EID Releases in Bollywood over the years: Analysis and fun facts

The week that Salman Khan created and dominated over the last few years, is arguably the biggest weekend to release films in Bollywood. Eid releases are always special and this year will be no different. 

As Salman gears up for yet another record-breaking weekend this year, we take a look at the opening day, lifetime, number of screens and some interesting facts related to the big Eid weekend.

Wanted (2009)14005.2 cr61 crSuper Hit
Dabangg (2010)190015.1 cr*143 crAll Time Blockbuster
Bodyguard (2011)280021.4 cr*145 crBlockbuster
Ek Tha Tiger (2012)340032.9 cr*199 crBlockbuster
Chennai Express (2013)360033.1 cr*227 crAll Time Blockbuster
Kick (2014)400026.5 cr233 crBlockbuster
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
410027.25 cr321 crAll Time Blockbuster
Sultan (2016)440036.54 cr*301 crAll Time Blockbuster

As you can see from the table above, the growth in business year-on-year for every new Eid release is staggering. With last year being the only exception when a film didn’t break the previous years record by a huge margin.

The difference last year was, it was the only year in the last 5 years when a Salman Khan film didn’t hit screens during Eid. It was his arch-rival Shahrukh Khan who released his film Chennai Express in theatres, and although the film didn’t break previous records by a huge margin, it went on to be the highest grosser of all time, beating the 43-month old record of 3 Idiots.

The fact that this year Salman returns to his favourite weekend is creating all the hype and excitement, not just amongst the audience, media and fans.. but also the trade.

Some interesting Eid weekend facts

  • Dabangg in 2010 became the first film to collect more than 15 crore on a single day at the box office.
  • Bodyguard in 2011 became the first film to collect more than 20 crore on its opening day (also the biggest ever day back then).
  • It was again during the Eid weekend that Ek Tha Tiger became the first to breach the 30 crore opening day and single-day mark. Can Kick collect 40 crore on more on a single day?
  • No Eid release in the last 4 years have attained less than ‘Blockbuster’ status. Two films have gone on to be ‘All Time Blockbusters’ – Dabangg and Chennai Express.
  • The average year-on-year growth of opening day business on Eid is 71.25%, with Dabangg being the best performer. If this year’s release KICK manages the average growth, it would collect a mind-boggling Rs 56 crore on its opening day which is highly unrealistic to achieve or expect. 2014 could well be the first year when the first day business is actually lower than last few years because Kick releases on a non-holiday, during the Ramadan period and in the month of July when torrential rain affects business in Mumbai.




  • CE smashed the opening weekend, opening week and fastest to 200cr records. CE also had paid previews on 1st day which took away from 1st day figure. Kick on its 1st holiday will do about 28-35cr so it also wont b smashing ett 1st day record by a distance bcos the market hasnt grown that much.

  • @indicine “first day is all about star power and ability to bring d audiences at smaller centres” i tnk d number of screens and d day of release matters.ett was an independence day release and ce was eid on similar number of screens.

  • i remember during ett time most of salman haters said no buzz poor music tht doesnt stop movie collecting big if emerging superstar siddarth film opens 17 crs and ran-arjun’s gunday opened to 15 crorez expect 30crores but HNY might 40 crore on day with srk marketing and aamir pk can touch 300 crores in india

  • if wanted and dabang have same scren like ce then…
    Wanted and dabang became 1st movie which is crossd 200 n 300 cr…

  • indicine plz rply.
    u say that ce broke ett by just .20cr but it must be noted that ett first day was independence day and ce was eid.
    also how can u compare wanted and dabang because wanted was non-holiday and dabang was holiday so it will grow obviously.

  • @indicine, why have you put wanted as super hit, it was at most average to semi hit, it only collected 65 crores at max, if it is super hit then all the movies of akshay will be super hit as they usually collect 65-75 crores, Tees Mar Khan collected 81 crores then it should also be super hit, please do not mislead

    • All those asking, verdicts are not given based on the box office collections of a film, but return on investment. Highest grosser of all time has nothing to do with All Time Blockbuster status.

  • I would differ on a few posters here, Kick is carrying enough buzz to be blockbuster.

    Even if it carries mixed reviews, it will be unstoppable once Eid sets in.

  • @iamsrk,

    that’s a good post from you. however, you cannot base collections on reviews. CE had 2.5 avg rating and it entered 200 cr club. If Kick gets the same or higher, it will surely come close to 225cr.

  • Kick’s trailer got praise from whole bollywood even Mr.Bacchan praised it & said i havent watched such kind of work in bollywood before.

