Son Of Sardar 6 Day Weekend Collections

Just received the official figures.. Page will be updated with details soon

Son Of Sardar 6 Day Weekend Collections

  • Tuesday – 10.72 crore
  • Wednesday – 16.21 crore
  • Thursday – 12.22 crore
  • Friday – 10.12 crore
  • Saturday – 8.5 crore
  • Sunday – 8.25 crore
  • 6 Day Weekend Total: 66.02 crore


  • 100 crore is very much posible for sos… ti will have free run until khiladi 786 .. talaash is nt for single screen.. whereas jthj will face huge competition from twilight n life of pie nxt week.. an after aamir talaash. it will be out from most of theatres…

  • @Tejan how jthj is flop as its budget is 70 crore and its collections is 80 crore while sos budget is 90 crore and still it collected only 70 crore Now say which is flop and hit

  • after reading all critics and news i watched both the film jthj and sos, but one thing for sure jthj dissappointed due to a pushed love story where every thing is pushed and katrina cant act. its anushka and srk who tries hard to keep audience see a iilogical film where a person can join army after age of 25 and in london a famous bomb diffuser met with a accident where no army personnel went to see him and finally the story has no importance to a father(anupam kher) who brought up a child without the mother and the mother suddenly came and change the mind of the child to go against the dear father. what s the moral. now box office collection figure. Rs 3,22,920 per screen for jthj . and Rs.3,30,100 for the end of the weekend according to indicine. now say who is the winner.

  • I am not a SRK Fan, but want to tell in any case JTHJ is not a flop. It is hugely profitable venture for its makers. Yes, it did not create any records otherthan overseas, which today SRK dominates. SOS did really well in its niche market, again, if not for JTHJ, it coul have created records for ADF.

  • who told u sos has 90cr and jthj 70cr budget i think its totlly fake bcoz in jthj star cast is far better then sos as well as A.RREHMAN,GULZAR is ther also and shoot in come to sos its shoot in just 1 house no big names nit location price then hw its budget upto 90cr just think it

  • Wow great collection. . Dis collection show sos is over performed from its expectation. . I want to see next day collection of sos should be more than jthj. .

  • @kk fees is not including in it as he will take shares of profit thats its budget is 70 crore and sos is sold to eros at 90 crores thats why

  • jthj has total cost of 60cr confirmed by yrf,,wikipedia,,indicine too….sos has 80cr cost as confessed by ajay devgan himself……now jthj crossed 150cr worldwide gross in 1st 7day and sos is just about 90cr……still some are saying that jthj is flop……dumb poeple will never accept truth…..

  • Acc to boi sos sun collection is 9cr it had10% growth from sat. . But in ur its even less than sat. . . I think boi fig are always less than official figure. . But here y boi collection is more. .

  • Indicine i watch sos movy. This is a good entertaining movy.
    About cast snjun baba act accelant & ajay is not perfect in comedy role. Ajey is little bit suit comedy.
    If here akki is perfect like that role. In point of view.

  • JTHJ 2600 screens with huge number of best quality single screens:-80 crs.

    SOS 2000 screens with very less number & not much good quality single screens:-60 crs.

    And most important if you check BOI you can get that in the places where both films got equal screens SOS is ahead of JTHJ.

    Just imagine if both films had equal screens…!

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