Humpty and Kavya head towards the 70 crore mark

Official Press Release:

Some tears, some joy, some dance and loads of love. That’s exactly what Dharma Productions’ Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania had in store for their audiences. What they got in return was only love, at the box office. Liked by both fans and critics, Humpty and Kavya had a great run in its release weekend with a good collection.

Despite the decline in footfall at the theatres owing to the well-known heavy showers in the city and festivities, the film continued to run shows with above average occupancy, even on weekdays. Now, as the 2nd weekend ends, Humpty and Kavya are heading towards a 70 crores domestic business. This is a terrific show put up by Karan Johar, once again and his two students Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt.

While the release weekend figure as confirmed by the official sources, rounded up to 33 crores, the 1st week held strong with another 20 cr and now with a 13 cr 2nd weekend, the film is headed towards a 70 cr mark.

A fresh treatment, great music and sizzling chemistry of Alia and Varun in their first solo leads together is ensuring that Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania couple be seen in another outing soon again.



  • @indicine plz stop over promoting Dharma movies.. nw everybody following this site knows u r a Dharma loyalist so everyone will think whatever gud u say abt dharma movies as FAKE. so plz stop overpromotin dharma movies.

  • @Aaaaaaaaa1111111111 indicine has only posted two articles abt humpty inblast 7 days and u r asking it to not over promote humpty??lol.don’t b jealous of youngistaan’s success.v youngistaan team hv immense love and respect fr superstars.even ur bhai,attended villain’s success bash and posted a pic of arjun wearing devil’s atleast learn from ur bhai and gv respect to youngistaan.

  • Don’t understood what was the need of this article….
    You posted Humpty sharma 2nd week collections few posts ago and it says the film has collected 67crs something…
    Now even a kinder garten student also knows that the film is heading towards 70crs!!!
    The collections are surely progressing forward,they have’nt put a reverse gear and started moving towards 60crs…

    Most of these Dharma films have the same predictable story,where the boy meets the girl with a happy ending…

  • I don’t have any problem with such Dharma films,they are all at the best avg. films and nice one time family entertainers but are these kind of films taking bollywood ahead!!!

  • @arjun kapoor this film does not deserve 1 article … U r asking for more than 2… U have a bad taste of films…. Hskd is average.. And so is expressionless arjun,varun-sid.. Nothing without dharma .

  • @babaji u r absolutely right-r films like 2 states,humpty sharma,hasee toh ohsee,villain,lootera etc taking Bollywood ahead??if Bollywood wants to go ahead it needs to only produce films like bodyguard,joker,tees maar khan,marigold,kites,josh,mela etc.!!!

  • Arjun Kapoor.. first comment of yours here that mean me LAUGH OUT LOUD. That was really funny.

    Youngsters are doing good and interesting films. The Khans, apart from Aamir (who ironically started this trend of South films), are taking Bollywood back to the 80s. BUT happy with the upcoming films of Salman :)

  • @arjun kapoor
    I was only talking about Dharma films,where does ek villain and lootera jumped into this…??
    And don’t talk about lootera,it will force nipun to come out of his den…!

  • @arjun kapoor no it needs to make films like mr.x ………. Arjun kapoor is not a solo star. Total films varun- sid ,arjun has done are not more than no. Of successful films of emraan hashmi and akki… Let alone salman…

  • Lootera in 2013 and Humpty in 2014 are the best films of respective years. waiting for bang bang and bombay velvet.

  • Arjun kapoor aurangzeb did not even collect 20 cr with yrf banner .. So he will remain a 3rd lead actor in dharma films, after Sid and Varun.

  • Out of those films that you have mentioned
    Josh and kites were definitely better films than HSKD,YJHD n GTPM…
    Can u plz tell me,what was the story in YJHD?

    These stories have been told 20-30 years ago and that too in a much better way…

  • @arjun kapoor
    All your newbies have been backed by big production houses…

    Arjun(4 films):3 yrf,1 dharma

    Sid(3 films):2 dharma,1 balaji

    Varun(3 films):2 dharma,1 balaji

  • @nipun mad or what ??? Hskd is not the best film of 2014 … It is queen. While htp , hskd,finding fanny are utter craps of bakwas actors like arjun,varun,sid

  • @nipun best film of 2013 was r rajkumar. Lootera was crap. Queen was best film in 2014. Htp ,xpose, hskd will win ghanta awards for crap films and arjun kapoor will win kela award for 2 states as the 4th lead.

  • @waitin for natwarlal i jst watched the trailer nothing grt jst avrg ab bas bhokta reh kuch nahi ukhad paayega tera natwrlal.

  • @babaji I m sorry to inform u that I lack d necessary energy to get into fan wars where I will b boasting abt the performance of my fav stars and speaking nonsense abt others to somehow win the argument.if u blv that youngistaan is making craps that r taking bollywood back then let it b like that.v youngistaan members r nt here to please our few haters but instead to touch the heart if our billions of lovers who hv ensured that youngiataan scores 9 hits out of 12 releases including 6 big hits,1 avg earner,1 abv avg earner and just 1 flop in past 1.5 year with a success rate of 75% .so u go on saying watever u wish to speak.I respect ur opinion.

  • @nipun glad to see u back and appreceating I hv always maintained,I and nipun share a live hate relationship.

  • Ha ha ha enjoying reading the unintentionally hilarious comments aboutt youngistaan films.keep it up.

  • @Babaji ki booti..feel ashamed that HSKD crossed the collections of Kites, K786,Boss, OUTIMD as well!!! :P

  • HSKD is an average was watchable only because of Varun-Alia and those 2 guys who played 2 friends..3 stars from me..

  • @nipun
    I still don’t believe that you are calling HSKD the best film of this year…
    I think someone is misusing his id…

  • @babaji and yes I forgot to mention cult classics like blue,cc2c,tmk and finally joker.Bollywood shd dfntly stop making craps like humpty and 2 states and instead produce only d abv listed films

  • @sid since u r terming humpty avg u shd rate it 2.5 stars and not 3 stars which r given to decent or moderately gd, films

  • @arjun, did u saw kites?
    its best romantic movie ever.. I bet if that was a hollywood movie and tom or daniel or any actor is starred that movie then it could be a huge blockbuster there with the same story, same scene, emotion, love chemistry….
    If u did nt get spanish lang. Then its ok, bt thats nt mean its bad mvie its best ever romantic saga in b.wd history atleast 4 me…. Its hit in overseas get that…
    @sid fuflicate, varun’s highest grosser will be half of akshay’s highest grosser and * thrice less than hrithiks… What about overseas? Its collect almost half of kites which is 2010’s released… And opens better than hskd.. 13cr 2nd big open after dabangg and bigger than 3idiot…

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