Don 3: Ritesh Sidhwani hints third film featuring Shah Rukh Khan

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has hinted that the third film in the popular ‘Don’ series, could soon be announced. The co-founder of Excel Entertainment has posted a picture of Shah Rukh Khan as Don on his official Instagram page.

The first ‘Don’ film released in 2006, did well at the box office inspite of facing competition from ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. The second film released during the Christmas weekend in 2011 and although it did not collect as much as Christmas releases do, the film did well enough to cross the 100 crore mark.

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  • Year 2011 Ready (normal day release) : 120 crores (one of the worst movies of salman in recent years)

    Year 2011 Don2 (Christmas release): 110 crores (the most loved movie of srk)

  • @indicine why are you not posting dangalís trade response and prediction article? It has been 6 days since it released. Werenít you suppose to release it on saturday? We have been asking you this for a while but you are not even replying. So please at least kindly tell us, are you planning to post dangalís trailer response after dangal is released? Do let us know as soon as possible. You are pissing us off. I think i asked this question 2 times in last article but didnt get your reply. Shame on you.

  • Hahaha….Some KABARIWALAs are dreaming of crap 3 to release on Eid. It seems these KABARIWALAs have forgotten that their gigastar is not even getting a independence day/ republic day.

  • Srk needs to do both don3 and dhoom4.Don series is much better than dhoom but box office wise dhoom is better. Excellent news. hope it come on eid 2018

  • Mr. Ritesh Sidhwani please book Eid 2018 for crap 3 and after getting some free publicity postepone it to republic day 2019.

  • Don 3 should release on Eid 2018.

    And this time not doing Bhai-Chara with Salman.

    Just like Raees and Kaabil clash and Don and Jaan e Mann clash.

    No mercy on Salman.

  • rip records??? lol first they should think about proper release date….otherwise rip don franchise na ho jaaye

  • @Fasal Kerala,Thanks Bhai.WELCOME BACK.missd YOU from long times,hopefully YOUR ROCKING ON COMMENT SECTION will goes in today onwards smoothly as usual.

    YOUR ENTRY is similar to DON 3,ROFL.

    @kaabil,abey useless fan,EK RAEES TEASER ko beat Karne mein naakamiyab hua yeh entire naakabil trailer.TOH RAEES TEASER will simply rape your entire naakabil due to that fear I think your mind is not working,rofl.


    bhaag naakabil beta roshan bhaag,because TERA BAAP—-RAEES BHAI aa Chuka Hain,rofl.

  • “Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has hinted that the third film in the popular ĎDoní series, could soon be announced.”

    Hahaha….Isn’t he the same guy who confirmed Eid date for Raees more than 10 times? Abey KABARIWALAs samajh jao…wo tumlogo ka FIRKI le raha hai!

  • Uri matyr soldier wide rejects Kjo 5cr deal. Salute to true Indian. Idiot kjo did not give that money by heart he was forced. Post it indicine its all over CNN .

  • According to KABARIWALAs “crap series has no masala entertainment”….. Abey ANDHO ki Dukano….unme item numbers & over the top action scenes kya MURDO ke liye tha???

  • One of d most flops franchise….don…hahaha…. there is only one actor who has done justice to don role in industry and thats Amitabh bachchan….who’s this Haku…kidhar se aaya ye….overacting always…

  • Bring it (DON 3) with clash or without clash, on holiday or non holiday and for it doesn’t matter that it have + wom or – wom…. one thing is clear that it will broke the record of pk worldwide in 1st phase.
    because in Don avatar SRK liked and loved by everyone(including his haters)
    R I P every box office records….
    But 1st I am waiting badly for RAEES

  • This article reminds me DON thrashed jaanemann very badly exactly 10 years ago.that was the real aukaat of both Salman and akshay.

  • @tiger-the real bheekari,ki toh Teri kismat le Rahi Hain.2009 born non actor ka fan,tera Bhojpuri non actor will retire on 2017.

    CLASSIC WORD is not made for you c grade movie wtachers, non actor ‘s fans,rofl.

    Abey Kam se Kam 37cr Wala republic holiday 2010 release disaster veer se toh jyaada hi Hain IPL effect offbeat release—-FAN.

    toh ees hisaab se ,KING KHAN IS BAAP of your 2009 born Bhojpuri non actor aka 37cr disaster star,ha ha ha ha,rofl.

    yes if DON3 will collect only 80CR.then firelight,tiger suicide Kar diya Hain will earn 37cr too,rofl.according lallu Bhojpuri logic,rofl.

  • Jaan e mann was better than Don.. I watched Don in theatre buzz of Don was high at that time… And I watched jaan e mann in Tv… Don2 was good though

  • don 3 shud come on 2018 eid…

    don 1 in diwali
    don 2 in xmas

    now don 3 must come on eid nd break all d records nd show wht srk cn do. bt don 3 shud be made little more massy

  • Ha ha what a Joke.

    First tell him to cross 100 crs with Raees and Dear Zindagi.

    SRK will take another 20 years to cross 300crs figure.


  • Janemaan was a class movie than Don.

    i remmber in my college days janemann sunday shows were houseful and global phanka movies no one to watch.

    SRK’s dream to chase the records of Salman will be a dream for him.

    Dear zindagi -60 crs
    Raees-110 crs
    Ring-150 crs
    Don 3-125 crs.

    LOL… he needs our beloved legend numer uno superstar Salman khan to promote

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