Economics of Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Released in theatres on 13th November 2012, Yash Chopra’s last film Jab Tak Hai Jaan has fared well in India and like most Shahrukh Khan films, has opened to fantastic numbers in the overseas markets.

Katrina, SRK still from JTHJ

Coming to Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s economics, it’s a huge money spinner for Yashraj Films. Irrespective of how the film fares at the Indian box-office, the makers will end up with huge profits. The return-on-investment will be more than 100%.

Detailed info below

  • Total investment: Jab Tak Hai Jaan has been made on a budget of Rs 60 crores, including print and marketing costs.
  • The budget does not include Shahrukh Khan‘s acting fee. Instead, he will get a share of the profits.

Recovery – Revenue generated (Note: Figures not confirmed by Yashraj. Approximates)

  • Music rights: 8 crores
  • Home Video rights: 2 crores
  • United Kingdom Government Subsidy: 15 crores (the film has been extensively shot in UK)
  • Overseas Distributors share: 40 crores
  • Domestic Distributors share: 70 crores
  • Satellite rights: 35-40 crores
  • Total recovery for Yashraj: 170-175 crores

Total Profits: 170-175 crores (recovery) – 60 crores (budget) = 110-115 crores (will be shared between Yashraj and Shahrukh Khan)

Overall, even in the worst case scenario as far as the theatrical business is concerned, Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a hugely profitable film for all involved.



  • The budget of BHTB was 10 crores & the satellite rights was sold for 13 crores. So as far as producers are concerned, small budget films do not make big losses. This year Players & Tezz caused big losses. If a film have to be declared a clean hit, all the persons associated with the film including producers,distributors & local distributors have to make profits. If we declare a film hit just because producers made money,then films like Raavan & Kites are hits. It was Reliance who lost all the money and not Maniratnam & Rakesh Roshan

  • the statistics means, its a Blockbuster then coz every thing depends on profit or No ? …. if every 1 is getting his 100% profit means film has done outstanding and surely a Super Hit in ma opinion

  • This what SRK is all about to get the Kolkatta people on cinema for JTHJ what he said Dada is a great cricketer even dropping him from KKR.

    At a recent press conference, Sourav Ganguly let his guard down and minced no words about how he felt about King Khan who had praised him a lot at another event in Kolkata a few days ago. Though Sourav acknowledges Shah Rukh’s praise, he hasn’t fallen for the sugar-coated words.

    “He likes to do that,” Dada said. “But the truth is, he has not even sent me a message or called me in the past one year.” The cricketer expressed how hurt he was with SRK’s gesture and his words hinted that he will not forgive him in a hurry.

  • @nilesh, 2true fact…agreed completely. overall in every theatres, thers no audience for this flop movie…still 160 crores!!!!!!!!!!!what a false creation?? then even joker is superhit. no movies are then suffering…please then declare the disasters- aag sholay remake and Veer also superhits. please.

  • Wow.. some bhaitards are suddenly worried about story, script, plot, loopholes etc etc.. I can spend my entire life revealing loopholes of Salman’s ETT.. and would need one life for each of his films.. hahaha

  • @Anil, you are the example of a perfect hypocrite.. Nice… JTHJ is flop when it has earned 140 crores worldwide in 6 days with a budget of 50 crores(this is the official figure as per boi and boc and not 60 crores) and SOS is hit when it has collected 75 crores worldwide with a budget of 88 crores.

    We can make out you dont like SRK and thats fine but atleast be honest to yourself..

    JTHJ needs 80 crores for hit, 95 for super hit, 120 for BB and 140+ for ATBB
    SOS needs 110 for hit, 130 for super hit, 155 for BB and 175+ for ATBB.

    So now, please sit in a quiet room and ask your soul, which film is blockbuster and which is flop.

  • @star. well said.
    @blockbuster. ha ha ha loop holes.
    as u have started the topic lets take some loop holes of very successfull movies

    1)3 IDIOTS. Conducting delivery with a vacuum. cool that’s a bravery right. and than one more bravery thing Waking Up the baby by telling ALL IS WELL. WHAT A REALITY

    2) ROWDY RATHORE. Akshay jumps from 10 th storey (wow man) and bullet is suppose to be lodged in brain. wow. and to top it when ever he gets a shower . I mean water over his head his symptoms of GIDDYNESS AND INVOLUNTARY MOVEMENTS DISAPPEAR. (MEDICAL MARVEL I SHOULD SAY)

    3) SALMAN MOVIES(sorry not naming one coz every movie there’s same). Jump from 20 th floor. man wow
    jumps from moving plane. cool man.



  • @ star : What happen yaar? srk n Yashraj movies r always class, right?? Now u cant digest the ‘loop holes’ in JTHJ….

  • @ Noam : you r a SRK DOG… Barking on every page… Let All BB movies have some loop holes, still u cant stop people from watching them, can u? If yes stop them n prove….

    ur SRK movies still has what it used to be but less people r watching… Can u make them watch?? Hahaha… I know all SRKians have gone mad after JTHJ below expectations performance… Keep Barking u jealous retards… :p

  • @blockbuster. watch Ur language u slimy brat. dude as far as Ur loop holes concerned that’s the answer I gave for Ur 10 Mark essay about loop holes in jthj.
    I knew u would be some vulgar crap. as all SALMAN fans r . resorting to it time and again. and as far as collections goes its already declared a blockbuster world wide. he he
    and India also so it would be.

  • @ Noam : keep dreaming aur agar dum hai to answer these:

    1. If Dabangg, Bodyguard, RR, SOS, Bol Bacchan
    are masala flicks what was Om Shanthi Om and
    Main Hoon Naa ??

    2. Please make sure what records you expect
    from your SRK to break, do not keep changing
    from Youtube to Box office Records India to
    Overseas to popularity. It is as same as SRK
    popularity in last 3 years like a roller coaster.

    3. Can all SRKians stop a nation from watching
    what they want or like? Can you SRKians ??

    4. If SRK is so poweful why did Yashraj used ETT
    to book single screens for JTHJ ? were they afraid
    of Ajay Devgan or SOS?

    5. Are all Salman fan’s are only rikshawalas ? If
    yes then SRK kids belongs to same category as
    Salman’s fans becoz they love watching him and
    Salman is their favorite.

  • Jab tak hai jaan is a blockbuster. But fans of Salman,Aamir,Akshay did not agree .SHAHRUKHKHAN is the best actor of indian bollywood industry of all time. Best of luck SRK.

  • And if any Salman or Aamir has enough courage release a flim alongside with a A rated star comedy action movie and put your movie a simple romantic and emotional, than see your flim will not able to cross 100 croces. Salman always make comedy action flim that’s why it do well sometimes and Aamir also. Srk has done first time a comedy action flim Cheenai Express and see that has broken all records. Srk is the only Baadshah of Boollywood look at Salman who has mostly hits after 2009 and Aamir after 2007 but Srk has always a blockbuster in any time of his career from 1992 – now and

  • also . from last comment . SHAHRUKHKHAN is best actor of this era he has won 8 flimfare awards for best actor. Aamir won 2, he donot go to award ceremonies because he cannot win and call it fraud, salman didn’t won a single and just he comes for dancing . SHAHRUKHKHAN is the best actor,buissnessman and a high promotion person. Srk is best

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