself. We are now waiting for Akshay.’’

Did you guys find the act obscene?



  • honestly i dnt find anything wrong or obscene in it because
    they’re married and it wasnt the situation where they’re jus unbuttoning
    pants in ‘public’

  • Yes it was obscene i completely agree that they should have not done it there , but at the same time this should have not been given this much of hike . Those who lodge the complain were those who want to be Talk of the Town.
    We have seen in past many politician arranging sexy models and obscene dances in political rallies , where were they that time why they did not complaint . Its all mellow drama … When these educated illetrate people will start thinking out of the box….

  • I completely agree with Jamshed , We can not do anything about this situation being a biggest democratic state of the world , these people have to realize it theirselves that just because of these spoiled thoughts india is considered , backward … Shame on you Guys ………

  • I found it very obscene! It was even disgusting! I hope this case goes on forever just like Sanjay Dutt’s case

  • this is nonsense. it is not as if they were stripping in front of the public ??? the show was called ‘unbuttoned’. the unbuttoning of akshays jeans was a part of the script. the actress on the catwalk with akshay was going to do it. but he refused and came to his wife instead, for her to do it. watch the full show closely and you will see what i mean.
    so, akshay did nothing wrong. in fact he was intelligent and dignified enough to not let someone else do it except his wife.

    publicity seekers are making an issue out of nothing. why dont they speak up when poor women on the streets of mumbai get raped each and every day by rich tycoons and then get left on the side of the streets. why dont these publicity seekers take these rapists to court or file complaints against them ?? cowards. nothing but low life publicity seekers.

    akshay has done nothing wrong. i have seen worst, believe me. remember the janet jackson incident, when her boobs popped out when she was performing on stage in front of a worldwide audience ? why didn’t anyone file a complaint then ? remember the fiasco involving madonna and britney spears when they french kissed each other on stage ? no one filed a complaint then, or took them to court.
    akshay did no wrong whatsoever. it seems some people are hell bent on ruining his superstar status.

  • OMG :O so what they are married and they got kids and everything i mean the public cant find anything else excpt ruining this cute couple ‘s life. Poor Akshay!!!

  • Married people don’t kiss, french kiss in public, don’t have sex in public, but privately.. whether it was his wife or any other girls on the stage.. it’s a sexual attitude, impolite behaviour… u people can’t defend what’s wrong..u r defending him coz u like him!!

    What if Shahrukh did it on the stage?!! The haters would take advantage to spoil his name, would take a chance to attack him and say that he’s a shamless guy.. but coz Akshya did it.. so what?! What’s wrong with it!!!!!

  • caramel, try to use your brain. it has nothing to do with us liking akshay kumar. in fact, i rate akshay and shah rukh the same.
    do your research before you make biased comments.
    firstly, the show was called ‘unbuttoned’ and the unbuttoning of akshays jeans was a part of the script, it was pre-planned. so it wasn’t something akshay did instantaneously just to offend people.
    secondly, there was nothing offensive about the act at all. all twinkle did was unbutton akshays jeans. she didn’t take his trouser off or even half way off. there was nothing sexual about that whatsoever. remember, the show itself was called ‘unbuttoned’.
    furthermore, akshay did not behave in a lude way, he did not gyrate his hips, did not strip, did not patronise the audience in a sexual way, did not perform any offensive dance moves or anything of that sort. in fact, the whole unbuttoning act lasted only seconds, and akshay then moved on.
    there was nothing in his performance that was offensive.
    it is only narrow minded people like yourself that have a dirty mind, create an issue out of such things.
    leave it to rest and try to be ontelligent about it. stop being subjective.

  • Spiderman: What’re you saying Spider?!!!

    Firstly.. if this show called what u said.. so it’s a stupid show with a stupid name too!

    And if what you’re saying is correct.. then why the hell police arrested his wife and she was scared to leave her house and go out?!!!

    Why didn’t they arrest (all) who were on the stage.. what you say means that everyone did it and not only Akshay Kumar.. don’t say just bullshit, crap, coz u love him!

  • Sad so sad, that in this day & age we still have backward, narrow minded, thinkers. It was a simple, innocent unbuttoning, nothing further….Please people like your’ll need to find the nearest rock to climb under and hybernate they for the rest of your’lls lives or better still become celebate – join a monestary.

  • Really I am so sorry what happened what is wrong even if they kiss What i have ssen in the fashion show was not obscene but those who orginise this scandal be aware that they mareid

  • caramel, your irrational comments dont make any sense. are you sure you even know what planet you are living in ? do you have a brain ? i thought not.
    now, caramel ( or is it chocolate ?, er, whatever) , i shall ‘attempt’ to provide answers to the silly points you have raised, the answers to which are so obvious that if you had even made the slightest effort and applied 1% of your brain, you would have come up with the answers.
    you say ‘stupid show’ – if it was a stupid show, who’s fault is that ? blame the organisers, not akshay.
    you say ‘why the hell did the police arrest his wife’ – er, could it be because of that idiot who filed a complaint with the police and thats why the police arrested her ?? is that not obvious ?
    you say ‘why was she too scared to leave her house’ – where did you get the silly idea that she was scared to leave her house ? never happened. even if it did. would you not be scared if the police where after you for invalid reasons ? would you not be a bit afraid ?. you say ‘why didn’t the police arrest everyone on stage’ – why should the police arrest everyone on stage ? everyone didn’t commit any crimes or had any complaints filed against them ? the complaint was filed against akshay and his wife. and no, i didn’t state in my comments above that everyone on stage did what akshay did. read my comments again.

    you say ‘i say bullshit and crap’ – not really. i think i have just proven to you, its you who says bullshit and crap, not me.

    you say ‘i love him’ (akshay) – not really. i love a little known actress called amrita rao,….. and gabrielle chilmi, jessica alba, hilary duffy, charlize theron, kate winslet, cheryl cole, kelly brook, kate beckinsale, and a little known singer called alesha dixon —- cos they are the most beautiful women in the world.
    not forgetting thier wonderful and down to earth personalities.
    these are the people that i ‘really’ love. not akshay.

    if you dont know who alesha dixon is, i suggest you look her up on you tube, watch the music video of her chart busting single ‘the boy does nothing’. she is about to take america by storm.

    now, iam off to do some reading. ‘do not dusturb’ sign posted until tomorrow.

  • oh, and i forgot to mention catherine jenkins in my list of people that i really like. i can’t belive i missed her out ! she is probably the most beautiful out of the lot. for those who dont know who she is, you can check her out on youtube.

    iam still trying to recover from an incident that happened this morning. i got up, got dressed quickly, and rushed to the train station. i managed to catch the right train on time. as i sat in the train, i couldn’t help but notice a few people giving me funny looks and smiling at me. i though that these people had truly gone mad and had no shame. after some time i realised that these people were looking down at my shoes. so i decided to take a look myself. to my shock and horror i realised i was wearing odd shoes ! one was black, the other dark orange ! how embarrassing. this never happened to me before, so it came as a real shock.
    i had no choice but to keep the shoes on, or else walk bearfoot, which wouldn’t have been practical. as soon as i got out of the train station, i rushed to the nearest shoe shop and bought myself a pair of shoes. i put the old pair in the bag and then a sense of extreme peace came over me. wow, the great escape ! can you imagine the embarrassment if i kept on wearing the odd pair throughout the day everywhere i went ? that would have been really humiliating.
    phew ! got saved.
    anyway, this never happened to me before so i thought i mention it to you all.

    night night.

  • i dont think that they couple had done anything wrong, i mean she just unbuttoned her trouser nothing much, for publicity many model removes their tops just for publicity & that works????

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