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Drona ReviewGoldie Behl who last directed Abhishek Bachchan in the box-office dud Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai is back with a superhero movie titled Drona. Abhishek Bachchan portrays the title superhero role with Priyanka Chopra as his bodyguard. Kay Kay Menon is Ritz Raizada, the main villian. The buzz was that about 22 crores was spent solely on Kay Kay’s character in a film which was made at a budget of 90 crores (according to Yahoo) and insured for 50 crores!

Drona is about an orphan Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan), who has never experienced or felt love. The only thing that gives Aditya comfort is a magical blue rose petal that comes wafting into his room, making him smile through his tears. One fine day, the blue petal leads him to a beautiful Kada (a thick bangle like bracelet), which he starts wearing around his wrist. The Evil Riz Raizada (Kay Kay Menon) a descendant of the Asuras (Demons) has become by now desperate in his quest for the special ‘Amrith’, the only missing link in his grand plan of taking over the world. To get to the Amrith, he knows he will have to defeat Drona. But Riz is unaware of who and where Drona is!

Soon at the Riz magic show, Aditya and Riz come face to face. Riz sees the kada around Aditya’s hand, and recognises him as Drona. Aditya is now running for his life. Just as he is about to be captured by Riz, Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) comes to his rescue. She reveals her own identity i.e Drona’s bodyguard and Aditya’s real identity to him but he refuses to believe he is Drona, the savior of the world. Drona is in real the son of Queen Jayati Devi (Jaya Bachchan)!

The fight now is between the good and the evil. Its Drona versus Riz Raizada! Drona has to succeed to save his mother and the world!

Drona Review

On asked what the audience should expect from Drona, Abhishek said “I want them to expect a lot. I never say this, but I want them (the audience) to expect the world. Goldie proved that my expectations weren’t high enough. So I want them to expect a lot more.” Woah, not bad I thought! Yet, not trusting Abhishek as I read something similar from him about Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, I went in with low expectations.

And yet I was heavily disappointed. Disappointed to see Abhishek being part of such a poorly directed low quality movie. Disappointed for the fact that a huge amount of money was wasted on great special effects in a horribly illogical film!

Gustaki Maaf are Kay Kay’s two most favorite words in the movie. Gustaki Maaf Goldie Behl saab, but seriously what were you thinking? Even a 12 year old school kid could have scripted a better superhero story for his school project! Its hard to believe I just saw a movie as bad as Drona. Try figuring this out..

  • Drona and his bodyguard Sonia are in the middle of a vast desert and out of nowhere, Sonia is pulled into a huge sea! Sea in a desert? Update: Such a location where the Desert meets the sea does exist! Director Goldie Behl says “We got exactly that place it was “Desert meets the Ocean”. After seeing this Abhishek was stunned to see such a fantastic location.”
  • Which century or era does this movie belong to? We start off with a modern town with all the high funda cars, cut to the next scene we have a palace in a desert that looks dated, back to the early regime of kings!
  • Drona is warned, open the door, you’ll meet death. He opens and voila out comes a ferocious and filthy looking monster. One punch from our absolutely unfit-for-a-superhero-role Abhishek, down goes the monster!
  • Jaya Bachchan (Drona’s mother) is mummified, yet tears trickle from her eyes!
  • If Love Story 2050 had the butterfly which magically assisted Harman Baweja to find a way when in trouble. Drona has a blue flower petal!

Mind you these are just a few of the numerous senseless scenes that Goldie and his Drona team treat us with. Can be forgiven in the name of Fantasy, but then there is hardly a connection between any two scenes.

The characters are poorly written. Kay Kay’s character is more clownish than devilish. The extent of his evil powers and its repercussions if he succeeds is not clear. Same goes with the main character of Drona. His strengths and power are not dealt with in detail which is so very important for a superhero flick.

For all Goldie Behl had to tell, he could have easily reduced the runtime to about 1 and a half hours instead of its actual 2 hours 15 mins runtime. Would have reduced the cost of making and the viewers pain. Though, thankfully it wasn’t longer.

Coming to the songs, which have no significance in the movie, are unbearable. The only thing that stands out in Drona is the brilliant special effects, which are way ahead of Bollywood standards.

Performances are poor. Abhishek Bachchan is no Hrithik Roshan or Akshay Kumar, although he tries hard in the action sequences, his body language or physique just doesn’t suit the role of a superhero with unprecedented physical power. His excess flab around the tummy area is quite clearly seen in the Drona costume. Priyanka Chopra is at her sexiest best! She oozes sensuality and performs the action scenes remarkably well.

Now the much hyped role of Kay Kay Menon, its such a dud. This has to be one of his worst roles ever. A great actor degraded by a stupid role. Jaya Bachchan has a very small role.

Overall, Drona could easily be placed a notch or two below some of the worst movies I have seen. Also, hardly have I witnessed an audience so restless during a movie. Goldie’s childhood promise to Abhishek could turn out to be his worst nightmare ever! At the box-office, Kidnap as a rival will severely make a dent in Drona’s collections. Weekend should be decent, but Monday onwards the fall could well be inevitable.

Positives : Special effects and Priyanka Chopra.
Negatives : Almost everything else. Poor direction, bad story, below average performances.. to name a few.

