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Drona ReviewGoldie Behl who last directed Abhishek Bachchan in the box-office dud Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai is back with a superhero movie titled Drona. Abhishek Bachchan portrays the title superhero role with Priyanka Chopra as his bodyguard. Kay Kay Menon is Ritz Raizada, the main villian. The buzz was that about 22 crores was spent solely on Kay Kay’s character in a film which was made at a budget of 90 crores (according to Yahoo) and insured for 50 crores!

Drona is about an orphan Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan), who has never experienced or felt love. The only thing that gives Aditya comfort is a magical blue rose petal that comes wafting into his room, making him smile through his tears. One fine day, the blue petal leads him to a beautiful Kada (a thick bangle like bracelet), which he starts wearing around his wrist. The Evil Riz Raizada (Kay Kay Menon) a descendant of the Asuras (Demons) has become by now desperate in his quest for the special ‘Amrith’, the only missing link in his grand plan of taking over the world. To get to the Amrith, he knows he will have to defeat Drona. But Riz is unaware of who and where Drona is!

Soon at the Riz magic show, Aditya and Riz come face to face. Riz sees the kada around Aditya’s hand, and recognises him as Drona. Aditya is now running for his life. Just as he is about to be captured by Riz, Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) comes to his rescue. She reveals her own identity i.e Drona’s bodyguard and Aditya’s real identity to him but he refuses to believe he is Drona, the savior of the world. Drona is in real the son of Queen Jayati Devi (Jaya Bachchan)!

The fight now is between the good and the evil. Its Drona versus Riz Raizada! Drona has to succeed to save his mother and the world!

Drona Review

On asked what the audience should expect from Drona, Abhishek said “I want them to expect a lot. I never say this, but I want them (the audience) to expect the world. Goldie proved that my expectations weren’t high enough. So I want them to expect a lot more.” Woah, not bad I thought! Yet, not trusting Abhishek as I read something similar from him about Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, I went in with low expectations.

And yet I was heavily disappointed. Disappointed to see Abhishek being part of such a poorly directed low quality movie. Disappointed for the fact that a huge amount of money was wasted on great special effects in a horribly illogical film!

Gustaki Maaf are Kay Kay’s two most favorite words in the movie. Gustaki Maaf Goldie Behl saab, but seriously what were you thinking? Even a 12 year old school kid could have scripted a better superhero story for his school project! Its hard to believe I just saw a movie as bad as Drona. Try figuring this out..

  • Drona and his bodyguard Sonia are in the middle of a vast desert and out of nowhere, Sonia is pulled into a huge sea! Sea in a desert? Update: Such a location where the Desert meets the sea does exist! Director Goldie Behl says “We got exactly that place it was “Desert meets the Ocean”. After seeing this Abhishek was stunned to see such a fantastic location.”
  • Which century or era does this movie belong to? We start off with a modern town with all the high funda cars, cut to the next scene we have a palace in a desert that looks dated, back to the early regime of kings!
  • Drona is warned, open the door, you’ll meet death. He opens and voila out comes a ferocious and filthy looking monster. One punch from our absolutely unfit-for-a-superhero-role Abhishek, down goes the monster!
  • Jaya Bachchan (Drona’s mother) is mummified, yet tears trickle from her eyes!
  • If Love Story 2050 had the butterfly which magically assisted Harman Baweja to find a way when in trouble. Drona has a blue flower petal!

Mind you these are just a few of the numerous senseless scenes that Goldie and his Drona team treat us with. Can be forgiven in the name of Fantasy, but then there is hardly a connection between any two scenes.

The characters are poorly written. Kay Kay’s character is more clownish than devilish. The extent of his evil powers and its repercussions if he succeeds is not clear. Same goes with the main character of Drona. His strengths and power are not dealt with in detail which is so very important for a superhero flick.

For all Goldie Behl had to tell, he could have easily reduced the runtime to about 1 and a half hours instead of its actual 2 hours 15 mins runtime. Would have reduced the cost of making and the viewers pain. Though, thankfully it wasn’t longer.

Coming to the songs, which have no significance in the movie, are unbearable. The only thing that stands out in Drona is the brilliant special effects, which are way ahead of Bollywood standards.

Performances are poor. Abhishek Bachchan is no Hrithik Roshan or Akshay Kumar, although he tries hard in the action sequences, his body language or physique just doesn’t suit the role of a superhero with unprecedented physical power. His excess flab around the tummy area is quite clearly seen in the Drona costume. Priyanka Chopra is at her sexiest best! She oozes sensuality and performs the action scenes remarkably well.

Now the much hyped role of Kay Kay Menon, its such a dud. This has to be one of his worst roles ever. A great actor degraded by a stupid role. Jaya Bachchan has a very small role.

