EID Releases in Bollywood over the years: Analysis and fun facts

The week that Salman Khan created and dominated over the last few years, is arguably the biggest weekend to release films in Bollywood. Eid releases are always special and this year will be no different. 

As Salman gears up for yet another record-breaking weekend this year, we take a look at the opening day, lifetime, number of screens and some interesting facts related to the big Eid weekend.

Wanted (2009)14005.2 cr61 crSuper Hit
Dabangg (2010)190015.1 cr*143 crAll Time Blockbuster
Bodyguard (2011)280021.4 cr*145 crBlockbuster
Ek Tha Tiger (2012)340032.9 cr*199 crBlockbuster
Chennai Express (2013)360033.1 cr*227 crAll Time Blockbuster
Kick (2014)400026.5 cr233 crBlockbuster
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
410027.25 cr321 crAll Time Blockbuster
Sultan (2016)440036.54 cr*301 crAll Time Blockbuster

As you can see from the table above, the growth in business year-on-year for every new Eid release is staggering. With last year being the only exception when a film didn’t break the previous years record by a huge margin.

The difference last year was, it was the only year in the last 5 years when a Salman Khan film didn’t hit screens during Eid. It was his arch-rival Shahrukh Khan who released his film Chennai Express in theatres, and although the film didn’t break previous records by a huge margin, it went on to be the highest grosser of all time, beating the 43-month old record of 3 Idiots.

The fact that this year Salman returns to his favourite weekend is creating all the hype and excitement, not just amongst the audience, media and fans.. but also the trade.

Some interesting Eid weekend facts

  • Dabangg in 2010 became the first film to collect more than 15 crore on a single day at the box office.
  • Bodyguard in 2011 became the first film to collect more than 20 crore on its opening day (also the biggest ever day back then).
  • It was again during the Eid weekend that Ek Tha Tiger became the first to breach the 30 crore opening day and single-day mark. Can Kick collect 40 crore on more on a single day?
  • No Eid release in the last 4 years have attained less than ‘Blockbuster’ status. Two films have gone on to be ‘All Time Blockbusters’ – Dabangg and Chennai Express.
  • The average year-on-year growth of opening day business on Eid is 71.25%, with Dabangg being the best performer. If this year’s release KICK manages the average growth, it would collect a mind-boggling Rs 56 crore on its opening day which is highly unrealistic to achieve or expect. 2014 could well be the first year when the first day business is actually lower than last few years because Kick releases on a non-holiday, during the Ramadan period and in the month of July when torrential rain affects business in Mumbai.




  • @indicine plz update us when raja natwarlal music is releasing. And guyz superb news for emraan fans, raja natwarlal trailer with kick. Trailer was epic. Especially the second part. Benaam badshah song will rock the charts.

  • Line 6
    *With last year being the only exception when a film didn’t break the previous years record by a huge margin*

    But Bodyguard only manage to beat Dabangg by 2cr!!!

    • @aeeyy the comparison was between opening day collections only. Lifetime depends on how the film is liked. First day is all about star power and the ability to bring in audience even at smaller centres.

  • Kick appeal is less than Jai ho.. If you are still expecting records to be broken… Then lol.. Ek tha tiger wala baat salman ki baaki filmon mein nahin hain. Kick will fuse after Eid. We are waiting for Entertainment after the biggest 2014 grosser Holiday.

  • surely kick will open big and will create new records, after all salmaan has suffered from tragic collections of jai ho which released without eid ;)
    so he is OK without eid but outstanding with eid

  • So now Dabangg became All Time Blockbuster???


    3 Idiots released in 2009 and collected 202 crore. where as this stupid film Dabangg released in 2010 and collected just 140 crore. which is 2/3 (two-third) of 3 idiots.

  • friday non holiday, kick cant go over 30cr open…
    But it can collect record monday collection as eid coming on day, its national holiday its hard to beat k3’s 4th day record collection 35.91cr on monday. All depends on wom of weekend… 170cr any how in bad case also,
    in good wom it would be collect more than 200cr+. Its my prediction… May others will be diff. From dis…

    its better salman fan wont bark here now on Hrithik…
    As always otherwise i also have to break my silence..

  • This year KICK won’t be able to break opening day or weekend records of Chennai express…but it can beat the lifetime records if the wom will be good…

    I still feel ETT had the best buzz,it had Salman-Kat pairing,brilliant marketing by YRF and a good trailer n music…

    Kick’s buzz is surely below ETT n CE
    As a result there is absolutely no chance of breaking D3 or CE’s weekend or opening day record….Lets see what happens with lifetime collections.

  • we are not expecting 35-40 cr opening day for kick but the first weekend on eid it will break many records.

