Don 3: Ritesh Sidhwani hints third film featuring Shah Rukh Khan

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has hinted that the third film in the popular ‘Don’ series, could soon be announced. The co-founder of Excel Entertainment has posted a picture of Shah Rukh Khan as Don on his official Instagram page.

The first ‘Don’ film released in 2006, did well at the box office inspite of facing competition from ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. The second film released during the Christmas weekend in 2011 and although it did not collect as much as Christmas releases do, the film did well enough to cross the 100 crore mark.



  • @Navin – Dog from UK

    “…at dabaang one guy hit 10 goons at a time it’s is pure classic. In dhoom 3 police drive auto ricksha on top of the roof…”

    Lmao continue with such comments . It’s fun reading your comments .

  • @Suraj Raj Singhaniya,really Bro?????if This is true,than my happiness knows no bounds.vecause VZ is my beat Bollywood movie till date.

    If ADITYAJI will do it’s sequel ,he must have to be careful.and I don’t think so they can get enough story from VZ ,where the story almost ended.hence I don’t think a sequel could be made based on the former story.and I don’t want such a classic to ruin because of unnecessary mess.but I think HE has movie with KING KHAN ,which KING KHAN already let’s hope ADITYAJI can make a film at least above or same level like RNBDJ,then that’ll be more than awesome.

  • @Mad : Now I am calling you mad take this title as well. You can only live in illusion world reality mein tum sab ghocchu log ho !!!!!

  • @sss bro i searched a lot for your id on twotter but i couldnt fond you. I joined indicine group but i am still searching for your name. Give me your twitter id here so i can get it.

  • Don 2 was the better film than don (2006). Getting priyanka chopra for this seems improbable due to srk-pc alleged affair. Without her this series wouldn’t be the same. I was looking forward to don 3 but w/o srk-pc in it there’s really no point.

  • @sss I have been searching for Veer Zaara. Torrentz isnt working here in my device and its not in youtube. I m currently out of India
    I actually hope its just rumors. Veer Zaara doesnt need sequel.

  • @suraj Raj Singhaniya,just search on google—-piratebay,it can give you 720p/1080p range of EVERY KING KHAN’S OLD movies.just go for it.and yeah VZ doesn’t has any sequel and ADITYAJI is not that bigger fool that he’ll even dare to ruin such AN ALL TIME EVER GREEN CLASSIC.if wants any movies please write here so that I can suggest you My Bro.

    @Rubal,my id is ‘sss'(@sabatsatya).go for it,you’ll definitely can find me.

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