    It crossed lifetime likes of K3 & D3 & first bollywood trailer marching towards 100K likes on youtube which is first time for any bollywood trailer.

    There is huge craze in public about film & they are calling theater owners for ask when the booking will start.

    The train sequence is honoured as most stylish sequence in bollywood & people liking the sequence & its impact is huge in social sites.

    Still some morons thinks that film has lower buzz.

    Ok!!!! Some guys said same thing 2 years back on Indicine.com that ‘ETT has no buzz in Delhi’ & ‘Yaha pe kya patang udayenge….!’ These are his words & that time i replyed him ‘Wait till release & after first week paper me ETT KE RECORDS KE BARE ME PADH…FIR US PAPER KI PATANG BANA AUR DILHI ME CHAT PE JAGE UDA’

    So those who thinks Kick has lower buzz wait till completion of first week after release of Kick.

  • @Arjun kapoor
    Lol,u are very good at prediction….
    And u predicted 200crs for holiday..?
    And this time also ur prediction will go horribly wrong…
    Kick will not do above 30crs on day 1 in any case….my prediction is around 24crs..

  • Eid is coming after weekend so Kick weekend collections might not reach 100 crores but 1st week collections should cross 150 crores easily and this time its looking like overseas collections of Kick will be also huge.3 days to go for Kick.

  • @baap since u blv wanted is just avg or semi hit then going bybyour logic even kahaani,vicky donor,soty,raaz3,omg,ishaqzaade etc are not b.o. hits!!lol.
    Their is something called ROI that ultimately decides whether a film is hit or not.first learn economics from ur school teacher and then talk about verdicts:-)

  • @vikram congratulations.Srk’s paid preview record is safe again as there is no paid preview of Kick and that record will last until paid preview of any movie happens in future.lol

  • only one line to say to all anti salman khan people

    ” abhi
    eid <3
    hain :)
    salman khan
    banayega :D ;) ''

  • @Sht You are even a bigger manipulator..

    HAHK 69.75crs
    DDLJ 61crs
    K2H2 45crs..

    These collections are from the SRK fans favorite site BOI..stop spreading fake figures!!! :P

  • @thullu the reason my holiday prediction went wrong was bcz I had overestimated akki’s starpower.he has negligible trust among audiences of A-centre single screens and all multiplexes who were coincidentally holiday’s target audience.but I hv learnt from my mistake and my presiction for entertainment is 55cr in best case scenario.mark my words.

  • Btw after delivering a hattrick of flops(dogtainment,bling bling,rgv ki gabbar)akki will get a hit with warrior remake bcz of sid’s loyal fans.u shd thank youngistaan fr helping akki’s carrer from sinking.

  • Teaser of Hrithik – Katrina starrer ‘Bang
    Bang’ will be attached with none other
    than Salman Khan starrer ‘Kick’. This
    will help film surely as ‘Kick’ is
    releasing in 4400 screens and it has
    huge buzz. This teaser will be of 58 second of duration.

  • @indicine,if an idiotic film like CE is an ATBB to you which is no nearer to the past records in major places like Mumbai,Delhi & Rajasthan,then undoubtedly Ready,Bodyguard,Ek tha tiger & Yeh jawaani hain deewani are also All time blockbusters according to your logic.

  • @sid duplicate I purposely posted those numbers to show tigress who doesn’t know about Bo numbers. RH did 47 cr not 48. Second this Boi is Salmans payroll 3 years back HAHK was on 65 cr and DDLJ 61 cr. how come they increased to 69 cr without running in cinemas. At least DDLJ is running for 20 year and it must be added 4-5 cr over those years Boi is big manipulator.

  • @sht, yes BOI is manipulator afterall they ignored the collection of MANIPULATINOPUR, frm whr jthj collected 21cr nd krish3 collected 65cr respectively.

  • @jc
    CE was totally family entertainer(though i didnt like it too much) review doesn’t affect comedy movie a lot but it did action ,
    lets find out how much potential kick has, will surely beat Ett it is confirm so far.

  • @sameer ce 1st broke the 4yr old record of 3idints, was all time highest grosser before d3, dabangg, bodyguard or ready were not all time highest grosser

  • @ arjun kapoor, I think ROI comes in picture only in case of akshay kumars films, could you please tell me what was ROI for wanted, if it collected 61 crores so was it made only for 40 crores, please do no bark about your knowledge about economics, we are here only comparing the box office collection not satellite rights, music rights etc, if that is the case then no film will be flop today, please do your research then make comments

  • I don’t believe kick will break all records of dhoom 3 however may be it will break Chennai exp or krissh 3 record.

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