Overall, Drona could easily be placed a notch or two below some of the worst movies I have seen. Also, hardly have I witnessed an audience so restless during a movie. Goldie’s childhood promise to Abhishek could turn out to be his worst nightmare ever! At the box-office, Kidnap as a rival will severely make a dent in Drona’s collections. Weekend should be decent, but Monday onwards the fall could well be inevitable.

Positives : Special effects and Priyanka Chopra.
Negatives : Almost everything else. Poor direction, bad story, below average performances.. to name a few.

Strictly avoid!

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ Half star for Drona.

Kidnap Movie Review

Other notes – Firstly, thanks for reading the Drona review. Drona quite often reminded me of Mani Shankar’s painful Rudraksh in 2004 starring Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Suniel Shetty. Rudraksh was also a fantasy movie.

Moving on from the Drona nightmare, Kidnap directed by Sanjay Gadhvi releases tomorrow. Imraan Khan could prove to be lucky the second time too. Its a co-incidence that Love Story 2050 another Fantasy / Sci- Fi movie released against Imraan’s Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. And the rest as we all know is history. Hopefully Kidnap which also has Sanjay Dutt and Minissha Lamba turns out to be a much better watch. The review will be up by around 3 PM Indian Standard Time. Be sure to check back in.

Update : Kidnap Review has been published. Go here -> Kidnap Movie Review

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  • Thanks for the Drona Review

    The trailers were so bad i never really felt like watching it. I would switch channels whenever the trailer came on television. Feel sad for Abhishek.. with such movies his career is almost over

  • Hoooooooaaah,
    I am a master of predicting worst movies. Only once I saw the trailer of Drona n it displeased me very much. Then I compared it with Kidnap which I felt a good standard movie than Drona. By that I predicted Kidnap is going to kidnap Drona from box office.

  • Worst Review I have ever came across…..Stop Writing reviews….This review is Misleading..Guyz This critic Must be one of Abhishek Haters…so go for this Movie don’t get Mislead By This Kind of a stupid reviews….Drona wins The battle..Kidnap was worse

  • If He was a real critic he wouldn’t have written ” Hopefully Kidnap which also has Sanjay Dutt and Minissha Lamba turns out to be a much better watch. The review will be up by around 3 PM Indian Standard Time. Be sure to check back in”..I wonder How In this world a professional critic can mention that he/she will review of any other Movie while writing about another specific review…He must be a Kidnap supporter and Abhishek Hater…Go n get a Life dude….stop misleading people By writing crappiest review ever

  • Goutam saha and Parag Makhiza seem to be great fans of Small B. Guys support but dont just support blindly. 90% of the audience who walked in with great expectation for the premier shows of DRONA felt sleepy and bored within first few min of the movie. When walking out all were just mocking at the film. Come’on guys wake up. Abhishek is just not fit to be a superhero. To critize this critic, most of the reviews on DRONA are negative. I totally support this critics views and many others out there who felt the movie was a boredom.

    Dont even rent a DVD guys. Just not worth it!!!!

  • Kidnap is also bad,
    Imraan Khan is boring,
    Sanjay Dutt is not interesting,
    Minisha Lamba is not sexy or preity,
    Vidya Malvade’s acting is word.

    Drona is also bad,
    Abhisekh is like childish n foolish
    Priyanka has an odd n weird role,
    Kay Kay Menon is mindless n cruel actor,
    Jaya Bacchan has a very short role.

    After all both re useless to watch.

  • Also the scene of the town of raazpur was really really bad. It looks like a scene out of some children’s film festival. The costumes were clownish more than anything else, make up was terrible … the extras had some feather like things on their upper eyelashes. I mean seriously !! … the set, overall ambience was really … well … I have no words.

    The audience was hyper-restless within 15-25 minutes itself.

  • Guys chill.. The movie isn’t that bad either. After all it’s a dramatic fantasy.. something like a fairy tale .. so let’s spare Goldie with how he managed to amalgamate two ( or may be more ) eras together and how there was no connection between two scenes and yet the audience quite ‘didn’t dislike it’ ! now U need to keep guessing if it was a compliment or a comment .. :-)

    And about comparing it with another movie.. and that too .. a different kind of a movie.. is in itself a ‘bad idea’..

    This one is just like another masala film.. where anything can happen anytime.. but thats what happens in all masala flicks .. and yet the script has some kind of a suspense.. presentation is not that bad though.. the costumes are good, action is less compared to how much such a movie would require.. most of the times things happen very quickly.. so the audience doesn’t get bored of it .. some may not like it .. but all that is perception and is relative .. it’s a 2 hours movie app .. so this was inevitable..

    All in all it’s not a bad movie for a one time watch.. To some it may be a relief after those recurring funny comedies, the same love story triangles and so on ..

    My rating : 1.5

  • i dont know…but….abhishek seems to be slight low in his acting….
    He has a long way to go..
    i think he should learn something from his father…
    all the best abhishek..try to learn from ur mistakes…..