  • Dabangg 1 is an ATBB and 3 idiots was a freak phenomenon as it smashed the previous record held by Ghajini by some 40%- that was unprecedented as previous record holders like Dhoom 2 didnt break Gadars record by such a huge margin. Calling films BB or ATBB using a template set out by 3 idiots achievements would be unfair and to me just wrong as films can be called BB due its collections in relation to its costs and unexpected BO journey alas an Aashiqui 2…!

  • i love all three khans but truth is that kick has no buzz like salman’s previous movies like ek tha tiger n bodygaurd wait for hny n pk

  • Then,indicine maybe you didn’t know that Chennai Express had a paid preview which collected huge 6.5 cr otherwise Chennai Express first day would have been 36 cr and maybe you also forgot that the highest opening day is 36 crs of dhoom 3 so it was basically impossible to beat ett by a huge margin . And the others films didn’t had paid preview

  • @joker, 3idiots was a huge hit like sholey nd HAHK which is a exception case..

    In 1975, Sholey collected 15cr net nd declared as ATBB. Later jai santoshi maa nd ram tera ganga maili collected 9-10cr nd declared as ATBB. Sholey’s record broken by HAHK in 1994 which collected 69cr net nd declared as ATBB. One year later DDLJ collected 61cr net, in, 1996 Raja hindustani collected 48cr nd in 1998 KKHH collected 41cr nd all the three also declared as ATBB although collected very less than previous ATBB HAHK.

    @joker, according to ur logic DDLJ, KKHH nd Raja hindustani are also just hit not ATBB.

  • Truth is salman n eid ruined Bollywood everybody to replicate that dabangg success formula made useless item songs,crap stories n all promotions other crap. Movies should be appropriated if they are good

  • @ankan, ur cmmnt is nic one except tht line whr u said salman fan bark here on hritik. Ur ths line bound me to say somthng……

    Salman does not hav the biggest territory of india the manipulationpur, from whr 60-70cr collection comes. So, to collect more thn 200cr is tough task for salman unlike hritik……
    @mataji ki paylagu, kick’s buzz is same with ETT nd better thn CE…even ask @indicine.

  • Kick is just 3 days to go for its grand release and hence its b.o. performance will surely b bringing massive changes on star ranking.so here is my final star ranking.I will publish the next star ranking on 8 aug.all d best salman


  • kick can’t beat ce d3 weekend collection its obvious since movie is releasing in ramadan muslim will avoid and will after eid . speaking of lifetime collection kick will hardly touch 200cr more than this will require 4star which looks impssible coz stoyline is looking dark and only good action scene won’t work too much .
    incase of kick beating ce i will be happy for salman, just because i am srk fan doesnot mean i am salman hater.

  • Kick will not even come closure to the records set by Dhoom 3:
    1. First day
    2. First weekend
    3. First week
    4. 2nd weekend
    5. 2nd week
    6. Lifetime
    7. Fastest to 200cr
    8. Fastest to 250cr(will not cross in lifetime without manipulation)
    9. Overseas 1st day
    10. Overseas 1st weekend
    11. Overseas 1st week
    12. Overseas lifetime(will it cross 13mil, half of D3?)
    13. Boxoffice records in most circuits by a single film.
    And, another record which Ace Khan himself couldnot break: 3rd week total And after 3rd week total which belong to 3 Idiots. Pk will break them.

  • IMO, to declare a movie ATBB after a few weeks of release is not fair. Trade analyst should wait for few years and see how other movies trend, then declare the verdict in the case of ATBB. For me, the last all time blockbuster is 3 idiots. Nor Ghajini, Dagaang or chennai express are atbb. Even to declare Dhoom 3 an atbb, we have to wait for atleast 2/3 yrs that other movies outgross it or not. If this year any movie outgross D3, then we should not call its an atbb.

    There is no hard fast rule for a movie to called atbb. But an atbbd movie should be socially and culturally significant as well as box office bonanza.

  • Boxoffice collection of HANK was unprecedent. It did 4/5 times more business than biggest grosser of previous year. It is a true blue ATBB. But still ddlj, RH or kkhh are atbb cause upto 2006 (multiplex expansion) only gadaar outgross that. As i remember, kkhh did around 45 cr. except gadaar, Fanaa(2006) outgross that with small margin. So a movie, still not overgross in 8/9 yrs could easily tagged as atbb.

  • @indicine, how you can call chennai Express as All time blockbuster coz it was made at high price and net distributor share is not so high to call it ATBB even boxofficeindia calls it blockbuster , plz reply

  • Top 5 films of 2014 based on Wk -1 Buzz: Kick, Jai Ho, Gunday, Ek Villain, Holiday
    Top 5 films of 2014 based on Wk -1 Appeal: Jai Ho, Kick, 2 States, Gunday, Ek Villain #OrmaxCinematix

  • No way it will not collect more than 25 26 cr maximum because of Non holiday and Ramadan… Bhaaijaan ne is baar chuutiyapa kar diya.. Movie has to release on 29 July before one day EID

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