Strictly avoid!

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ Half star for Drona.

Kidnap Movie Review

Other notes – Firstly, thanks for reading the Drona review. Drona quite often reminded me of Mani Shankar’s painful Rudraksh in 2004 starring Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Suniel Shetty. Rudraksh was also a fantasy movie.

Moving on from the Drona nightmare, Kidnap directed by Sanjay Gadhvi releases tomorrow. Imraan Khan could prove to be lucky the second time too. Its a co-incidence that Love Story 2050 another Fantasy / Sci- Fi movie released against Imraan’s Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. And the rest as we all know is history. Hopefully Kidnap which also has Sanjay Dutt and Minissha Lamba turns out to be a much better watch. The review will be up by around 3 PM Indian Standard Time. Be sure to check back in.

Update : Kidnap Review has been published. Go here -> Kidnap Movie Review

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  • I haven’t seen such a bad movie in the last 2 to 3 years …. Abhishek sucks .. No emotions … not at all suited for such sci-fi movies .. Hrittik would have been a better choice .. The music and songs was poor .. It seemed someone was forcing Priyanka Chopra to dance … the movie could have been a hit if properly directed with right choice of actors and good music .. actions was all rights . Story was weak – nothing about the power of Drona was mentioned .What would have happened if Riz would have got Amrit .The places .. all unrealistic . SURELY – I WILL GIVE 13 OUT OF 100

  • I don’t know why some of u thought that this movie Drona is a sience fiction! It’s just a fairytale which is good for kids.. dear all!!!! Love Story 2050 was a romantic/sience fiction movie, but not this one!!

    Didn’t u hear, when u were a kid, ppl tell u stories about the gene in the bottle, beauty and the beast, snow white, etc., didn’t u hear these kind of stories specially while sleeping, so do u call these kind of stories ( a sience fiction stories!!!)

    Grow up ppl, and try to understand which movies u r watching! When u visit a book shop, don’t u find different type of books, there r romantic stories, reality stories, a row with books for kids stories, a row for eductional stuff, a row for sexual stuff, a row for kitchen stuff, a row for.. a row for… many, so the movies aren’t different, just select the correct movie which goes with your taste and u will enjoy, don’t buy a ticket for a movie which is not meant for u to watch because your judgement would be wrong in the 1st place! I watched Drona on line just to see the quality of the movie as I knew it’s for kids, but, and as for kids, it wasn’t bad, and I think Shahrukh’s kids and the director who’s name is Goldie, his kid, all of them loved the movie.

  • Drona willl easily qualify as one of the worst movies of the century. abhishek should give up all acting plans and instead choose an alternate career , for e.g. becoming Ash’s personal assisstant…. please suggest alternate career choices for ‘Small B’.

  • Thank God ! I haven’t watched Drona.. My friends are paying for it,followed by depression and other symptoms.
    Actually I didn’t had money on the day it was released, I was wandereing in city mall with 20/..Bucks. Now,

    Even If Someone gives me Pirated dvd of Drona, I am not going to insult my Laptop And Happiness.
    ha ha ha..

    Look at you.. Sufferers.. I was saved. By the way ! It could have been better if Abhishek would do something out of his own, rather than bachchan’s craze.. I feel that “DISCOVERY IS BETTER THAN SUCCESSION”…. Thatz why I praise shahrukh khan.

  • hi frnds,

    please dont watch this movie , i know so many people already advised you to not watch.. but its from my side please please please please please please dont watch this movie.. its the worst movie i ever seen in my life… senseless story, rubbish acting by all actors…

  • Tip for Goldie B, there was one simple thing your could have done to make this movie a hit from this super flop, switched out Abisheikh with Hrithik who actually has a good body to pull of this role and is a way better actor. Putting Abisheikh just because he is your friend is poor business sense. That poor oaf couldn’t act if you put a gun to his head. The only half decent roles are the ones he had done with very senior directors who cast his right as a street thug and know how to extract something out of him. Young directors and his friends have no control over this juvenile who doesn’t grow up, behaves badly like a baby, now has a trophy wife, like some one above said but for his dad the chap wouldn’t get a side role in any movie.
    He has very poor personal grooming, not smart looks very lethargic and indifferent to acting, looks like he does it because dad and mom asked him to go do some work instead of sitting at home playing with his new toy the barbie princess another talentless doll. How many movies did she do, i can’t remember even one as outstanding a role she was perfectly cast onto.
    Drona should have been called Drone ON or even better Rona for having spent the money and time. Now Goldie B i have heard you saying you plan on doing a sequel to this one with Abisheik, do yourself a favour, i assume you have way too much $$$ to burn, and our time and money which is a big deal for us.
    Try this as an experiment, dump Abishake or badmaishake and get Hrithik on board and make sure you buy a cash counting machine $$$ Best wishes.

  • Abhi can NEVER play superhero, villain or anything that bold. He can only play simpletons and joru ka ghulam types husbands.

  • d movie is fyn….itx short nd enjoyable…atleast it did tot us sometyn….cnt ppl liv tynx d way it is…gosh..he is not ur favrt actor doesnt mean he is bad…atleast he did just fyn in d game movie…ptttshh.

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