Don 2 Game Trailer – PS3, iOS, Android

If you love action games like Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception or Grand Theft Auto 4, here is your chance to play as Shahrukh Khan in the Don 2 game.

Quite obviously, the Don 2 game will be used as a promotional tactic and the gameplay experience – much like Ra One – will be quite poor. But it’s likely to increase the awareness and help promote gaming in India.

The Don 2 game will be available soon on Playstation 3, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and for the Android operating system.

Check out the trailer of the game developed by Gameshastra.




  • very bad n ugly.we wish big flop aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnn, plus look like another flop of srk after ra-one lol

  • @king sal man you are very bad man, what do you say ? Don 2 will be biggest blockbuster history in bollywood insha allah

  • gud news for we srk fans don 2 wil 2 hour 10 min movie and ther might be no songs due to fast pace of the film and plz guys jst let the dog salman fans barks we wil gt back to them once it releases

  • SRK… Naam to shunahi hoga,
    SRK… Wo Bazigar zo har kar bhi jit ta hain,
    SRK… Zo Badshaho ka Badshah hain,
    SRK… Har dil ka zo King hain.

  • @ chirag… we r also jus watiin for don2 to release. after release of don2. dont hide ok.. jus like aftrer the release of ra1 ,all srk fans hide.. this time it will be even more fun to bash all srk fans… jus waitin for the release….. :)

  • @aaa111 ya sure dude i wil not hide and after dis film im sure srk wil show his midle finger to salman and his haters

  • /////////////SRKů Naam to shunahi hoga,
    SRKů Wo Bazigar zo har kar bhi jit ta hain,
    SRKů Zo Badshaho ka Badshah hain,
    SRKů Har dil ka zo King hain./////////////////same too sourav vay//////


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