  • How does priyanka chopra keep getting roles? Man nearly all of the movies she’s acted in are flops and on top of it, ok she looks good, but man she cant act with her one smile expression or no emotion expression..

    As for abhishek bachan, remember your dad in sholay, yes both of you are not fit for these kind of roles, if they had made a film like hancok you would have fit in.

    I dont know about kidnap, it looks like a typical bollywood masala flic but it looks more interesting than this utter crap..

  • Super crap HOLY SHIT. I wasted all my money :(

    What were Abhishek and goldy trying to make??? Fantasy or super hero film? Its not gripping and not entertaining. Bad bad bad movie

    1 star :(

  • Goutam saha and Parag Makhiza seem to be same people :D See the time of comment 9:50 and 9:56 :D

    Abhishek fans???

    This drona review is not disleading friends. It is correct. All reviews for Drona are 1 and 1.5 star

  • I didn’t need to read this review ’cause I’m 100% sure that it’s a crap and one of the worst movies bollywood did, as u said, similar to Rudraksh or maybe Aks for Bigb which was a total crap.

  • Ok Like seriously…this was probably the daftest movie I have ever had the misfortune of seeing …well I’m not exactly a fan of AB junior, but maan this guy has reached a new low with this movie…he’s NOT superhero material n should stick to playing the chapri characters he’s been playing all along…honestly speaking, if it wasn’t for his dad, da dude would stand no where in Bollywood…he’s butt ugly, an ok‘ish actor , horrifying dancer…gosh da list can go on n on…

  • This has been the second indian movie ive seen and it was quite ok, infact it wasnt so bad really, Rang de basanti being the first (which i loved )… the main hero is rather ugly i might add and the movie is rather childesh, but on the whole i could manage to sit through the first 30 min’s of the movie without throwing up…yes Abhishek is a bad actor and is rather unpleasing to the eye.

  • This movie is CRAP as u and i and all others predicted.. But i just saw Kidnap, and it is Awful.. Ya that’s the word “AWFUL”

  • After reading all ur comments I came to decision majority didnt like this overly hyped movie. Now I can say that this is a good review for a bad movie. So strictly avoid.

  • The actual cost of Drona is around 60 crores man, that’s lot of money for an abhishek starrer.I have n’t wac
    the movie but it doesn’t give the impression that it going to fetch that much of sum from the market.
    Better luck next time Abhishek,I m sure Dostana and dilli 6 will do good for u

  • I saw DRONA.. and believe me.. it was bad try to copy harry potter (“Daadhiwaala HArry potter”). plss… let there be some sense in Bollywood! GOD!!!

  • it was a baaaaaaad movie. abhishek was so childish and irritating. the story was jus ughghgh.nothin new in the movie. abhi was lukin bad .only priyanka was a relief

  • With all this super-bashing of Drona, it’s superhero LittleB will need nothing less than a super-fix to shore up his fancied reputation as a superstar…with too much ‘super’ gone out of his head, at least he will not remain a Baby any longer…it’s a hope that can save him from further embarrasment!

  • The Indicine team is certainly only used to sitting in their office and they think that is their world. Not liking a film and just lashing out because of your own ridiculously low level knowledge of the world and its geography are 2 different things. desert and sea meeting???? NAMIBIA, a place called SWAKAPMOND. that is where the film is shot. Any 2 year old can google it. So, please, lets say we did not like the film, but lets not show our own complete lack of intelligence…As for the film, AB is not a superhero. He is a descendent of a line of brave kings, blessed with super strenght. So again, complete lack of intelligence and awareness on the part of the reviewer….
    Drona is not a bad film at all, it has its weaknesses, but overall I thought the film was a great attempt at bringing fantasy to India in such a big way. Mixing contemporary world, with a parallel fantasy world, was superbly done… Pirates of the Cariibean flits between 2 parallel worlds with great finnesse. One really wishes that the first half of the film was a little more excitng in terms of story….

  • the movie is not that bad but it is definitely not a film you will go to watch twice.
    i found the songs very irritating ,kay kay menon was more like a joker than a villain-his dialogues should have been much better.overall i will say i went to watch Drona with lot’s of hope but disappointments me.i was expecting a lot of more from my favorite hero,but he suffers due to poor direction.the movie had everything for being a super hit movie but not a good director.
    well i will wait for avi’s next movie”Dostana”.the promo seems interesting to say at least^^.

  • I am sure gonna c this movie with my gf ..It will be a great fun to see Drona next week as me and my gf would be all alone and can have our good times hahaha :D :P

  • A word to Abhishek Bachan ( I wish if he reads my comment): Be careful.. do some good movies otherwise it will be the end of your relationship with your wife.. Aishwariya will divorce you! I can say from her character that she loves success more than anything in this world! and she can’t tolerate any faliure, therefore she brokeup with Vivek Oberoi, when his movie with her flopped, so their relationship flopped too!

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